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Hikaru Nihei (二瓶 ひかる Nihei Hikaru) is the main protagonist of Hameln's Castanets. A bullied kid who takes out his anger on rabbits, Hikaru gets revenge when he meets the youkai Hameln.


A brilliant youth. He looks down upon his inept classmates. He started attending cram school from an early age and earns the best grades. He bagan to look down upon his peers more and more as time went on.

He was bullied because of that, and so he channeled his anger through attacking rabbits. He should have stopped at grinding his erasers into bits.

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Hikaru has short black hair covering one of his eyes, which are also black. He wears a red and white striped shirt, a black jacket, white shorts and white shoes.


Hikaru is intelligent, however he sometimes looks down on his more inept classmates and demeans them. Hikaru derives a twisted satisfaction from abusing rabbits, turning sadistic and cruel after meeting Hameln when he plans to kill every classmate who ever bullied him.


Hikaru was one of the smartest students in his class and helped his classmates by teaching them note-taking strategies, however he started to be bullied by having his personal items destroyed since many kids thought he was full of himself. Never harmed physically by his bullies, Hikaru joined the animal raising committee and took out his frustrations on the rabbits, hurting them a lot but never killing them. Hikaru soon meets Hameln and allies with him to take revenge on his bullies.



First Night[]

Hameln's Castanets[]

After another day of being bullied by having his notebook ruined, Hikaru does his private routine of abusing rabbits when Marie suddenly appears. Marie seems oblivious to Hikaru's acts and tries to touch a hurt rabbit when Hikaru stops Marie and yells at her, only for the girl to disappear just as quickly.

Hikaru thinks she was a youkai and is about to brush off the thought when Hameln appears. Hameln promises not to tell anyone of Hikaru's hobby and then talks about his ghost story. Hameln observes that though Hikaru tortures rabbits, he isn't really feeling better about getting bullied and offers the chance to get revenge if he cooperates.

Hikaru encounters his bullies in the hallway and throws rabbit feces at them, then runs to the music room. His angry bullies follow and are soon transformed into rabbits by Hameln's castanets. Hikaru procures his torture tools and goes to work.

The corpses of the 4 rabbits are found the next day, with 4 students also missing. Hikaru is ecstatic at the thought of getting away with killing every classmate who ever crossed him, and Higanbana appears to comment on his cruelty. Hikaru claims he hasn't really killed any humans but Higanbana says otherwise, and the boy is suddenly called to the teacher's room.

The teacher Imata tells Hikaru that they're getting rid of the rabbit pens due to the horrific incident and to stop kids from asking questions, as many of them are too young to comprehend what evil intent is. Imata also reprimands Hikaru for throwing away another girl's notebook. Hikaru gives a half-hearted apology, thinking it's Imata's fault that he was being bullied while Imata listened to the girl's complaints. Hikaru angrily asks Hameln to turn Imata into a rabbit, but he says his powers only work in the music room. Hikaru comes up with a plan to lure Imata to the music room.

That night, Hikaru and Hameln go to the staff room only to find Higanbana waiting for them. Hikaru makes a show of courage against Higanbana and tells Hameln to turn her into a rabbit, but Higanbana restrains the youkai. Higanbana claims that Hikaru doesn't really know what it means to kill and traps him in an imaginary world, forcing him to re-enact the murders of his rabbit-bullies except in human form. Hikaru screams in agony and profusely apologizes. Meanwhile, Hikaru's plan is revealed to be transforming the staff room into the music room by switching the nameplates, allowing Hameln to use his powers.

Higanbana kills Hameln and takes his castanets, while Hikaru thinks he's going to be killed as a rabbit. Higanbana instead plans for him to be tormented, transforming Hikaru into a rabbit and dropping him in a rabbit cage to be raped by the other rabbits inside.

Second Night[]

After School[]

In this dream world, Hikaru summons Hameln to act as a guardian spirit and battles Michiru and Sakunoshin.