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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

He is the main protagonist of Hameln's Castanets.

Personality & Background

Hikaru is a very intelligent cram school student and member of the animal raising committee. He looks down on his more inept classmates, which ends up getting him bullied by them. He vents his frustrations by abusing the rabbits kept on the school grounds, which he is supposed to be caring for.

Hameln soon appears and proposes that Hikaru work with him to get revenge on the students who bullied him instead of taking it out on the rabbits. Through the use of Hameln's power, Hameln's Castanets, the students whom Hikaru saw as bullies were turned into rabbits; he then proceeded to torture and kill them inside of the animal pen.

In a plan to turn a teacher into a rabbit so Hikaru can kill them too, Higanbana arrives and turns Hikaru into a rabbit. She then places him in a pen with other rabbits, laughing as she remarks on the high libido of rabbits and their practices of homosexuality.


Hameln - Partner


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