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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Shin Kitanshuu Volume 1 is the first volume of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Shin Kitanshuu series released by Ichijinsha.

Stories and Artists[]

Story/Artwork Provided Artist
Cover Yutori Houjyou
Title Page Kazusa Yoneda (米田 和佐)
Collecting Happiness (幸せあつめ Shiwase Atsume) Kazusa Yoneda
White Light (白光 Hakkou) Tasuke Sakura (櫻 太助)
The Law of Relative Victory (相対的勝利の法則 Soutaiteki Shouri no Houseki) Aron Yukiri (雪里 あろん)
Satoshyndrome (サトシンドローム Satoshinduromu) Haruka Hano (葉乃 はるか)
After-School Crisis Plus (放課後クライシス+ Houkago Kuraishisu Purasu) Renji Kurayama (栗山 廉士)
A Sudden Tragedy (惨劇は突然に。 Sangeki wa Totsuzen ni) Kana Wakaru (判 奏)
Curry Club Activities (部活カレー Bukatsu Karē) Mira Shigureno (時雨乃 みら)
girl friend (ガールフレンド) Kako Mochizuki (望月 菓子)
LITTLE MY HOUSE (リトルマイハウス) Kosaka Taira (平 こさか)
L'Oiseau bleu (The Blue Bird) (ロワソー ブリュ) Hako Itagaki (板垣 ハコ)

Plot Summary[]

Collecting Happiness

Keiichi wins a club game and makes everyone wear animal maid outfits, and asks to have 40 yen. Everyone feels insulted that he sees them as cheap and beat him up despite him trying to explain it. Afterwards, Keiichi explains the concept of banking happiness, where he puts a 10 yen coin into a jar every time he feels happy, as a way of depositing the happiness into savings. Keiichi offers to give jars to everyone when they show interest.

A few days later, Rena has filled up her happiness jar quite a bit and goes to show her father. When she does so, she runs into her father's girlfriend Rina and is put on edge. Rina asks to have some time alone, and Rena goes outside. She assures herself that she's happy because of her jar.

Rena goes out for a walk and runs into Satoko. Satoko is surprised to hear she's going treasure hunting with her happiness jar, and says that her own happiness jar is also an effort jar. She wants to show Satoshi how hard she's worked while he's been away. Rena says her own jar seems so small compared to hers, but Satoko tells her to have more confidence.

Satoko goes shopping but is horrified to run into Teppei. At home, Satoko tries to stop Teppei from breaking into Satoshi's room, as he believes there's money in there. Satoko offers her happiness jar instead, and Teppei hits her while exclaiming it won't pay for drinks. He takes it anyway and leaves her alone.

At school, the club is shocked to hear about Teppei's return and treatment of Satoko. Satoko returns with the empty jar and sadly gives it back to Keiichi. She goes home as Rena pleads to her that she can still save up happiness. Later, Rena goes home to find Rina's shoes in the front. She then runs into Teppei, who swats her aside and goes after her father for stealing Rina away. Rena realizes that Teppei and Rina were responsible for ruining her life. She meets Satoko in the junkyard and hugs her.

At home, Teppei and Rina gloat over stealing Mr. Ryuugu's bankbook. Satoko and Rena sneak up behind them with weapons and kill them, and say they can now go back to collecting happiness.

White Light

A young Rena recalls memories of her father asking what clothes she'd like when they return to Hinamizawa. Rena wants some white ones since she's being reborn.

In the present, Rena sits in a tree and wonders how this happened. Down below, Mion asks her to jump down and get her hat back. Rena's hat blew off of her head, and she climbed the three to get it back. Mion, Satoko, and Rika aren't showing any sign of helping, so this must be an initiation ritual for the newly-transferred Rena. Satoko asks if they should help her, but Mion says this is fine and that she can tell Rena is special.

Mion tells Rena to jump and asks if she's worried because her clothes will get dirty, and says she can't be playing around the village in such a fluttery dress. This sets off Rena, who starts to believe her friends are really bad people and that they just don't understand. She thinks pure white clothes will just get dirtier and dirtier, and remembers her mother telling her about divorcing her father and marrying Akihito.

Rena starts to convince herself of this fact when Rika goes up and asks if that's what she really thinks. She says Rena came back to Hinamizawa believing in Oyashiro-sama and asks what she saw in Ibaraki. Rena remembers seeing blood and a white light, and thinking that she could be reborn in Hinamizawa. Renewed with confidence, Rena tears up her dress and jumps down onto Mion. Mion laughs and asks her to join the club. Rena understands that the white light she saw was here all along.

Meanwhile, Rika and Hanyuu are relieved that they stopped Rena from developing terminal symptoms, even thought Keiichi's not here yet.

The Law of Relative Victory

During school, Keiichi plans to win the next club activity without anybody's help. The class has PE later that day, where Mion decides to have the club play tag. The punishment game will be to ask the staff at Seventh Mart to smile. For this game of zombie tag, the bounds will be set by some rocks and trees, and you'll get a penalty if you go out of bounds. People who get caught by zombies become zombies too, and the last person caught becomes the sole loser. If at least two zombies are in play, a human can turn a zombie back into a human by touching them on the back; whichever team has more people by the end becomes the winner. Keiichi realizes that Mion has created a game based on individual strategy and putting personal plans into motion without being detected.

Rena starts off as the zombie. Behind Keiichi's back, Rena and Mion planned to make him lose to show him the true value of friendship and cooperative play. Rena turns Rika into a zombie and goes after Keiichi, but he distracts her by claiming that Satoko's crying because of Rika chasing her. Rena takes the bait and chases after Satoko.

The zombified Mion, Rika, and Rena soon surround Keiichi and Satoko. They run towards a trap Satoko set earlier. Mion corners Keiichi but he sets off the trap and trips Mion with some sports balls. Distracted at seeing Mion fall, Keiichi is turned into a zombie by Rika, making Satoko the only human left. Mion asks if Keiichi is ready to give up trying to win on his own, but he says he had no choice. Keiichi fakes going after Satoko but then tags Mion, revealing that she was pretending to be a zombie all along. Keiichi assumes the zombies are at an advantage with 4 versus 1; Mion tries to tag Satoko but misses, and Rena explains the humans actually won.

Rena tripped earlier when chasing Satoko, and Satoko accidentally touched her back, turning her human again. Rena tried to tell Mion but she was intent on teaching Keiichi teamwork. If Mion really wanted Keiichi to apologize she would've said it differently, so after Keiichi became a zombie, Rena turned Rika back into a human and then saved Satoko at the last second.

Rena says enjoying the game to the fullest is an important rule of the club, so they shouldn't fight over whether or not they cooperate. Even so, Rena looks forward to Keiichi and Mion's punishment, and watches them do it after school.


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