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Music Room

The Music Room is a function that unlocks after completing every arc. It allows players to listen to all of the music used in the story. This page lists the new tracks that appear in Rei.

The music files can also be found in the game's folders. Information on when each track is played in the story may be found in the Plot Summary pages for each arc.

Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
帰路 [Way Back Home] hidebu22 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
にぱ~☆ [Nipah~☆] u2_rika あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
取扱説明書 [User Manual] hidebu17 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
kneecap u2_2 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
モテ道かく語りき[Also Sprach Popular Road] hidebu23 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
bright_sun u2_3 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
色違い [Wrong Color] hidebu20 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
迷彩の伝説 [Camouflage Legend] hidebu14 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]
フワラズノ勾玉 [Jewels of Accord] hidebu25 あきやまうに [U2 Akiyama]