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Music Room

The Music Room was a function that unlocked upon completing the Himatsubushi All-Cast Review. It allows players to listen to all of the music used in the story. It is not present in any of the English releases by MangaGamer due to requests by 07th Expansion, as some sound effects and tracks were replaced. This page lists the tracks as they were in the original versions. For specific details on which tracks were replaced, see this page.

The music files can also be found in the game's folders. Information on when each track is played in the story may be found in the Plot Summary pages for each arc.


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
1 パリの午後 [Afternoon in Paris] 1 株式会社AIDIA
2 Hello! 2 株式会社AIDIA
3 スタコラサッサ [Helter Skelter] 3 株式会社AIDIA
4 Digital Network 4 株式会社AIDIA
5 Lunch Time Rena 株式会社AIDIA
6 Spring Step Mion 株式会社AIDIA
7 Small Town Satoko 株式会社AIDIA
8 Baby's Walk Rika 株式会社AIDIA
9 オレンジ色の詩 [Orange-colored Time] 5 株式会社AIDIA
10 朝露 [Morning Fog] Tip.wav 株式会社AIDIA
11 Silence 6 株式会社AIDIA
12 静寂 [Quietness] 9 株式会社AIDIA
13 ひぐらしの声 [Higurashi Sounds] higurashi.wav
14 Rainy Days RAINY Koji Kusanagi
15 Silver Mirror GIWAKU2 株式会社AIDIA
16 洞窟 [Cave] 7 株式会社AIDIA
17 魔族研究所 [Demonic Institute] 8 株式会社AIDIA


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
18 Fascism FASCISM Koji Kusanagi
19 Gear GEAR Koji Kusanagi
20 Dawn DAWN Koji Kusanagi
21 Theme of Owner MDS2 Koji Kusanagi


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
22 dancers1 DANCERS1 Koji Kusanagi
23 dancers7 DANCERS7 Koji Kusanagi
24 snow3 SNOW3 Koji Kusanagi
25 snow4 SNOW4 Koji Kusanagi
26 sunrise SUNRISE Koji Kusanagi
27 Tell a Thing Tell a thing Koji Kusanagi
28 lie lies-lies lie LIE Koji Kusanagi
29 LOOP131 LOOP131.wav 株式会社AIDIA


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
30 days of children3 CHILD3 Koji Kusanagi
31 dancers5 DANCERS5 Koji Kusanagi
32 平原を行く [Going to the Plains] heigen2gm KeNji
33 Meditation1 MED1 Koji Kusanagi
34 *blank* *blank* *blank*
35 お手伝い☆ [Help☆] BGM05 N/A
36 迫り来る危機 [Looming Crisis] A5_06198 N/A
37 襲撃! [Raid!] BGM02 N/A
38 逃走 [Escape] A7_06056 N/A
39 勝利! [Victory!] BG01002A N/A
40 オラオラ【folded】 [Oraora] FOLDED Koji Kusanagi
41 リタイア【Voices】 [Retirement] VOICES Koji Kusanagi