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This page provides summaries for the TIPS in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.

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Akasaka has the sword and will get it to the others.


This TIP is from the perspective of Rena's mom. She had a dream to become a clothing designer ever since she was little. Inherent sexism in the industry made it impossible for her to advance in her career so she abandoned her dream and settled on raising a family. Years later, a coworker actually supported her work and she realized she should've never given up on her dream. Time passes and she ends up pregnant with that coworker's kid, so she decides pursuing that dream again means more to her than her family. But she knows that makes her a terrible person and vows to be a better mother for her second child.


Ooishi wakes up under the shrine confused about what is going on. Midori suddenly shows up and shoots him in the leg. She demands the card that turned him into a monster, but he doesn't have it anymore. She says this world is already over, and she plans to kill him to prevent him from turning into a monster again. Miyabi suddenly appears and saves him. Then Midori responds "About time you showed yourself. Long time no see, Death God Miyabi Saionji".


Tomoe receives a call from a policeman named Watanabe. He's asking for her help investigating the dismemberment murder case of another policeman named Kurosawa. Tomoe says she's the director of the police museum now so she has no authority to help, but she agrees to have tea with him and have a long chat about other matters