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This page provides summaries for the TIPS in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei.

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Akasaka has the sword and will get it to the others.


This TIP is from the perspective of Rena's mom. She had a dream to become a clothing designer ever since she was little. Inherent sexism in the industry made it impossible for her to advance in her career so she abandoned her dream and settled on raising a family. Years later, a coworker actually supported her work and she realized she should've never given up on her dream. Time passes and she ends up pregnant with that coworker's kid, so she decides pursuing that dream again means more to her than her family. But she knows that makes her a terrible person and vows to be a better mother for her second child.


Ooishi wakes up under the shrine confused about what is going on. Midori suddenly shows up and shoots him in the leg. She demands the card that turned him into a monster, but he doesn't have it anymore. She says this world is already over, and she plans to kill him to prevent him from turning into a monster again. Miyabi suddenly appears and saves him. Then Midori responds "About time you showed yourself. Long time no see, Death God Miyabi Saionji".


Tomoe receives a call from a policeman named Watanabe. He's asking for her help investigating the dismemberment murder case of another policeman named Kurosawa. Tomoe says she's the director of the police museum now so she has no authority to help, but she agrees to have tea with him and have a long chat about other matters.

Showa Chapter 4

Return to Hinamizawa

Kasai arrives to pick Shion up in the middle of the night. They chat while driving back. Kasai hands her a letter from Kazuho explaining their circumstances. He asks Shion how she escaped. She bought an escape plan from a smart, eccentric first-year middle school student she was friends with. After looping back in she told this girl everything, and the girl told her everything she knew too. The girl says to leave everything to her. Shion says the girl reminds her of Rena, not in appearance or personality, but in conviction. She's helping because she likes stories about sisters. Half-sisters, even more. She accepts some cute stationery of Shion's as payment for her cooperation. During the drive back Shion wonders how Mion is doing.

Heisei, After the Call

In 1993, Miyuki and Chisame finish up their phone call with Kazuho. Tamura faded away right after the call finished. Miyuki thinks it's her fault Tomoe got hurt in the factory. She and Chisame plan to visit Tomoe in the hospital.

Dinner at the Furude House

Kazuho and Nao are having dinner with Ayaka. She talks about life at the sanatorium. Lots of kids misbehaved there and she would often scold them for it, so she received the nickname Otsubone-sama.

Reina's Request

Keiichi and Reina are taking a break during festival prep. He says Ayaka looked especially cheerful, and it's all because Reina took the initiative to apologize to her the other day. He thinks even if Reina and Rena are different people, they have the same strength. Keiichi asks Reina to help him if he's ever in a tight spot. She agrees.