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Kazuho Kimiyoshi had fond memories of watching the club playing around in Hinamizawa and Okinomiya as a little girl. Board games, card games, tag; the club was always full of energy, and Kazuho wished to join them one day. Unfortunately, that "nightmare" meant she would be unable to fulfill that wish.

In June 5, 1993, Kazuho visits the former site of Hinamizawa and desperately runs through the bushes. She didn't know if she was escaping the village or running deeper into it, all she wanted to do was get away from "that thing". A monster was chasing her, stomping and roaring. A boar-like demon making metal clanging sounds and far removed from anything that would seem living. Kazuho could sense its killing intent and desperately ran away. As she ran she wondered if this was where she would die, unable to understand how or why. Kazuho cries out as the world turns white.

Ever since the Great Hinamizawa Disaster 10 years ago, Hinamizawa had become a no-entry zone. The volcanic gas that was responsible for the incident had dissipated, and it was decided that the area was no longer dangerous. Some people who investigated the area soon after had mysteriously disappeared or became mentally impaired. Kazuho wanted to explore the place for herself and expected to be stopped by a security guard, however there was nobody there; she had no idea a monster would be there instead.

Kazuho runs some more and trips on a root that was sticking out of the ground. Before she could even express her pain, the monster was already looming over her. Kazuho scurries away as the monster slowly inches towards her. It opens its fanged face, and Kazuho briefly accepts her death before calling out for help, not wanting to die without knowing anything. Someone answers her plea, calling her a child of man and telling her to raise her head. Kazuho opens her eyes to see a girl appearing between her and the monster.

The girl asks Kazuho's name, and she responds by asking who the girl is. The girl insults her and calls her impudent, and before Kazuho can snap back a sharp pain fills her head. The girl asks again who Kazuho is, and she replies that she is Kazuho Kimiyoshi. She says they should run away before noticing that the monster is frozen in time. Amazed, Kazuho looks back at the girl, who introduces herself as Tamurahime no Mikoto. Tamura says that Kazuho must be of the "people of horns", judging by her strong aura. Kazuho is confused as to what she means by "people of horns," and Tamura simply says she is of Hinamizawan blood. Tamura then asks to see her hand and Kazuho holds it out, with fog coalescing into her palm and transforming into a card. Tamura expected this to happen, commenting that a person of horns' power can reawaken broken Fragments. Tamura tells Kazuho to speak to the Fragment and tell it her wish; it will be granted if that is what she truly desires.

Before Kazuho can comprehend what to do, the monster starts moving again, and Kazuho screams. Tamura becomes disappointed that her level of power is only enough to stop time for a while. As Kazuho questions her predicament, Tamura tells her again to speak her wish, what she desires to accomplish. Kazuho still didn't understand what was going on, but she has a wish: she wants to live. Just then, light pours from Kazuho's card and envelops her, changing her outfit into that of a fancy dress. Tamura compliments her for drawing out its power, if haphazardly. Kazuho examines her strange new outfit, comparing it to something out of a picture book. Tamura says her outfit is a weapon created from the Fragment and can now freely use its power.

Kazuho doesn't know why Tamura is speaking so strictly despite her apparent age, but after feeling fatigued from running from the monster she now feels a surge of power. The monster charges, and Kazuho prepares to fight it head on.

The monster is defeated, and Tamura congratulates an exhausted Kazuho. Tamura says that she may rest now and prepares to say something else, however Kazuho's card flies out of her chest and disappears, and her outfit changes back into its normal form. Tamura says the restoration must be difficult, as that Fragment was the strongest shining one she had found. Tamura then says she will give Kazuho a charm that will act as a "vessel" and hands her another card similar to the one she had before. Kazuho is confused as to what to do exactly with this card, and Tamura tells her that as she collects new Fragments, the charm will grow stronger, so it would be best to stay alert for them.

Kazuho still doesn't understand but she puts the card in her pocket, deeply sighing after realizing that she really did fight a monster and was saved. Kazuho asks Tamura what the monster and that transformation was all about, and she replies that there's much she needs to know. Kazuho silently questions Tamura's appearance, saying she looks like a miko from a play and has some weird wings sticking out of her head. Kazuho calls her Tamura-san, and Tamura shows discontent at being referred to with honorifics, insulting Kazuho again as Kazuho feels another sharp pain in her head; she figures that Tamura is causing this. She asks if it would be better to call her Tamurahime-sama and Tamura accepts it, asking that Kazuho remember to pay her respects.

Tamura says she is the ruler of the land of Yamato and is what humans would refer to as a god. Kazuho remembers Hinamizawa's history, that it was once known as Onigafuchi Village and was attacked by man-eating demons from hell. Oyashiro-sama was a god who made peace between the humans and demons and helped them coexist. Kazuho determines that Tamura must be Oyashiro-sama, and Tamura angrily shocks her once more, showing disdain that Kazuho would equate her with the chief of the people of horns. Kazuho apologizes as she wonders why saying the name of a god she knew was so wrong. Tamura says she ruled the land long before the people of horns did, and comparing her to "that fool" is unforgivable. Kazuho keeps this in mind.

Tamura asks Kazuho why she came to Hinamizawa, and she replies that she was contacted by someone from the village despite it being destroyed 10 years ago and wanted to know who or what it was. Tamura tells Kazuho to come with her, having something that could help her.

Chapter 1 - Kikai

Part 1

Kazuho and Tamura walk through the long-abandoned village, which has become overgrown like a garden. Kazuho affirms that this is Hinamizawa, and though it is likely the ecosystem has changed in 10 years she still can't fathom what that monstrous boar was. Tamura asks if Kauzho remembers Hinamizawa and she says she lived in Okinomiya 10 years ago, so she has no real memories of the village. Kazuho explains that she currently lives in a school dorm in Tokyo, and she lives alone since her parents and brother all died in the disaster. Tamura gives her sympathy.

Hinamizawa had always been seen as an evil land because of the worship of Oyashiro-sama, and ever since the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, former residents of the village had become ostracized. This behavior continued even into the Heisei Era, with Kazuho finding solace that the god Tamura didn't frown at the village's mention.

Tamura asks why Kazuho came to the village now and not on the anniversary date. The Hinamizawa Requiem Festival was an annual memorial service dedicated to those who perished in the disaster, held every June 21. Kazuho had come on June 5, sixteen days before it. Kazuho explains that she received a message on her pager, which greatly confuses Tamura as she's never heard of such a device. After giving a short description of what a pager is, Kazuho explains that she received a message from her grandfather, who was the old mayor of Hinamizawa. This was strange because he also died during the disaster, and the message was reported as coming from her grandfather's house despite the village being on lockdown. Not only that, few people knew Kazuho's pager number. Tamura understands that Kazuho came to the village to find out why.

Tamura examines the pager for a bit and uses her powers to obtain a full understanding of it, remarking that the people of Yamato have made great technological advancements. She still doesn't understand why Kazuho wants to investigate this pager mystery, but she finds it convenient since they can benefit each other.

Suddenly, they get attacked by more monsters. Despite the weakening of their charm, Tamura tells Kazuho to do exactly what she did earlier.

Part 2

Kazuho defeats the monsters and Tamura comments that she truly is a descendant of the people of horns. Kazuho asks what these monsters are supposed to be and Tamura replies that she has no idea, which confounds the girl. Tamura says she's going to call them tsukuyami anyway, as it would be inconvenient to refer to them without a name.

Tamura starts patting around where the tsukuyami were, looking for Fragments. She finds one the size of a grain of sand and holds it up to a confused Kazuho, explaining that it came from the tsukuyami and is presumably causing trouble in Hinamizawa. Kazuho is encouraged to pick up as many Fragments as she can. Tamura also explains that the Fragment she gave Kazuho is her blessing and will help her to not lose control and become aggressive like the tsukuyami.

Kazuho asks what Tamura knows of the disaster, but she knows nothing; she was resting for a while and the next thing she knew, Hinamizawa's guardian deity disappeared and the village was destroyed. Kazuho is troubled that Tamura claims herself to be a god yet knows as much as she does regarding the subject. Tamura says that's Kazuho's job to figure out, and she gets shocked. Kazuho doesn't think she can handle such an important task but she agrees to go along with it, knowing that Tamura will give her another splitting headache otherwise. Tamura appreciates her cooperation.

The duo finally enters the Furude Shrine. Tamura says the tsukuyami are emerging from a portal at the back of the shrine, which may lead to another dimension. Kazuho will be the one sent to enter it and see where it leads. After traversing the shrine grounds some more, they encounter more tsukuyami, which seemed to be guarding the place. Kazuho is determined to rid the beasts from Oyashiro-sama's home.

Part 3

After defeating the tsukuyami, Kazuho finds that their dropped Fragments are much larger than the earlier ones. Tamura says the strength of a tsukuyami is proportonal to a Fragment's size. They reach the ritual warehouse, which Kazuho knows to be a secret storearge area for festival equipment and such. Tamura says the tsukuyami are coming from here and tells Kazuho to stay on guard, as she encountered a tough tsukuyami when she first came here.

After seeing the broken warehouse door, Kazuho becomes afraid that there be might be more tsukuyami inside but she presses forth. She sees Tamura isn't following her and asks why, to which the god explains she'll be sealing the portal to prevent more tsukuyami from escaping. Once Kazuho goes through, she must find another miko that Tamura sent earlier, promising to contact Kazuho again once she does.

Kazuho begins to enter the portal and Tamura gives one last message, wanting her to live and prevent more blood from being spilled on this land.

Kazuho readies herself, enters the warehouse, and after a time comes back outside again, confused. It was evening when she entered, and now it was suddenly nighttime. Neither Tamura, a miko nor any tsukuyami were to be seen inside the waehouse. Kazuho decides to go out and find some water, but she suddenly gets attacked by a tsukuyami and falls to the ground. More tsukuyami appear, and as Kazuho tries to defend herself, suddenly a girl runs up the shrine steps and kicks the monster away. The mystery girl confirms Kazuho is okay and then engages the tsukuyami, plling out a card similar to the one Kazuho has. The girl yells out "Role Card Escalation!" and starts attacking.

Part 4

The girl finishes off the tsukuyami and helps up Kazuho, giving her a big slap on the back. She asks for Kazuho's name and takes interest in the fact her last name is Kimiyoshi, suddenly giving her a piercing stare. Kazuho was expecting to be treated poorly just like other people do when they find out someone is related to a Hinamizawa, let alone the Kimiyoshi family, and the girl happily asks if it's alright to call her Kazuho-chan.

Kazuho is confused, and the girl introduces herself as Miyuki Akasaka, a student of the Hinamizawa Branch School. Kazuho wonders if there are even any schools running in Hinamizawa in 1993, and then sees Miyuki picking up Fragments. Miyuki asks what's wrong and Kazuho struggles to answer when two girls, Rika and Satoko, suddenly arrive. Satoko asks who Kazuho is and Rika says it's dangerous to be out late like this. Satoko mentions a rumor that Miyuki likes to take late-night bike rides and Rika says she knows all about it since Oyashiro-sama can see everything, giving a "nipah" afterwards. Miyuki nervously laughs at the fact Oyashiro-sama's priestess can see everything, and Kauzho watches the three girls in confusion. Miyuki apologizes for neglecting her a bit and asks Kazuho where she lives, offering to give her a bike ride home. Kazuho says she lives in Okinomiya, and the girls think it's too far. Miyuki remembers that Kazuho is a Kimiyoshi and asks if she's the mayor's graundaughter. Kazuho is about to deny the thought and mention he's dead but says nothing. Miyuki says the mayor's house is nearby and will bring Kazuho there.

Kazuho has no idea why they'd be visiting an empty house but decides to join Miyuki anyway. Satoko stops her for a bit and gives Kazuho a sad look, which she finds strange, though Satoko warns that Miyuki is a very rough biker. Kazuho abd Miyuki soon get onto the bike and take off, with the scenery greatly intriguing Kazuho. No longer was the village overgrown, but rather it was alive: houses were lit up, and laughter and music could be heard in the distance.

Kazuho wonders aloud if this really is Hinamizawa when Miyuki suddenly stops the bike and points towards some trees. More tsukuyami were appearing. Miyuki asks Kazuho to help since she also has a Role Card, but she has no idea what she means. Miyuki asks Kazuho to chant along with her and yells "Role Card Escalation!" once more.

Part 5

The duo defeat the tsukuyami. Kazuho is amazed at Miyuki's strength, wondering what the difference between them is. Miyuki says she's 15 and asks what age Kazuho is, who says she will also be turning 15 later that year. Miyuki changes her nickname towards her from Kazuho-chan to just Kazuho, and the latter thanks her for the rescue earlier.

Miyuki mentions that Kazuho just now asked if this really was Hinamizawa and aims a sharp gaze at her, asking what she meant by that. Stunned by her pressuring glare, Kazuho struggles to answer and starts walking backward as Miyuki steps ever closer to her. Kazuho's mind fills with questions: is this Hinamizawa? Why are the villagers alive? Who is Miyuki Akasaka?

Kazuho suddenly trips and falls over, staring up at the night sky as Miyuki cries out in surprise. Miyuki tries to rouse Kazuho and calls out for help when she sees how feverish she is. Kazuho hears nervous voices in the distance, but her vision and mind fades as she thinks about her brother.

Chapter 2 - Souguu

Part 1

Kazuho reminisces on childhood memories before awakening inside an unfamiliar house. She exits her room and heads downstairs to find Miyuki making breakfast. Kazuho remembers the strange look Miyuki gave her last night when Miyuki tells her to watch TV as she prepares food for them.

As Kazuho eats, Miyuki places a newspaper in front of her. Kazuho reads the newspaper and sees no articles of note when she notices the publication date: June 11, 1983. Seeing Kazuho's shock, Miyuki realizes that she's indeed from the Heisei Era. Kazuho asks where they are and before Miyuki can answer, a clock alarm interrupts them. Miyuki says it's almost time for school and directs Kazuho to put on her uniform, having found it by her side when she checked on her earlier.

Kazuho examines her uniform in confusion, as she left it at home yet has no idea why it's with her now. The doorbell rings and Miyuki tells her to hurry up. Kazuho finishes getting dressed and Miyuki opens the front door to reveal Rena, who's come to go to school with her. Rena sees Kazuho and tilts her head in confusion. Miyuki introduces Rena to her and makes up a story that Kazuho is a new transfer student who will be attending school starting today. Miyuki says Rena should've known that, and as Rena ponders she seems to freeze before happily saying that she knew all along.

This sudden change surprises Kazuho, as she has never seen Rena before at all. She shudders at what this could mean when Rena asks her what's wrong. Miyuki says Kazuho is just nervous from her first day of school and tells Rena to go ahead of them. Rena leaves and Miyuki closes the door, her suspicions about Kazuho continuing to be affirmed. Kazuho asks some questions and Miyuki promises that she'll explain later. The two set off for school.

Part 2

Miyuki hums as she and Kazuho walk to school. They finally catch up to Rena and another new girl who introduces herself as Mion Sonozaki. Kazuho is surprised to hear this, as everybody knows the Sonozaki family's infamy. Mion is flattered to be attending school with the mayor's granddaughter and comments that the Three Families are now classmates. Rena is surprised that Mion has never met Kazuho before, and Mion replies that the Kimiyoshi family has members scattered all over, so she hasn't met every single one of them. The Sonozaki family also has a lot of members, but they always show up during social gatherings. Mion says her own interactions with the family have ceased for now. The group sets off for school and comment on how peaceful the weather is, which disturbs Kazuho the newcomer.

At school, the teacher Chie introduces Kazuho to the class. Satoko and Rika formally introduce themselves to her. Kazuho is guided towards an empty seat next to Miyuki, and she opens it to find it packed with brand-new notebooks, all with her name written on them. Kazuho is once again disturbed by the strange scene, which seemed to say "this was your desk all along."

Lunchtime begins and Miyuki asks Kazuho to eat with her outside. Rena asks why Miyuki won't eat with the others and she says she has a secret strategy meeting with Kazuho. Mion gives Kazuho a piercing look but then says the group should prepare themselves as well. Rena figures Kazuho will be joining them for club activities after school. A determined Miyuki drags Kazuho out of the classroom.

Part 3

Kazuho and Miyuki go behind the school to eat lunch. Miyuki gives Kazuho a bento full of sandwiches she prepared earlier. After eating for a bit, Miyuki asks if Kazuho remembers the names of the girls they met that day. Kazuho rattles off the names of Mion, Rena, Satoko, and Rika, and then Miyuki pulls out a notebook. This notebook contains a list of all the victims of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster in 1983.

Seeing Kazuho's shock, Miyuki tells her to be quiet and just read it. Kazuho flips through it and sees that all of the girls she met were indeed victims. Chie and the principal Kaeda were also in there. Miyuki says she didn't figure the book would be so useful after transcribing it herself and confirms that she is also from 1993. Kazuho can hardly believe this is real. She asks if they really did time-travel to Hinamizawa's past, and Miyuki says it's not quite like that. Despite coming before her, Miyuki doesn't quite know what's going on either.

Miyuki knows for a fact that this Hinamizawa is different than the '93 Hinamizawa, as when she first arrived there were tons of tsukuyami prowling around. She also met Tamura and received powers, though she was told that she needs to properly establish her powers since she is not of the people of horns.

Miyuki mentions that there was a tsukuyami guarding the ritual warehouse when she arrived and couldn't defeat it. Kazuho asks how she got past it then, with Miyuki saying she used Tamura as bait. Kazuho realizes that Miyuki escaping at Tamura's expense is why the god was so cold towards her.

Miyuki says she's felt alone ever since coming to Hinamizawa and felt happy when Kazuho arrived. Kazuho thanks her likewise. Kazuho thinks to herself that she still doesn't know why Miyuki came to Hinamizawa but decides to trust her for now. Miyuki asks why Kazuho came to the village when the bell rings, singaling the end of lunch. Miyuki says Kazuho doesn't have to tell her anything if she doesn't want to, knowing full well what she's experienced because of that last name of hers.

As they head back to class, Kazuho thinks about how much stronger Miyuki is than her and sighs.

Part 4

Afternoon class has the students splitting up for group study, with Kazuho joining Miyuki and the other girls. After doing some math the girls commend Miyuki for her knowledge, and she says it's all about memorization. The secret to her success was her mom being really strong and scary, with Rena seeing that Miyuki's mom must be very strict and instructional.

Class ends and Kazuho wonders what to do now when Mion approaches her and asks if she would like to play a club game. Remembering her childhood memories of seeing the club romp around, Kazuho enthusiastically agrees. As they head outside, Kazuho thanks Tamura for giving her this opportunity.

Kazuho joins the others and asks what kind of game they're going to play. Mion says it's almost time for them to come out and Rika points across the schoolyard, where several tsukuyami have appeared. As Kazuho stands confused, Mion encourages everyone to do their best. Miyuki, Mion, and the other girls then pull out Role Cards and summon weapons. Kazuho asks what this is all about and Miyuki says this is a club game, which just confuses her even more. As the tsukuyami come closer, Kazuho retracts her compliment towards Tamura.

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Chapter 3

Kazuho slips up when trying to keep up their cover story with Rena, and Rena suddenly starts to 'break through' the mind control the villagers seem to be under. She starts going crazy, realizing that the house Kazuho and Nao live in belonged to "someone else" and that "She should know, but why can't she remember?"

A battle interrupts the breakdown though, and Rena seems to have forgotten it by the end of it, back under the assumption that everything is okay. Something similar happens when Kazuho asks about Hanyuu's horns, with everyone in class freezing and staring at her, nobody speaking a word and the feeling like something is wrong with reality creeping in, until Miyuki manages to break the atmosphere.

Chapter 4

Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao go to the toy store, where they find Rena, Mion, Satoko and Rika fighting in a videogame against a boy they seem to hate. This boy turns out to be Keiichi, who for some reason is a smug, aggressive bully living in Okinomiya. Rena is trying to beat him in the game so that he'll stop hogging the console, but is defeated. Seeing that, Nao challenges him instead. When she does, all of them are suddenly transported to what looks like the Sea of Fragments. Keiichi tells them that the game will be over when they defeat the Tsukuyami in there, and a battle starts. After winning, it becomes obvious that from the point of view of "reality", Nao destroyed "Keiichi" in the videogame instead. Everyone rejoices as Keiichi leaves with a smirk.

They're left asking themselves who that guy was, since they never get his name. A few days later during class, Kazuho is asked to pull something down from the shelves. When she does, a metal bat falls from them. Trying to find who it belongs to, Kazuho sees that the bat has the name "Keiichi" written on the handle. She tries asking Mion who this Keiichi is, only for space to freeze again, the whole main cast staring at her unspeaking. Kazuho starts feeling like she's freezing up as well, unable to move or speak. Mion moves, coming closer to her and whispering in her ear "Forget about that" That's when Kazuho loses consciousness, only to 'wake up' in the same position, the classroom now empty.

Once home with Miyuki and Nao, Kazuho is told for the first time that every room aside hers is packed with cardboard boxes, like whoever used to live there was moving away. Nao finds a notebook in her room, to boot, with a name written on it: "Keiichi Maebara". They realize the house they're in used to belong to this Keiichi, the same Keiichi from the bat that Kazuho was told to forget about, though they have no idea that Keiichi is also the bully they saw at the toy store.

The chapter ends after they walk Rena home (who'd come to make them dinner), and they hear some rustling in the bushes. Miyuki calls out to the shadows, expecting Tsukuyami, only for the bushes to open and reveal Akasaka. Ooishi is with him too, but the weird thing is they don't seem to recognize what the cards in Kazuho and the other's hands are, even though they're supposedly "normal" here.

Chapter 5

Kazuho loses her consciousness in the library because of a mental breakdown after finding out that she doesn't exist in this world. She finds out after Midori takes out a dossier she's investigating (hinting this might be linked to whatever her deal is), in which there is several newspapers from 5 years prior, when Kazuho's entire family died in a murder-suicide. Kazuho thus doesn't "exist" in this world, since she died in her mother's womb with her, making her vision blur and making her feel like she's about to vanish. A voice asks her "Who are you?" in her dreams. After a hospital visit where Takano finds out Kazuho isn't quite "from there", they go to school. Kazuho confronts Mion, asking her about the incident that killed "the Kimiyoshi from Okinomiya", and she's told that the Okinomiya Kimiyoshi House was a mediator between the pro and anti-dam factions at the time.

However, when the dam war ended, something strange happened. The whole house went off on a trip "somewhere", and came back changed. They started avoiding everyone, gradually losing contact with the neighbors, until one day the father set fire to the house with everyone inside. Kazuho thanks her for the info and makes to leave, when she is stopped. Mion tells Kazuho "I asked you to forget about the metal bat in class, and yet...who did you meet in Angel Mort?", telling her that if she keeps ignoring her warnings, Kazuho will have to "transfer schools" soon too. Kazuho is initially intimidated, but it makes her realize something: Keiichi was made to "transfer schools" (literally) because he stuck his nose in something he shouldn't have, but he was instantly ostracized without a single warning. Yet, Kazuho was given multiple already without incurring in any consequences yet. Was it because she's a Kimiyoshi, or...?

Having that realization, she stops Mion as she's leaving. Kazuho steels herself and goes: "Mion, you keep giving me 'warnings', yet you're doing nothing when I break the rules. Is it because I'm a Kimiyoshi, and thus you recognize I exist, or... it because you're accepting my existence as a rule I made?" As soon as Kazuho asks, Mion crashes. Her eyes turn empty, like when she was about to break through her programming in Chapter 2 when she realized Nao's backstory didn't make sense, and she leaves without saying another word. Kazuho realizes through that for some reason she's "invulnerable" for some undiscovered rule of this world, and that the discovery may prove useful now that she knows she can't be "eliminated" thanks to the rules.

Nao gets mad at Kazuho for assuming she's invincible just from that, and tells her it's possible Keiichi just stepped on a bigger landmine and that's why he was kicked out in one shot, unlike her. After resigning to the fact that differences between worlds get "smoothed out" once you find them, they decide to start investigating on what coincides between the two worlds instead. This decision is followed by them soon finding one thing in common between the two worlds: Watanagashi, which is coming soon.

Also, Miyuki's "victims of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster list", which she brought from the future, is now missing Kazuho's entire family, presumably because it was 'adjusted' to match the world in which her family died 5 years before that. Kazuho's own memories seem to be getting forcibly adjusted, since after coming into contact with the 'truth' that her family doesn't exist here, she realizes she can't remember what her family looked like.

Chapter 6

Nao reveals she has a big sister she's never met, from a different father before her mother remarried. Kazuho is about to ask her "Nao, that big sister you're talking about...could it be she's-", but then the others come back and interrupt her.

Shion offers her help to Kazuho and the others, explicitly saying that she's not on the same side as "the village". It seems like she's not caught in the same "illusion", and realized the Tsukuyami aren't something that's supposed to exist, and she has no recollection of Keiichi ever being evil. Also, the more the tsukuyami's names are said, the more they solidify into reality; so the group's switching to calling them "that".

Mion attempts to kill Kazuho.

Chapter 7

Starts with a flashback to Kazuho talking with Mion, worried about how she might bring the mood down if she's allowed into the club. Mion reassures her, telling her the club is for everyone who likes to have fun. This is juxtaposed with Mion telling Kazuho and Nao that she's going to kill them once the flashback ends. Mion seems covered in a dark haze at some point, reminiscent of the stuff the Tsukuyami are made of, but it's unclear if Mion is possessed by one, or actually one. Nao tells Kazuho to fight but she doesn't want to attack Mion, Hanyuu, and the villagers surrounding them, until they find a weak spot in their circle and escape through the river. They get cornered again in the forest.

Kazuho keeps screaming that she doesn't want to fight, until someone swings a scythe at her head. It's too late to defend, and she is about to get her head lopped off when Keiichi slams into the villager's side, sending him flying. Shion also arrives, using her taser to dispatch the others. Apparently, Shion and Keiichi have been in contact for a while, and were planning to meet Miyuki at the saiguden, but they were attacked by the villagers at the temple before managing to get there. They're ready to share information, but they ask Kazuho and Nao to be honest and ask them if they're from another world. Apparently, they got this information from "that girl", but as they ask who "that girl" is, they get interrupted by more attacking villagers and have to run. They decide to hurry to the saiguden, hoping to find Miyuki. On their way there, they reach the festival. Kazuho once again tries to ask them who "that girl" that told them the truth is, but she falls silent when she sees what the festival grounds are like. Blood everywhere, hacked up corpses littering the ground, and crazed villagers still killing each other, calling each other traitors.

Kazuho gets grabbed at the ankle by a mother with child begging for her to save her, but Nao pulls her away, telling her they can't stop running. Reaching the temple, they run into Akasaka, who is carrying a wounded and bloodied Miyuki, who's also barely conscious. They immediately decide she needs a doctor, but that's when Ooishi jumps out of the shadows. Keiichi tells the others that he's not in his right mind, and that the tsukuyami can "get inside people to control them, and they won't get out until you defeat them completely". Fighting ensues.

They start fighting Ooishi. Keiichi's bat and Shion's stun gun shine like Role Cards, making it clear that they have those powers too. Ooishi's cornered, but he makes his shadow shatter into multiple "bosses" from the previous chapters, amongst which is the tanuki that once kidnapped Nao. Kazuho is refusing to fight, scared that she might kill someone, but Keiichi tells her that if she even comes close to making a fatal mistake, he'll stop her himself. She believes him, and resolves to fight. They beat Ooishi up, and he loses consciousness. Apparently, the tsukuyami have been driven away from his body, and he should be normal once he awakens. Kazuho notices something on the floor, like a Role Card, but pitch black on both sides. She pockets it, figuring she'll tell the others later. They start talking about the mind control affecting people, and Shion reveals the way it seems to work is it convinces you that other people are right, and makes you doubt yourself until you conform. She had completely forgotten about Satoshi, until "that girl" came to her and asked her "Haven't you forgotten something important?", making her return to normal. They joke around a bit, saying there'll be time to explain better later, perhaps over tea and cakes in a perfect girls-only tea party. Keiichi complains that he doesn't want to get left out, and Shion says if he likes she'll prepare a wonderful frilly dress for him too.

They're apparently heading to meet up with Tomitake, who Shion says is helping her and Keiichi. The plan is to get into his van and escape the village, but they must get past the suspension bridge first. On the way there, Nao asks who Tomitake is, since she's never met him. Kazuho says "He's that cameraman that's usually around the village. Remember Rika's dance? He's the cameraman that was filming and photographing her the whole time" "What? There was no one like that" " could hear the shutter and see the flashes the whole time" "I distinctly remember thinking it was really dark and quiet though". Kazuho is wondering how that is possible, when they finally find his parked van. They circle around it, but it's empty. They're at a loss on what to do until Shion flashes her light on the ground, where they see Tomitake dead, bled out from his throat.

While they're pondering about what Tomitake's corpse is about, a grinning Takano comes out of the bushes, followed by the Mountain Dogs. She makes a speech about how they're all going to die, when a Dog falls down unconscious. Takano turns to see who it is and gets punched in the face.

It's Midori, who easily dispatches the Mountain Dogs. She shouts at the others to get into Tomitake's van and run to the clinic. When telling Akasaka "He should know where it is", she muses to herself "Oh, but there's the chance you haven't ever been there in the past. It's be a pain if it was the case this time."

Once they've run away, she turns to Takano and summons a Role Card, which turns into a rifle. She points it at Takano, who's completely at a loss on what's going on. She is about to kill her, when she says "It's a pity I have to do this, I kind of liked you. And it's a pity this'll be your, is it the 9th time now? that this has to happen." Takano asks her "Who are you? Are you police? Are you from Tokyo?" Midori answers "I'm neither...but if I really had to answer that...I'm not a Mountain Dog, nor a Bloodhound...I'm just a Hunting Dog." Midori gives a woof before a gunshot rings out.

The group reaches the clinic to find Irie and find Satoko sleeping there, apparently she felt sick during the festival and was brought there to rest. They explain the situation, and since it's an emergency, Irie tells them "there's somewhere they can hide", so he shows them to a secret basement floor. He tells them they can hide in one specific room, and to promise they won't walk around the floor until he comes back. Shion is amongst them.

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