This page aims to summarize event stories in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei. This includes SSR character stories, collaboration events and other things.

How To Eat Mountain Food 10 Times More Fun

"Happy Camper" Shion

How To Eat Mountain Food 10 Times More Fun (山の幸を10倍楽しく食す方法 Yamanosachi o 10-bai tanoshiku shokusu hōhō) is a camping-themed event.

Love in Bathing

Mei bathhouse event banner.png

Love in Bathing (ラブ IN 入浴 Rabu IN Nyūyoku) is a bathhouse and hot springs-themed event.

Noisy Them, Lonely You

Mei noisy guys event banner.png

Noisy Them, Lonely You (騒がしいやつらロンリーユー Sawagashī yatsu-ra ronrīyū) is a Christmas event.

Snowball Special Attack Squad

Mei snowball attack banner.png

Snowball Special Attack Squad (スノーボール特攻隊 Sunōbōru Tokkōtai) is a winter-themed event.

Bean Trap/Snowfield Snare

Mei bean snow trap event.png

Bean Trap/Snowfield Snare (豆トラップ・雪原の罠 Mame Torappu・Setsugen no Wana) is an oni-themed event.

Chocolate Lullaby

Mei chocolate lullaby banner.png

Chocolate Lullaby (チョコレート・ララバイ) is a Valentine's Day event.

Hinamatsuri Graffiti

Mei hinamatsuri banner.png

Hinamatsuri Graffiti (ひな祭りグラフィティ) is a Hinamatsuri event.

Run Run Hanami Operation

Mei cherry blossom banner.png

Run Run Hanami Operation (ランランお花見大作戦 Ranran o Hanami Dai Sakusen) is a Hanami event.

Illusion? Oyashiro Wars

Mei higu kira banner.png

Illusion? Oyashiro Wars (まぼろし?オヤシロ大戦 Maboroshi? Oyashiro Taisen) is an event inspired by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira.

Super Space-Time Academy Z

Mei gakuen z banner.png

Super Space-Time Academy Z (超時空学園Z Chō Jikū Gakuen Z) is a space and tokusatsu-themed event.

Main Story

Hanyuu talks about how anything is possible with Fragments, comparing them to dreams; from staying longer with friends to meeting characters from anime and manga, to crying and anguish from the worst nightmare. However, you leave the fragment and everything is lost, from riches to friends. So, it's better to just forget those dreams when returning to your reality. But if you're within the dream, isn't that your "reality"?

Kazuho, Nao, Miyuki, Shion, Mion, Rena and Satoko suddenly wake up in a spaceship. They start wondering about Rika, Keiichi and Hanyuu, when suddenly Lady Mii and K1 appear. They get confused questions from the others, and explain that they're probably confused because their memories are scrambled due to their recent rebirth, which is why they're remembering other lives. They claim they are archeologists from the space federation/galactic police studying Earth's history and don't seem to be Rika and Keiichi. Mion gets very agitated looking at the "Keiichi" who isn't Keiichi and at one point he uses a device that knocks her out saying she was getting in the way of their talk.

It's revealed there was a worldwide "great disaster" around 1000 years ago. The girls are clones made for history research. Out of 2000 samples obtained, they were the only success. Shion wonders if by 2000 he means all of Hinamizawa, but K1 says that no, it's all of humanity. One day, during their era, there was a disaster and almost the entire planet was wiped out, with only a few survivors remaining. K1 is a descendant of those survivors.

They say this Keiichi is complete trash for attacking a woman, and after talking about the original for a while K1 wonders if Lady Mii found the original Keiichi's remains. Mii had Keiichi's DNA sample, but it was too damaged to create a clone. Satoko wonders about Rika Furude's DNA, however there's no data about that person having ever existed. Lady Mii talks about how it has been too long; information is lost, and their rebirth is a miracle by itself.

Mion recovers and calms down. She asks about an explanation for what exactly happened in 1983. K1 says that apparently volcanic gas suddenly erupted, destroying all life in a large area. Afterwards, wind currents spread it to other regions and countries, and it didn't disperse, eventually crossing and ruining the entire world. Earth's population was reduced to the tens of thousands in 2 or 3 years.

They question how that's even possible since poisonous gas should just disperse rather than add up like that. K1 says he can't answer that, but it's how history is recorded. All efforts afterwards were directed to leaving the "planet of death", eventually resulting in the modern space civilization. Lady Mii is actually an android assistant. Mion wonders why they were even brought back. Keiichi talks about how the environmental program was bringing back extinct animals, so bringing back the victims of the tragedy was the next step.

Satoko accuses him of treating them like animals. K1 says that's pretty much correct and they should be happy they hit the lottery and got a second lease at life. Lady Mii reveals that all clones have chips inside them that guarantee their complete obedience. To demonstrate their control over them, Lady Mii makes Nao and Miyuki start just grunting like rabbits, unable to speak. However they sound more like monkeys, and Shion wonders aloud if rabbits sound like that. Lady Mii goes on to say they also have other voices like turtle, crocodile and pond skater. Satoko is actually curious about the pond skater one. However, Miyuki soon starts acting like a rabbit too, which gets worries from everyone. K1 says that it's just standard emergency measure and nothing to worry about.

Suddenly everyone is back in Hinamizawa. Satoko concludes that it was all a big prank, but Kazuho isn’t convinced. Mion says that if it’s all a prank what’s with the lightning weapon that hit her. Shion wonders if Satoko thinks Rika and K1 would do something like that. K1 appears reaffirming that what they saw was the truth. That Hinamizawa was rebuilt by the environment protection group as part of Earth’s restoration. They’re leaving them for one day to study them in their natural environment. K1 disappears into light alongside Lady Mii.

Mion tells everyone to stop worrying and try to enjoy the day, as just hanging around lamenting their fates wouldn’t help anything. Mion proposes looking over the constellations from 1000 years in the future that night. After some hesitation, everyone agrees. The shrine and other locations from Hinamizawa have been almost perfectly replicated, as well as the lookout too. Satoko wonders if they can even eat the food there since it’s probably all fake made by those two.

Right at sunset, everyone aside from Kazuho goes crazy and starts laughing madly. They start attacking and killing each other. Rena notices Kazuho and goes after her. Kazuho tries to escape but falls behind, and in the last second Rena falls. Lady Mii and K1 appear and talk about how everything would have been wasted if Kazuho died. It turns out that Kazuho has the anti-body for the virus that they need. K1 reveals that he lied about the purpose of leaving them in that town and the history about mankind’s fall. It wasn’t a poisonous gas, but a mysterious virus. The reasoning of the infected collapses and they’re reduced to destructive impulses. The virus is now spreading around the entire galaxy in spite of efforts for vaccines and treatment. One day, K1 thought about trying to find some natural resistance against this virus in its point of origin, which he tracked down to Hinamizawa.

After thinking for a while, Kazuho dislikes the attitude of this Keiichi, but if it’s all to help the universe she’s willing to help, even without expecting any return for it all. However, K1 starts going on about how they spent lots of resources and money to bring her back in the first place. This isn’t charity; the vaccine they produce would be spread around the universe at high prices, giving him a lot of money. He wants to get off the low salaries from archeology and environment protection.

Kazuho accuses him of trampling on everyone’s lives and feelings and says there’s no way she’d ever help him. However, Lady Mii suddenly changes into a smirking face and captures Kazuho, talking about placing her in a cultivation capsule to take her body for studies. Kazuho resists and at this point Lady Mii starts laughing madly at a human thinking she could oppose her. She produces an injection and is about to hit Kazuho. Suddenly Hanyuu appears, wielding a shining sword. She releases an energy blast at Lady Mii, who dodges it, but soon she is hit and torn apart by the next attacks.

K1 is surprised that a member of the space police is there, and Hanyuu says they know everything about his plans. K1 is revealed to be a space criminal Class A, and Hanyuu orders his surrender. K1 orders Lady Mii to take her on, but she suffered too much damage and can’t fight anymore. Her operating system shuts down.

K1 picks up a rifle and aims at Hanyuu, while Kazuho yells at Hanyuu for her to take cover. Hanyuu freezes, confused about how Kazuho knows her name. In spite of that, Hanyuu easily dodges the attack and points her light saber right after K1. She hits him with the back of the hilt, knocking him out. Afterwards, Kazuho thanks her, but realizes this isn’t the Hanyuu she knows. Kazuho inquires her about the virus story and her being from 1000 years ago, and Hanyuu confirms it was all truth. Hanyuu reveals that they’re in an artificial recreated space that only will last 10 more hours.

Kazuho tells the story about the anti-body to Hanyuu, who then asks for her help in facing this virus that’s causing grief throughout the universe. Kazuho agrees, but truthfully she is in complete despair and has no more reason to live now that everyone is gone. Hanyuu asks what is the dream that Kazuho wants to see. Kazuho replies, “What dream…?”

Kazuho suddenly wakes up in the Sea of Fragments. Hanyuu reveals that the “space patroller” was just a temporary “role” she took in that fragment. She’s actually a “custodian” who observes “contradictions” and “conflicts” among the many parallel worlds. An existence that humans might consider “god”. Hanyuu says that by sacrificing her life, Kazuho can save billions in that universe, but she doesn’t want to force her to anything. If she wants to do so, that might become just a “dream” and she will wake up back in her home. Hanyuu says once again the choice is all Kazuho’s. Kazuho is going to say her choice when the scene cuts.

Kazuho wakes up back in Hinamizawa 1983, in the middle of the classroom. Rena and everyone else are there. She wonders what everyone is doing, and Keiichi wonders if she somehow forgot about how everyone got into the hero show drama on TV they saw the other day. Rena hands her a script, and the story summary seems identical to the dream Kazuho had seen just now. Keiichi mentions how he wants to beat up the villain in the climax. Everyone is excited about it and eventually Kazuho dismisses it all and joins the group.

Hanyuu pops up by herself at the end and talks with the player, wondering what is the answer they imagine Kazuho had chosen. She says that in the end it’s up to the player’s imagination.

Borg Decker Keiichi

The club goes to the Sonozaki estate to practice for a science fiction play they’ll be performing for the school kids. Miyuki is tired, having watched many movies all night in preparation. When they reach the estate, they hear fierce arguing between Keiichi and Mion, with Shion explaining that they’re fighting over what weapon the main hero should use. Mion insists that swords are only good in period dramas and that laser guns are the way to go, but Keiichi says guns are more of a sidearm and that the hero should use a laser sword, like in many sci-fi shows. Mion asks how he would do the laser sword effects for the play anyway, and Keiichi says he can do it with Role Cards. After some more banter, they decide on a way to settle their dispute.

Everyone gathers at the junkyard and splits into teams, preparing for a battle with Role Cards to decide what the hero’s weapon will be. Mion has express permission from the town council to go wild here. She insists that guns are the best and that millions of gun enthusiasts are rooting for them. Meanwhile Hanyuu accidentally gets shot by Rika with a toy gun. Shion says it’s unbalanced since she and Kazuho are with Keiichi while everyone else is with Mion. Kazuho says that Miyuki’s weapon is a striking type and so she should be on Team Sword, but Miyuki says guns are important to police officers so she's on Team Gun. Shion says she’s never seen Japanese policemen use guns and wonder if she’s confusing it for American police. Keiichi calls out Rena for her cleaver, and Rena says she got a Dessert Festa ticket from Mion. Nao went along since it was a group ticket. Mion insists it’s not a bribe, just that she asked a favor and happened to have a ticket that was going to expire soon, so she didn’t want to waste it. Rika, Satoko, and Hanyuu joined Mion because they were afraid. Keiichi gets fired up wanting to battle 3 to 7, but Kazuho and Shion think it’s a bad idea.

The battle begins, and Kazuho and Shion get taken out. Mion’s group gangs up on Keiichi, and he says he has a secret weapon that is neither sword nor gun. Keiichi yells “Souchaku!” and a flash of light appears. Keiichi now stands wearing a suit of metallic armor. Nao says it’s the combat suit she made for the play the other day, and Rika says Keiichi transformed within 0.05 seconds, just like that TV show. Shion sees that Keiichi secretly linked the suit to his Role Cards. Keiichi reveals that his trump card is a massive bazooka cannon. Kazuho and Shion warn against using it since it can cause untold damage, but Keiichi is determined to beat the club members. Keiichi yells a battle cry and fires his cannon.

Everyone gets out of the way of the blast. Miyuki sees that Keiichi acted so obsessed with swords so he could use his secret ultimate weapon. Mion chides Keiichi since he created a giant hole. Even though nobody comes to the junkyard, the town council will have Mion’s head for this. Keiichi apologizes since he had no idea it was this powerful, and Shion suggests he can pay with his fingers and get away with three. The Sonozaki sisters surround a frightened Keiichi. Kazuho says the details of Keiichi's punishment will remain a mystery.

Galactic Patrol Rika

The club rests after practicing for their play. They comment on the amazing final scene between the hero Keiichi and the villainess Mion. Rika worried that they wouldn’t have time to finish since she changed the play from a darker story to a brighter one, which the kids should enjoy. Mion offers everyone some ohagi she made at home. Shion says she doesn’t want to because of the hag but Mion says Oryou changed her mind and doesn’t mind Shion coming over. Shion says she has business to attend to with Satoko anyway, as they need to visit the dentist in Okinomiya. Satoko is miffed that the dentist called Irie without her permission. With the way Satoko has been eating and drinking lately, she might have a cavity. Kazuho says she’s going to pass on eating ohagi with everyone and go home.

Later, the club comments that Kazuho has been looking down all day. She doesn’t even talk to or look at Keiichi during practice, which makes him wonder if he did something. Rika tried to talk to Kazuho earlier, but she quickly ran away. Miyuki wonders if it’s because of the first script, which had a shocking ending with Keiichi and Rika becoming traitors. They changed it because it might be more palatable for the kids. Kazuho’s character had some horrible things said to her, but since it was a play, surely she isn’t taking it too seriously? Hanyuu says it might not be the case but doesn’t explain what she means by that.

Kazuho is by herself at the Furude Shrine. She believes she’s dreaming, but she can’t get those words out of her head. Rika appears with some ohagi brought from Mion’s house and wants to share them. She asks if anything's wrong since everyone is worried about Kazuho. If Kazuho doesn’t want to talk, then Rika won’t force her, but she wants her to talk if it means Kazuho will feel a little better. Kazuho trusts Rika and explains her dream about that other world with the evil Keiichi and Rika. Rika could tell all along that Kazuho was afraid whenever she looked at her or Keiichi. Rika apologizes for scaring her, getting excited at the idea of playing the villain in the play and being a little too enthusiastic when insulting Kazuho. Kazuho says it’s not her fault but was more frightened at how she was willing to abandon that other world instead of staying there and save many lives. Even though it was a dream, Kazuho felt bad about it.

Rika asks Kazuho if she wants to learn a harsh reality or a gentle lie. Kazuho has already chosen the gentle lie since she decided it was a dream. Rika says the harsh reality is that Kazuho is not a god, so what does she think she’s doing? Kazuho doesn’t understand, and Rika says that as someone who previously experienced a similar situation, choices involve a lot of speculation. Not everyone will benefit: some will move on to the future happy, and others will move on sad and angry. Justice and evil continue to exist for this reason, and just like in superhero shows, the main villain can never truly be defeated. Everyone wishes to have a happy time. Rika compares the situation to ohagi: it tastes good and sweet now, but if you leave it alone it will spoil. Even if you put it in the fridge, it’ll be good for about a week. At some point you have to make a decision about that ohagi, and someone other than you might cry about it. Rika says that Kazuho shouldn’t focus on the ohagi that no longer exists but the ohagi being presented now. Kazuho eats the ohagi and feels relieved and energized.

Kazuho joins the club in performing their play, with the kids cheering on Space Sheriff Keiichi and Space Warrior Kazuho to defeat the Dark Demon Lord Mion. Hanyuu is pleased to see that Kazuho has overcome her doubts and that Rika became stronger.

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have Friends?

Mei hello kitty friends banner.png

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have Friends? (友達できたらイイ…カナ? Tomodachi de kitara ī… kana?) is a collaboration event with the company Sanrio, featuring Hello Kitty and her friends.

Main Story

One day, Kazuho, Nao, Miyuki, Mion, and Shion are heading to Rena’s house to check out a thing she found. Rena went treasure hunting and thinks she found a magic mirror, according to a document that came with it. The mirror grants the wish of whoever’s reflected in it. Everyone is skeptical, but they decide to try it anyway. Rena wishes to take kyute Rika and Satoko home, and the mirror glows. They think the wish didn’t work and was too vague, so Rena wishes instead to have a lot of kyute new friends. Suddenly, the mirror glows brighter and Kitty, Cinnamon, Purin, and Kirimichan appear.

Kitty’s group wonders where they are. Rena and Nao are smitten by their cuteness while everyone else is dumbfounded. They think there’s some trick to making these stuffed animals talk and emote, but Kitty insists that they are not toys. Kitty and friends introduce themselves, explaining they are from the world of love and dreams. They were just playing together in their world when they suddenly ended up in Hinamizawa. Shion explains that the wish in the magic mirror brought them here. Purin wants to go back but Rena and Nao beg to play with them a bit longer. Kitty says they should determine how to get back first before they continue.

The group reads the mirror document again and finds a section that might say how to undo wishes, but it’s unreadable. Just then, Hanyuu appears and says that Rika and Satoko have mysteriously shrunken down. She pulls out the two of them, and Rika explains that she and Satoko were on the way to Rena’s house when a bright light enveloped them. They realize that Rena’s wish did this. Kazuho tries to make another wish in the mirror but it doesn’t work; the mirror doesn't glow. Miyuki looks in the document and reads that the number of wishes equals the number of crystals fitted into the mirror, and that they must be replaced if depleted; Kazuho is stupefied at the thought that this thing is basically battery powered. Rena says there weren’t any spare crystals when she found it. Rika and Hanyuu look at the mirror and remember a similar artifact in the ritual warehouse, so they should look there.

Kazuho, Kitty and everyone sets off for the Furude Shrine. Along the way, they see some villagers get shrunken down right before their eyes. Rena goes into kyute mode and Mion asks what’s going on. Rena says that when she was walking home from the junkyard she saw some villagers arguing and wished that everyone in the village could be friendly and cute. Shion wonders why the club members weren’t affected, and Rena explains that afterwards she wished to have a fun club activity with them. Rika sees that four wishes were granted.

The group makes it to the warehouse despite Rena and Nao getting sidetracked by all the kyute stuff. Just then, a tsukuyami appears however it has also been kyuteified. Rena and Nao love how kyute it is, but Kazuho tells everyone to focus and defeat it. After the battle, the group comments on how they can turn the kyuteified Hinamizawa into a tourist attraction, however Satoko and Rika object. Miyuki realizes that they're starting to fall victim to the kyuteness like Rena and Nao are.

They enter the warehouse and find two crystals, just like Rika and Hanyuu remember. They have Rena undo the wishes since it might be a rule that whoever made them has to undo them. Rena wishes they could wait a little longer and Mion quickly throws the mirror outside the hall, just in case. They go to retrieve it but a tsukuyami eats the mirror, growing bigger as a result. Intimidated by the sight, Kitty gives her support to the group, and she and her friends transform into new outfits for the club: Rena wears Kitty, Kazuho wears Kirimichan, Mion wears Cinnamon, and Shion wears Purin.

They defeat the tsukuyami, and Kazuho and everyone turns back to normal. They retrieve the mirror. Rena wishes for everyone in the village to turn back to normal, and Rika and Satoko regain their proper size. Kitty and friends say their farewells, offering Rena and everyone the ability to play in their world someday. Rena wishes for Kitty, Purin, Cinnamon, and Kirimichan to go back to their world, and they disappear.

Kazuho wonders if they could have wished to return to the Heisei era, but Miyuki says they still don’t know everything, and so they shouldn't leave; Nao agrees. Just when everything seemed to return to normal, Keiichi suddenly appears holding Tiran. He says he came from another world and wants to know how to get him back. Rena and Nao see Tiran and immediately fawn over him. A tired Kazuho asks what to do, and Rika says they might have to search the junkyard for more crystals.

It’s said that the struggle to send Tiran back may or may not be told in a future story.

Newbie Nurses Selection

Mei newbie nurse banner.png

Newbie Nurses Selection (見習いナースたちの選択 Minarai Nāsu-tachi no Sentaku) is a doctor and nurse-themed event.

Warrior Princess March

Mei symphogear banner.png

Warrior Princess March (戦姫行進曲 Senhime Kōshinkyoku) is a collaboration event with Senki Zesshō Symphogear XD Unlimited.

Main Story

One day, Kazuho gets a call from Mion that a meteor has crashed down in Yagouchi, and they should check it out. Kazuho and the rest of the club investigate, where the police have cordoned off the crater and are trying to direct civilians away from it. Ooishi tells the group that he couldn’t see anything lying in the crater, so maybe somebody took the meteor away somehow. Miyuki takes notice of what appears to be a distortion in the sky in the distance, but thinks her mind’s playing tricks.

Just then, monsters appear. Kazuho and the club prepare their Role Cards to fight and get Ooishi to evacuate civilians. They soon discover that the monsters are completely immune to their attacks. Hanyuu thinks they aren’t tsukuyami at all. Rika is about to get attacked when three girls; Hibiki, Miku, and Chris; arrive and save her, transformed into their Symphogears. The girls sing and defeat the monsters as the club watches in awe. Hibiki says they’ve taken care of the Alca-Noise but Kazuho has no idea what that is. Chris figures they’re in a world where Noise don’t exist and that they need to report to S.O.N.G. soon. Miyuki is about to ask them about their powers when police cars start arriving. The three girls run away, not wanting to get into trouble in this world.

Kazuho gets pinged on her pager: a message from Tamura. She, Miyuki, and Nao leave the other club members to be questioned by police and go to a pay phone to speak with Tamura. Tamura is aware that new monsters have arrived and explains that their world has been connected to another one. That world has a messed up sense of time and space, so Tamura can’t tell if it’s in the past or the future. Regardless, if left unchecked then the “law of cause and effect” connecting the past to the future could be distorted and separated. Tamura says there’s a “factor” in Kazuho’s world that came from that one, and if they return it then the law of cause and effect will fix itself. Tamura is working to keep things from collapsing in her world and says they should deal with things on their side soon. Kazuho says their Role Cards don’t work on the monsters, but Tamura’s prepared something: Somewhere there is a charm that can copy other people’s abilities. Tamura suddenly cuts off the connection, much to Miyuki’s annoyance at the goddess not explaining anything else.

The trio goes to the Furude Shrine, thinking this charm will be in the ritual warehouse. They run into Hibiki, Chris, and Miku again, wearing school uniforms. The groups recognize each other from earlier, and Miyuki thanks them for saving their lives. Chris asks what the ritual warehouse is supposed to be, but Miyuki is defensive and suspicious. Hibiki says that Kazuho and everyone were using weapons similar to Armed Gear and Relics, and Kazuho has no idea what she’s talking about. Likewise, Hibiki’s group doesn’t know what Role Cards are.

Hibiki, Chris, and Miku introduce themselves. They’re Symphogear wearers, members of the United Nations organization S.O.N.G. which deals with problems across many parallel worlds. Miyuki says they’re like time or dimension police then. Chris is suspicious that Kazuho’s group believes them so easily, and Miyuki mentions how they’ve done a lot of amazing stuff too; Kazuho’s group recounts their own misadventures.

Her trust in the group increased, Chris explains that their mission is to find a clone of the Nephilim, an autonomous Relic that escaped into this world. Nao says the Nephilim were giants originating from the Old Testament, and Chris praises her knowledge while calling her “little one”, much to Nao’s chagrin. The Nephilim is essentially a giant monster; though Hibiki’s friends destroyed the Nephilim in their home world, an evil organization from another world gathered the remains and tried to clone it to create bio weapons. Hibiki’s comrades defeated them and were transporting the Nephilim core through space, but remnants of that organization attacked again and sent it flying into another world. Hibiki tracked the core to Kazuho’s world but found that the Nephilim moved somewhere else. Hibiki asks if there exists anything in this world similar to Relics, as the Nephilim must have been attracted to it. A scan of the area suggested that something might be in the ritual warehouse, but Miku does another scan and says there’s nothing in there. Chris thinks her equipment is faulty. Nao says there might be something in the junkyard and takes everyone there. The girls can’t believe anything would be hidden in this dump, but Nao says you never know.

Rena and the other club members appear, having finished with the police. Mion says some villagers saw Kazuho and the others heading to the junkyard with some unknown girls, so she saw fit to check up on them. She mentions how annoying Ootaka at the prefectural police was. Hibiki’s group introduces themselves again, and Miku warns of a huge energy signature. Suddenly, hordes of tsukuyami emerge from the trash heap. Kazuho and the club members fight them off, and another monster soon appears, larger than the rest.The group realizes that this is the Nephilim reawakened.

The girls transform into their Symphogears and lay into the Nephilim as the club watches in amazement. The girls’ attacks begin to take less effect, realizing that the Nephilim fused with a powerful Relic. The girls unite for an S2CA but it falls short, the Nephilim regenerating. They wish they had their other comrades with them when they all get knocked back. Kazuho helps Chris up and notices that she has Role Cards on her. Chris says she found them earlier and was meaning to ask about it. The cards start glowing, and Kazuho remembers what Tamura said earlier about the charm that could copy abilities. She gives a card each to Hibiki, Chris, and Miku, the cards developing pictures matching their respective Symphogears. Kazuho then tells Rena, Mion, and Hanyuu to take the cards, and they transform: Rena dons a replica of Hibiki’s armor Gungnir, Mion dons a replica of Chris’s Ichaival, and Hanyuu dons a replica of Miku’s Shenshoujing.

The six armored girls focus on a song and combine their power, allowing Hibiki enough power to use her Garyū: Tokudai Gekisō and destroy the Nephilim, vaporizing it. The rest of the tsukuyami are wiped out by the club members. Chris apologizes for always calling Nao “little one”. Miyuki asks Kazuho why she gave the cards to the three girls, and Kazuho says she isn’t confident in her own singing voice; Rena, Mion, and Hanyuu were what came to mind. Nao says Kazuho’s actually pretty good and likes her singing. Rena, Mion, and Hanyuu return to their original forms, but the Role Cards are still there. They could transform as much as they want, but Rika thinks they’ll disappear if the Symphogear girls return to their world.

The group chats amongst themselves, and Hibiki says that they were supposed to spend a week in this world but they resolved everything in 2 days. Hibiki says they should use the rest of this time for a vacation, but Miku says they need to worry about the Gjallarhorn gate that brought them to this world. It was located very high up, and Miyuki realizes that that was the distortion she saw earlier. Mion declares that if they transform with the Symphogear Role Cards again, that should give Hibiki’s group enough power to launch up there. Now that that’s decided, the group prepares to have fun in Hinamizawa for as long as possible. Kazuho gets a bad feeling, but brushes the thought aside.

Meanwhile, in the space between worlds, Tamura is struggling to keep Kazuho’s world, Hibiki’s world, and the Showa Hinamizawa world connected, beginning to get tired. Tamura complains that she can’t connect to the network in time and wants someone to take over, but figures that maybe this was deserved.

Much Ado About W

Wedding event akasaka banner.png

Much Ado About W (Wのから騒ぎ W no Karasawagi) is a wedding-themed event.

Main Story

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