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Music Room

The Music Room is a function that unlocks after completing Matsuribayashi. It allows players to listen to all of the music used in the story. It is not present in any of the English releases by MangaGamer due to requests by 07th Expansion, as some sound effects and tracks were replaced. This page lists the tracks as they were in the original versions. For specific details on which tracks were replaced, see this page.

The music files can also be found in the game's folders. Information on when each track is played in the story may be found in the Plot Summary pages for each arc.


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
1 Thanks T1 dai
2 iru IRU dai
3 風車小屋の少年 [Boy in the Windmill] Cafe ゆうね@柏餅 [YUNE@Hashiwamochi]
4 daily_passing_by z2_hig3 zts
5 What_is_wished z2_hig2 zts
6 陰(かげ) [Shadow] demo(48kHz) dai
7 Spring_Step Mion N/A
8 Digital_Network 4 N/A
9 Baby's_walk Rika N/A
10 You(M.Box風アレンジ) [Music Box Arrangement] OMAKE2 dai
11 古 -いにしえ- [Ancient Times] Nazo ゆうね@柏餅 [YUNE@Hashiwamochi]
12 ひぐらしの声 [Higurashi Sounds] higurashi N/A
13 Soul_scour Soul_scour dai
14 違和感の発芽 [Germination of Discomfort] IWAKANNNOHATUGA.wav N/A
15 depressive_paranoia depressive paranoia(心象音楽系) tack the crow
16 soak z2_hig1 zts
17 見えぬ未来 [Unseen Future] DEADEND DJ NETA-RAW
18 狂気への回廊 [Gallery of Madness] getting_mad DJ NETA-RAW
19 狂気 [Madness] hig_sample_kyouki モロコ [Moroko]
20 祝祭(Soundscape Ver.) [Festival] higurashi_soundscape カレギュウ(oi) [Karegyuu (oi)]
21 Solitude Hgrs01 すえばし [Suebashi]
22 Confession T2 dai
23 you you dai
24 daily passing by(celesta) 03_CELE zts


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
25 スタコラサッサ [Helter Skelter] 3 N/A
26 見えない何かに怯える夜-2nd Edition- [Scared by something invisible at night -2nd edition-] 見えない何かに怯える夜 煉獄小僧 [Rengoku Teien]
27 Amber amber 朱月笛丸 [Akatsuki Fuemaru]
28 Bellflower bellflower 朱月笛丸 [Akatsuki Fuemaru]
29 Frozen_Memories hgrs_03 すえばし [Suebashi]
30 feel FEEL dai
31 Birth_and_death Birth_and_death dai
32 Sheep counts Sheep counts propan_mode
33 鬱 [Depression] higurashi(Utu) 海老スパ [Ebi Supa]
34 Cradle_song Cradle song dai
35 pros PROS propan_mode
36 空夢 [Fabricated Dream] SORA-YUME- dai
37 彷徨いの言葉は天に導かれ [Wandering Words Lead to Heaven] 彷徨いの言葉は天に導かれ 煉獄小僧 [Rengoku Teien]
38 Z・E・R・O zero 煉獄小僧 [Rengoku Teien]


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
39 Near-sightedness_to_parallel -鼓動- [-Beat-] It moves pre-holder@137
40 Near-sightedness_to_parallel -胎動- [-Quickening-] instict pre-holder@137
41 r_of_can r of can propan_mode
42 Bigbear bigbear 朱月笛丸 [Akatsuki Fuemaru]
43 Fearlessness Fearlessnessl_E dai
44 パリの午後 [Afternoon in Paris] 1 N/A
45 Gray Gray_2 dai
46 白霧の頂-Blanc_pur- Ver.β [White Mist Peak -Pure White- Ver. Beta] 白霧の頂~Blanc_pur~Ver.β 風域 [Fuuiki]
47 Cross-examination omake_01 dai
48 一重 [Single] hitoe_2 dai
49 conviction liveシーン音楽 dai
50 LIVE LIVE_2 dai
51 虚 [Hollow] Typewriter dai
52 Requiem_for_the_disaster chants90-AHH DJ NETA-RAW
53 月<惨⇔賛>歌 [Moon<Cruelness⇔Tribute>Song] 月(惨⇔賛)歌 風域 [Fuuiki]


No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.mp3) Artist
54 そらのむこう(Piano)[Beyond the Skies (Piano)] sora_no_mukou_201Ver2 dai
55 years years_Ver2 dai
56 door door pre-holder@137
57 being tuika01_Ver3 dai
58 rain instict2 pre-holder@137
59 ふたり。ひとり。[Two, Alone] er_Ver3 dai
60 伝えたいこと [Things I Want to Convey] 伝えたいこと(ループ処理) 七瀬 光 [Nanase Hikaru]
61 Testament Testament dai
62 squall It move2 pre-holder@137
63 Over_the_sky As time goes by pre-holder@137
64 primal_beat_of_horrow primal-beat-of-horrow_T DJ NETA-RAW
65 assault_operations attack_2DJさん_T DJ NETA-RAW
66 you -destructive demo_long._Ver2 dai
67 search_and_destroy search and destroy(long)_ver3 dai
68 祭 [Festival] maturi_01_Ver2 dai
69 air pizz air pizz_Ver2 dai
70 Liberating Liberating pre-holder@137
71 そらのむこう [Beyond the Skies] sora ver2_Ver2 Artist: dai

Vocal: 結月そら [Yuizuki Sora]

72 宴 [Banquet] utage_sample dai