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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou (ひぐらしのなく頃に奉, lit. When the Cicadas Cry Gift) is a console port of Higurashi When They Cry released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 by Entergram.

Hou includes all arcs from Sui and adapts the arcs from the PC Higurashi release of the same name. It also adapts Batsukoishi.

A DLC add-on titled Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Origin (ひぐらしのなく頃にOrigin) was released on June 22, 2023, adding content from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou+.

An official English release is currently unfeasible, as 07th Expansion themselves have said that the game's script is too long for publishers to translate, and due to differences in content between the console version and the PC version by MangaGamer, the PC script cannot be used.[1]


Higurashi Origin was first teased with the release of the Thanks / you -Sotsugyou- music album on October 15, 2022. It featured the song OriginalZ, listed as being the opening theme to Higurashi Origin. Origin was first properly announced on May 5, 2023 at a live talk show at the 07th Pasta Gathering event.[2] The specifics of what Origin would include were finally revealed when the official Nintendo Store page went up.[3]

Story Arcs[]

The arcs featured in Hou feature new art and voice acting.

Pre-Existing Arcs[]

These are the story arcs that were present in previous console versions.

Original story arcs:

Arcs included from Sui:

New Arcs (Hou)[]

These are story arcs that were adapted to consoles for the first time.

New Arcs (Origin)[]

This is a new arc adapted in the Origin DLC.

  • Mehagashi-hen: An extra arc originally released in Higurashi Hou+.


In the original version of the game, several arcs feature choices that determine how the story will go, with various bad endings included. There is also a minigame added called "Quiz Shin Oyashiro Shock" where the player can answer trivia questions about the series and unlock art galleries and new arcs early.

The Higurashi Origin DLC adds a new "Origin Mode", allowing players to play through the main arcs in the original release order with lines re-recorded to better match the original. It adds NVL mode, original backgrounds, and the option to use the new console sprites or Ryukishi07's original sprites. A new opening is also included that uses original or console sprites based on settings.

Release History[]

Update 1.1.0[]

A patch changed the eye color of Rena in one set of CGs from red to blue.[4] Missing voice lines from Tomitake were also added to Kamikashimashi-hen and Batsukoishi-hen, as Hou previously released when Tomitake's voice actor Toru Okawa was on medical leave, making him unable to record new lines.[5][6]

Higurashi and Umineko Two-Pack Rerelease[]

On March 25, 2021, Hou was rereleased as a two-pack with Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku: Symphony of Catbox and Dreams.[7]


Higurashi Origin was released as a DLC add-on for the PS4 and Switch versions on June 22, 2023.


Base Game[]