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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou Vol. 4 is the fourth and final volume of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou manga. It includes the last part of Tataridamashi and the entirety of Nekodamashi.

Synopsis (Translated)

The worst kind of desperation and madness takes everything from a girl...

Uniting his friends and burning with a firm will, the boy has acquired a weapon that can only defeat fate! This is the finale of the Curse-Deceiving Chapter...surely the future that everyone wanted, a peaceful everyday life, is waiting for them.[1]


Tataridamashi-hen Part 5

The club has fun at the Watanagashi Festival. Satoko holds on to Keiichi and says she'll make the most of things with her Nii-nii. Rika believes that she and her friends have truly gained those happy days back. Satoko tells Keiichi that she picked out her new outfit specially for today because she wanted him to be the first to see them. Keiichi gives her headpats.

Tataridamashi ch5 rika gets shot.jpg

Rika prepares for her ritual dance, believing that she can overcome her fated death. During the dance, a gunshot rings out. Rika looks down to see a bullet wound in her abdomen. The crowd gasps in horror as Ooishi walks on stage, a smoking revolver aimed at Rika in one hand and a bloody metal bat in the other. Ooishi exclaims that Rika is behind Oyashiro-sama's curse. One of the stagehands tries to stop Ooishi but he gets shot in the head. The crowd scrambles to escape the scene, with Rena getting caught up in the flow. Keiichi tries to run to help Rika but Satoko stops him since it's too dangerous.

Ooishi scratches his neck and lifts Rika by the collar, interrogating her about the serial mysterious deaths. Rika has no idea what he's doing, and Mion and Shion try to stop Ooishi and wrest his gun away. Mion gets knocked to the side and Ooishi shoots her in the head, killing her. Shion is next to die. Rika cries and Keiichi is horrified. He breaks free from Satoko's grasp and runs to the stage, telling her to hide somewhere safe. Satoko hugs him, not wanting him to die as well. She doesn't want Nii-nii to leave her again. Keiichi says he'd never abandon Satoko and promises he’ll come back. Satoko clenches her fist.

Tataridamashi ch5 keiichi vs ooishi.jpg

Ooishi tries to choke Rika and demands to know everything about the curse. Keiichi jumps on stage and rams into Ooishi, knocking him down. The detective gets back up and grabs Keiichi's throat, convinced he's an accomplice to Rika. Rika attacks Ooishi with the ritual hoe and Keiichi uses this chance to kick him offstage. Rika collapses from blood loss. Keiichi puts Rika on his back and starts carrying her off as she wonders how this all happened.

Suddenly, Ooishi climbs back on stage and hits Keiichi in the head with his bat. He yells that he's had enough of giving Keiichi the spotlight and playing along with his charades. Rika reaches out in anguish as Keiichi gets hit repeatedly, his last thoughts being of Satoko.

Keiichi wakes up in a hospital, his parents by his side. A while later, Rena comes to visit Keiichi and breaks down crying. Keiichi asks her to explain what happened at the festival that night and what happened to everyone. Rena tearfully says that everyone is dead.


On the night of the festival, Rena was forced to watch as Ooishi beat Rika to death with his bat, demanding to know her secrets. Satoko walks up behind Ooishi and says Rika's name with a blank stare in her eyes. Ooishi looks towards her as Rena calls for Satoko to stay back. Three gunshots ring out.

Rena tells Keiichi that she thought they worked so hard yet doesn't understand why she had to witness all of that. Keiichi realizes he failed to keep his promise to protect Satoko and starts crying as well, questioning what Rena saw that day.

Nekodamashi-hen Part 1

Rika wakes up in another world and sees it's June 12. She realizes she's been killed again and struggles to remember what happened in the previous world. All she knows is they worked hard to save Satoko from her abusive uncle. Satoko appears and asks Rika what's wrong since she looks unwell. Rika says it's nothing, and Satoko figures she just had a nightmare.

Satoko says that Mion called earlier and had something to tell Rika. Rika calls the Sonozaki house, where Mion says that Oryou had something to say about this year's Watanagashi, so she wants the Three Families to gather at the estate. Rika agrees, and Satoko starts massaging her shoulders while saying it must be difficult to be the Furude Family head.

Nekodamashi ch1 sonozaki corpses.jpg

That night, Rika waits at the Sonozaki house, thinking that Oryou talking directly to her is a first throughout all her many worlds. Kiichirou arrives and apologizes for the wait. The two head inside the estate, where it's strangely quiet, and they enter the main room to find many dead and decapitated people, including Mion and Shion.

Rika wonders what's going on, and Kiichirou suddenly gets decapitated right next to her. Akane appears and stabs Rika in the foot with a katana, saying to blame Hinamizawa for all of this. Rika screams in agony and Akane scratches her neck while saying that she can't allow the demon bloodline to continue anymore. Akane says she would've preferred not to be born in Hinamizawa and slices off Rika's head.

Rika wakes up in another world, sitting in a boat at Onigafuchi Swamp. Kiichirou greets her good morning and then plunges Rika's head into the swamp, trying to drown her. He doesn't want to do this, but he has to drown Rika to appease Oyashiro-sama's anger. Kiichirou says that every Furude female is born to be a sacrifice, and he starts scratching his neck while yelling that none of the Sonozakis understand their responsibility. Kiichirou says he will take responsibility for saving the village and continues drowning Rika. The girl finally sinks downwards.

Rika thinks she wouldn't give up now. She wakes up in another world, strapped to the cross in the Sonozaki torture chamber with nails rammed into her fingers. Shion accuses Rika of being behind everything and demands she lead her to Satoshi. Shion rams another nail into Rika's hand. Rika says she'll repeat this as long as it takes to get that perfect ending again.

Rika wakes up in another world, her face being hit with a hammer by Keiichi's mother Aiko. Aiko scratches her neck and says Rika is the real demon in this village, yelling that she return the real Keiichi. Keiichi and Ichirou are shown dead next to her. Aiko believes that Rika brainwashed the entire village and captured her family.

Nekodamashi ch1 rika's deaths.jpg

Rika dies again and tries to psych herself up, saying that this tragedy is nothing compared to her 100 years. Rika dies throughout many more worlds: Kasai kills her with a shotgun, the school kids surround Rika's body after stabbing her with scissors, Oryou herself dissects Rika, Rena kills Rika and chops her up, and Mion shoots Rika in the head. Rika continues to believe in her friends and that everything will be fine.

Nekodamashi ch1 keiichi spread.jpg

Rika wakes up in Angel Mort sitting at a booth. She sees Keiichi from behind and sheds tears then runs up to him, but Keiichi suddenly turns around and hits her with a bat. Rika looks around the restaurant to see many other dead and wounded customers, including her friends, with Keiichi looking deranged. Mion cradles a wounded Shion and asks how Keiichi could do this, but he bashes her head in. Shion asserts that Keiichi is dead the next time they meet, and she too is killed. Keiichi moves towards Rika and prepares to kill her as well, but Rena crawls up to him and begs him to stop and trust in everyone. Keiichi kills her as well.

Nekodamashi ch1 keiichi kills rika.jpg

Rika cries, wondering how she can avoid these tragic fates when she's not even given the chance to try anything whenever she wakes up. Keiichi grabs her and demands to have the cure to the maggot disease. Rika remembers Akasaka and believes that he can still help, and she tells Keiichi that the cure's inside her head; all he needs to to break it open and eat her insides. An ecstatic Keiichi smashes his bat onto Rika's head, the girl refusing to give up just yet.

Nekodamashi-hen Part 2

Rika remembers Akasaka coming to her rescue against the Mountain Dogs in her original world. Rika overlooks Hinamizawa, wondering just how many times she's looped to the same June 12th of 1983, and believes Akasaka can save her again. Just then, Akasaka walks up behind Rika and calls out to her. Rika cries and hugs him, with Akasaka thanking her for saving his wife long ago. Akasaka promises to protect Rika at all cost.

The two spend the day together walking around the village. They come across the bus shelter, where Rika thinks that she would still be trapped if she never met Akasaka there. Rika says she's glad to have met him, and Akasaka says he should be saying that instead since he trained himself ever since then thanks to their promise. Rika asks if he'll stay in the village until the end of Watanagashi, and Akasaka plans to. Satoko shows up, wondering just who was the couple that everyone was talking about and being surprised to see it was Rika. Satoko invites Akasaka to have dinner with them and stay the night. Rika blushes and tries to say it's not necessary.

Akasaka joins the girls for dinner. Rika thinks that with his help, they can stop whoever develops Hinamizawa Syndrome next. Satoko teases Rika over her apparent crush towards Akasaka and hugs her, saying that they're the bestest friends ever. Akasaka watches them play around and then pulls out a family photo, showing off his daughter.

Nekodamashi ch2 akasaka stabs rika.jpg

The next day at school, Mion says they've cancelled club plans and are going to be throwing a welcoming party at Rika's place, to celebrate Akasaka's arrival. While shopping, Satoko tells Rika to go home and wait with Akasaka while she gathers everyone. Rika goes home and sees Akasaka's shoes at the door, meaning he really was staying here the entire time. Rika greets Akasaka and says they're throwing a party at Mion's request. Akasaka confirms she means Mion Sonozaki, saying that she must really care about Rika. Akasaka says he also cares about Rika and sneakily attacks her with a knife.

Villagers surround Rika's shack, which is on fire, and watch in despair. The club is especially concerned, with Ooishi trying to hold Keiichi back. Inside the shack, Akasaka angrily scratches his neck as a wounded Rika lies down crying. Akasaka stabs Rika repeatedly, wanting to find her maggots and stop her suffering. Rika wonders how Akasaka could possibly succumb to Hinamizawa Syndrome, unwilling to accept this cruel dice roll.

"I've come to save you!"

Akasaka stabs Rika in the throat and begins tearing it out. Convinced that he removed the maggots, Akasaka exclaims that he's saved Rika. Rika thinks about previous worlds where Akasaka actually did come to her rescue and wails in denial as the rest of the shack burns down around her.

Nekodamashi-hen Part 3

Rika wakes up in her shack, still unable to remember everything. All she knows is she was defintely killed by Akasaka and doesn't know why. Rika cries when Satoko arrives and sees she's finally awake. Rika is about to acknowledge her when Satoko suddenly smacks her in the head with the ritual hoe, tearfully scratching her neck while saying it's time for the watanagashi.

Nekodamashi ch3 satoko stabs rika.jpg

As Satoko ties up Rika, she tells her about the watanagashi being a ritual to appease Oyashiro-sama's curse. Rika begs her to stop, but Satoko takes a knife and stabs it into Rika's stomach. As Rika cries out in pain, she thinks about how throughout her travels in June 1983, she could keep going because Satoko's smile would make her feel better, and there were always people like Akasaka she could rely on.

Satoko asks Rika why she never enjoyed living in Hinamizawa with everyone, wondering why she would ever want to leave. She tells Rika to recognize her sin as she plunges the ritual hoe into Rika's stomach. Rika thinks she used to love Hinamizawa and thought she wouldn't need anything else so long as she was with her friends, however the endless loops made her wish to leave; memories of Rika's suicide in Meakashi and death by school explosion in a Tsumihoroboshi-esque world are shown. Satoko says Rika wouldn't have to endure Oyashiro-sama's curse if she just stayed in Hinamizawa and begs her never to go away, ripping out Rika's guts as she says this.

Rika accepts that her wish to leave the village really placed a curse on her, and in reality she never felt unsatisfied with Hinamizawa: it was just the rebellious phase of a hundred-year-old witch. Satoko hugs Rika, and Rika apologizes for making her go through such painful things. She promises to keep living in Hinamizawa with all of her friends, and Satoko says that Oyashiro-sama will forgive her. Rika happily cries as she says she won't make the wrong choice anymore.

Rika happily overlooks the village from the shrine and thanks it for providing all of her happiness and watching over her. Rika plans to properly express her gratitude. Rika flips the calendar at home to June 23 and says that nobody has to be killed as Satoko wakes up. Satoko asks why Rika is looking at her weirdly, and Rika thinks about Akasaka and Satoko killing her before remembering that the tragedy will be avoided so long as she's grateful.

Nekodamashi ch3 swimming.jpg

Rika and Satoko join the club at the stream and play in the water. Rika looks at how happy everyone is: Keiichi and Rena aren't lost in suspicion, Mion and Shion respect each other and get along as sisters, and Satoko's evil uncle isn't returning. Rika cries and expresses to everyone how much she loves Hinamizawa and all of the club members.

At school, Rika and Satoko play a scavenger hunt to retrieve a marker, but Rika is buried under a metal pan trap. Satoko claims victory and Rika says she had to let her have this victory today, as today is special. The rest of the club members appear to surprise Satoko, as it's her birthday. Satoko is shocked, and Keiichi explains that Rika told them to set it up while they were playing. Satoko is speechless, and Rika says that thought this was the day Satoshi disappeared, they can still celebrate the birthday of their friend. Rika guides Satoko to a lit birthday cake, and the birthday girl blows out all of the candles before hugging Rika. The club has fun eating cake, and Rika thinks that Satoko's finally made her realize what true happiness is.

Nekodamashi ch3 guntoko.jpg

The group gives gifts to Satoko, with Rika pulling out a familiar gift box. Satoko sees it and instictively ducks down, quickly standing back up and laughing when nothing happens. Satoko exclaims she can recognize a trap like this from any distance, and Rika recalls memories of a prior world where she pelted Satoko with a boxing glove hidden in that same box. Shock appears on Rika's face as she asks how Satoko knew this used to be a surprise box and opens it to reveal a teddy bear. Satoko's eyes glow as she raises a gun.

Rika wakes up in the Sea of Fragments. She knows she died again, but now she remembers that Satoko had memories of other Fragments and wonders how. Hanyuu appears before Rika and says there's not much time. Using the rest of her power, Hanyuu allowed Rika to move to the next world without losing her memories. Hanyuu wants to give her something else: the Onigari-no-ryuuou, an ancient artifact within the riual storehouse that has the ability to kill loopers.

Hanyuu says the remnants of herself cannot do more than this and begins to fade. Rika tries to stop her, distraught that Hanyuu only showed up now to use her powers like this, and Hanyuu hugs her. She assures Rika that she'll be fine without her, and that she has the greatest allies as long as she's with them. Rika cries and promises to believe in her friends to break through fate one more time, and Hanyuu bids farewell while asking her to have a cream puff every once in a while. Rika wipes her tears and gains a look of determination.

"Sure thing, Satoko."

June 19, 1983. Rika wakes up at home and is greeted by Satoko, who tells her to get ready for school. Rika agrees while giving a sidelong glance at her "friend", her eyes glowing.


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