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This article features content originating from lost media, and so information about it is limited.

Higurashi When They Cry has been ported to mobile phones repeatedly over the years.

Digimerce Release[]

HOBIBOX originally released Onikakushi for EZ and au phones. In 2006, Digimerce continued releasing chapters on the EZ app service Keitai Yugi (携帯遊戯 lit. Mobile Phone Game).[1] The 8 arcs from the Question Arcs and Kai, and Saikoroshi from Rei were released.

Taito Release[]

Main article: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Taito)

Taito ported Higurashi to mobile phones from 2006 to 2009. Their release for i-mode phones included exclusive TIPS and new characters.

Dwango Release[]

Two new arcs, Niesagashi-hen and Kokorokuzushi-hen, were released by Dwango in 2007 as part of the Top 100 Mobile Games (携帯ゲーム百選) service.[2] Notably, they were released when the first two anime series by Studio DEEN were airing and use their art style and logos instead of those of the visual novel releases. The production teams of the animations were credited along with Ryukishi07 as a result.

Deengurashi mobile phone screenshots

Preview images of a story arc with anime screenshots

Another new arc featuring the main cast in a larger role may have been planned but never released, as early screenshots of the Top 100 Mobile Game release showed reused anime screenshots and promised interactive choices.[3]

Dwango has released other minigames, including:

  • Higurashi Mahjong
  • Movie Puzzle (ムービーパズル), a sliding puzzle game featuring anime screenshots.[4]
  • Defless (デフレス), a puzzle game.[5]
  • Moe Calculator (萌え電卓)[5]
  • A calendar.[5]
  • President[4]
  • Kuiarashi-hen (喰荒し編 Meal-Destroying Chapter), a game where you play as Keiichi and must eat as much Watanagashi food as possible while fending off club members.[6]

SEAMS Release (Smartphones)[]


iOS icon

The 8 arcs of the main story were released by SEAMS on iOS in 2010 and on Android from 2011 to 2012. An English translation was officially released in collaboration with MangaGamer, however only the first 5 arcs were released.

Story Arc English Release Date
Onikakushi July 29, 2010[7]
Watanagashi July 29, 2010[8]
Tatarigoroshi September 13, 2010[9]
Himatsubushi November 1, 2010[10]
Meakashi May 15, 2012[11]


Two wallpapers for iPhone were released to commemorate the summer 2010 Comiket (C78).

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