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The manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry was supervised by Ryukishi07 and drawn by several artists, who each adapted one or more story arcs in various magazine subsidiaries of Square Enix or Comp Ace by Kadokawa. Besides the arcs adapted from the visual novel, multiple additional story arcs were written by Ryukishi07 and released for the first time in manga form. It is localized in English by Yen Press under the title Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY.

As the English localization of the manga opted to translate the names of the story arcs, story arcs that are licensed in English will have their translated names used in this article.

Release History

Japanese Release

All eight arcs from the Question Arcs and Kai were serialized in Square Enix magazines. The first three Question Arcs began serialization near concurrently in May and June 2005. As a result of this, the beginning of the second and third arcs have similar character and setting introduction events as the first arc of the visual novel. The original arc Yoigoshi started serialization between the time Himatsubushi and Meakashi did and was later listed between them in Square Enix's official reading order.[1]

The three arcs from Higurashi Rei were adapted and published by SE in different ways: Batsukoishi was included in a limited gift volume released in June 2008; Hirukowashi was serialized on the online magazine Gangan Online in 2009; finally, Saikoroshi was serialized shortly after the end of serialization of Matsuribayashi in 2011 on the same magazine by the same artist to serve as the conclusion to the Higurashi story. Around the same time, a manga adaptation of Hinamizawa Bus Stop, the prototype script of Higurashi, was serialized on Big Gangan.

Kadokawa's Comp Ace hosted a number of manga exclusive arcs, namely Onisarashi, Utsutsukowashi, and Kokoroiyashi. The Advanced Story saga from Higurashi Kizuna was later adapted under the same name serialized from 2010 to 2011.

English Localization

The English localization of the manga was announced by Yen Press at New York Comic Con 2008[2]. They were first serialized as part of the Yen Plus anthology magazine, and then later released as bound volumes. The last two arcs of Kai were released in an omnibus format, with one English volume containing two Japanese volumes of content. As of now, all nine arcs in the previously mentioned reading order from SE and Saikoroshi, translated as Dice Killing Arc, have been licensed and released in English and share the same global numbering system. The side story Onisarashi, translated as Demon Exposing Arc, was also released in an omnibus format, after previously having been available as two separate volumes.

The manga was jointly translated into English by Alethea Nibley and Athena Nibley, and the lettering was done by Shelby Peak (Abducted by Demons, Cotton Drifting), John Hunt/Primary Graphix (Massacre Omnibus 3), Abigail Blackman (Festival Accompanying, Dice Killing), Stephanie Lee (Dice Killing), and AndWorld Design (all other volumes).

Gou and Meguri

A new manga was announced alongside the Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU anime series,[3] illustrated by Tomato Akase, that began serialization on October 2, 2020 in Young Ace UP with new chapters bi-weekly. While the new manga has the same title as Gou and at first seemed to be an adaptation, it was determined to be separate altogether with the announcement of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Meguri as the manga's sequel, as opposed to the Gou anime continuing with the Sotsu anime.

Release Information

Main Arcs

This wiki considers the 10 arcs in the Yen Press global numbering system as "main arcs". The arcs that use black covers are considered "question arcs" while the ones with white covers are considered "answer arcs". Gou and Meguri are also included here for convinience.

Story Arc Artist Magazine Serialization Period
by Demons
Karin Suzuragi Gangan Powered May 2005 - May 2006
Cotton Drifting Yutori Houjyou Gangan Wing June 2005 - May 2006
Curse Killing Jiro Suzuki GFantasy June 2005 - June 2006
Time Killing Yoshiki Tonogai Monthly Shōnen Gangan February - November 2006
Beyond Midnight Mimori GFantasy July 2006 - August 2007
Eye Opening Yutori Houjyou Gangan Wing August 2006 - April 2008
Atonement Karin Suzuragi Gangan Powered August 2006 - June 2008
Massacre Hinase Momoyama GFantasy July 2008 - July 2010
Karin Suzuragi Gangan Powered

Gangan Joker
(from May 2009)

August 2008 - May 2011
Dice Killing Karin Suzuragi Gangan Joker July 2011 - December 2011
Gou / Meguri Tomato Akase Young Ace UP October 2020 -

Extra Arcs

Story Arc Artist Magazine Serialization Period
Demon Exposing Arc En Kito Comp Ace March 26 2005 - July 25 2006
Utsutsukowashi-hen En Kito Comp Ace December 26 2006 - August 2007
Kokoroiyashi-hen Yuna Kagesaki Comp Ace October 2008 - April 2009
Hirukowashi-hen Rechi Kazuki Gangan Online March 26 - September 24 2009
Kizuna Nonoka Hinata Comp Ace November 2010 - November 2011
Hinamizawa Bus Stop Tomozo Big Gangan October 25 2011 - July 25 2012

Explicitly non-canon manga works that are neither adaptations of VN arcs nor later adapted into the VN format and adaptations of spin-off games are considered spin-off works and not documented on this page.

Volume List

Abducted by Demons Arc (Onikakushi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
1 1 OnikakushiVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2005 (Japanese)

November 18, 2008 (English)

  1. Hinamizawa Village (雛見沢村 Hinamizawa-mura)
  2. The Night of the Cotton Drifting (綿流しの夜 Watanagashi no Yoru)
  3. Suspicion (疑心 Gishin)
2 2 OnikakushiVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2006 (Japanese)

February 17, 2009 (English)

  1. Trap ( Wana)
  2. Isolation (孤立 Koritsu)
  3. Rena Ryugu (竜宮レナ Ryūgū Rena)
  4. Wish (願い Negai)

Cotton Drifting Arc (Watanagashi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
3 1 WatanagashiVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2005 (Japanese)

May 31, 2009 (English)

  1. Hinamizawa (雛見沢)
  2. Angel Mort (エンジェルモート Enjeru Mōto)
  3. The Hinamizawa Dam Project (雛見沢ダム計画 Hinamizawa Damu Keikaku)
  4. Angel Battle (エンジェル攻防戦 Engeru Kōbōsen)
  5. The Cotton Drifting (綿流し Watanagashi)
4 2 WatanagashiVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2006 (Japanese)

September 15, 2009 (English)

  1. The Saiguden (祭具殿 Saiguden)
  2. The Fifth Year's Curse (五年目の祟り Go-nenme no Tatari)
  3. Demoned Away (鬼隠し Onikakushi)
  4. Disappearance (失踪 Shissō)
  5. Phone Call (電話 Denwa)
  6. Demon ( Oni)
  7. The Last Wish (最後の願い Saigo no Negai)

Curse Killing Arc (Tatarigoroshi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
5 1 TatarigoroshiVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2005 (Japanese)

November 17, 2009 (English)

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
6 2 TatarigoroshiVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2006 (Japanese)

February 23, 2010 (English)

  1. Chapter 6
  2. Chapter 7
  3. Chapter 8
  4. Chapter 9
  5. Chapter 10
  6. Chapter 11
  7. Chapter 12
  8. Final Chapter

Time Killing Arc (Himatsubushi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
7 1 HimatsubushiVol1jp.jpg August 22, 2006 (Japanese)

June 15, 2010 (English)

  1. Counsel (勧告 Kankoku)
  2. Knight of the Mahjong Table (雀卓の騎士 Jantaku no Kishi)
  3. Resolve (覚悟 Kakugo)
  4. Warning (警告 Keikoku)
8 2 HimatsubushiVol2jp.jpg December 22, 2006 (Japanese)

August 17, 2010 (English)

  1. Contact (接触 Sesshoku)
  2. Liberty (解放 Kaihō)
  3. Fate (運命 Sadame)
  4. Parting (別れ Wakare)
  5. Determination (決意 Ketsui)

Beyond Midnight Arc (Yoigoshi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
9 1 YoigoshiVol1jp.jpg January 27, 2007 (Japanese)

October 26, 2010 (English)

  1. Chapter 0
  2. June 21, 9:00 PM (6月21日午後9時 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Gogo Ku-ji)
  3. June 21, 10:00 PM (6月21日午後10時 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Gogo Jū-ji)
  4. June 21, 11:00 PM, Assembly Hall 1 (6月21日午後11時 集会所① Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi Jū-ichi-ji Shūkaijo Ichi)
  5. June 22, 0:00 AM, Assembly Hall 2 (6月22日午前0時 集会所② Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Zero-ji Shūkaijo Ni)
  6. June 22, 0:30 AM, Furude Shrine 1 (6月22日午前0時30分 古手神社① Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Zero-ji San-jūppun Furude Jinja Ichi)
  7. June 22, 1:00 AM, Furude Shrine 2 (6月22日午前1時 古手神社② Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Ichi-ji Furude Jinja Ni)
10 2 YoigoshiVol2jp.jpg August 27, 2007 (Japanese)

December 21, 2010 (English)

  1. June 22, 2:00 AM, Assembly Hall 3 (6月22日午前2時 集会所③ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Ni-ji Shūkaijo San)
  2. June 22, 3:00 AM, Assembly Hall 4 (6月22日午前3時 集会所④ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen San-ji Shūkaijo Yo)
  3. June 22, 4:00 AM, Assembly Hall 5 (6月22日午前4時 集会所⑤ Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Yo-ji Shūkaijo Go)
  4. June 22, Dawn (6月22日 夜明け Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Yoake)
  5. June 22, 5:00 AM, To the Sonozaki Estate (6月22日午前5時 園崎本家へ "Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Go-ji Sonozaki Honke e")
  6. June 22, Daybreak, Sonozaki Estate (6月22日早暁 園崎本家 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Sōgyō Sonozaki Honke)
  7. June 22, 6:00 AM, Conclusion (6月22日午前6時 決着 Rokugatsu Ni-jū-ni-nichi Gozen Roku-ji Ketchaku)

Eye Opening Arc (Meakashi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
11 1 MeakashiVol1jp.jpg January 27, 2007 (Japanese)

February 22, 2011 (English)

  1. Homecoming (帰郷 Kikyō)
  2. Reunion (再会 Saikai)
  3. Oyashiro-sama (オヤシロさま)
  4. I Won't Forgive You... (ユルサナイ… Yurusanai...)
  5. The Cotton Drifting (ワタ流し Watanagashi)
12 2 MeakashiVol2jp.jpg July 27, 2007 (Japanese)

April 26, 2011 (English)

  1. Underground Saiguden (地下祭具殿 Chika Saiguden)
  2. Restitution (けじめ "Kejime)
  3. Fate (宿命 Shukumei)
  4. Footstep (足音 Ashioto)
  5. The 1983 Cotton Drifting (昭和58年綿流し Shōwa 58-nen Watanagashi)
  6. Resolve (決意 Ketsui)
13 3 MeakashiVol3jp.jpg December 22, 2007 (Japanese)

June 28, 2011 (English)

  1. Retrospect (回顧 Kaiko)
  2. Revenge ( Kataki)
  3. Blind Followers (妄信者 Bōshinsha)
  4. Live (生きて Ikite)
  5. The Priestess of Oyashiro-sama (オヤシロさまの巫女 Oyashiro-sama no Miko)
14 4 MeakashiVol4jp.jpg June 21, 2008 (Japanese)

August 16, 2011 (English)

  1. Roar of the Demon (鬼の咆哮 Oni no Hōkō)
  2. Mion and Shion (魅音と詩音 Mion to Shion)
  3. Promise (約束 Yakusoku)
  4. Confession (告白 Kokuhaku)
  5. Happy Notebook (幸せノート Shiawase Nōto)

Atonement Arc (Tsumihoroboshi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
15 1 TsumiVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2006 (Japanese)

October 25, 2011 (English)

  1. Happy Rena (シアワセなレナ Shiawase na Rena)
  2. Twisting World (歪む世界 Hizumu Sekai)
  3. Rena's Fight (レナの戦い Rena no Tatakai)
16 2 TsumiVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2007 (Japanese)

December 13, 2011 (English)

  1. The Ends of Resolve (決意の果て Ketsui no Hate)
  2. Friends (仲間 Nakama)
  3. And the Cotton Drifting (そして綿流し Soshite Watanagashi)
  4. The Truth of the Curse (祟りのシンジツ Tatari no Shinjitsu)
17 3 TsumiVol3jp.jpg December 22, 2007 (Japanese)

February 28, 2012 (English)

  1. Turnaround (反転 Hanten)
  2. Stupefaction (昏迷 Konmei)
  3. Secrets (秘密 Himitsu)
  4. Memories (記憶 Kioku)
18 4 TsumiVol4jp.jpg June 21, 2008 (Japanese)

April 24, 2012 (English)

  1. The Last Move (最後の一手 Saigo no Itte)
  2. Siege (籠城 Rōjō)
  3. Time Limit (タイムリミット Taimu Rimitto)
  4. Less Than 10 Minutes (もう10分も無い Mō Juppun mo Nai)
  5. Happy Rena (幸せなレナ Shiawase na Rena)

Massacre Arc (Minagoroshi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
19 1 MinagoroshiVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2008 (Japanese)

September 25, 2012 (English)

  1. Frederica (フレデリカ Furederika)
  2. In the Mountains (山中にて Sanchū nite)
  3. The Power to Change Destiny (運命を変える力 Unmei o Kaeru Chikara)
  4. A World of Good Fortune (幸運な世界 Kōun na Sekai)
  5. Miraculous Reunion (奇跡の再会 Kiseki no Saikai)
19 2 MinagoroshiVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2009 (Japanese)

September 25, 2012 (English)

  1. The Forgotten Man (忘れていた男 Wasureteita Otoko)
  2. A World I've Seen Before (いつか見た世界 Itsuka Mita Sekai)
  3. Keiichi's Idea (圭一のアイデア Keiichi no Aidea)
  4. Hinamizawa Spirit (雛見沢スピリッツ Hinamizawa Supirittsu)
20 3 MinagoroshiVol3jp.jpg August 27, 2009 (Japanese)

December 11, 2012 (English)

  1. Saving Hands (救いの手 Sukui no Te)
  2. The Third Appeal (3度目の陳情 Sandome no Chinjō)
  3. Oyashiro-sama's Curse" (オヤシロさまの祟り Oyashiro-sama no Tatari)
  4. The Spirit of the Defense Alliance (死守同盟の魂 Shishu Dōmei no Tamashii)
20 4 MinagoroshiVol4jp.jpg December 22, 2009 (Japanese)

December 11, 2012 (English)

  1. Showdown with Oryou (お魎との対決 Oryō to no Taiketsu)
  2. Oryou's Power (お魎の力 Oryō no Chikara)
  3. True Strength (ほんとうの強さ Hontō no Tsuyosa)
  4. On the Night of the Cotton Drifting (綿流しの夜に Watanagashi no Yoru ni)
21 5 MinagoroshiVol5jp.jpg April 22, 2010 (Japanese)

March 26, 2013 (English)

  1. Commence Operations (作戦開始 Sakusen Kaishi)
  2. Lingering Attachment to This World (この世界への未練 Kono Sekai e no Miren)
  3. Unforeseen Developments (予期せぬ展開 Yokisenu Tenkai)
  4. Hinamizawa Syndrome (雛見沢症候群 Hinamizawa Shōkōgun)
21 6 MinagoroshiVol6jp.jpg August 21, 2010 (Japanese)

March 26, 2013 (English)

  1. The Beginning of the End (終わりの始まり Owari no Hajimari)
  2. Stopped Time (止まった時間 Tomatta Jikan)
  3. Demise (終焉 Shūen)
  4. Apocalypse (終末作戦 Shūmatsu Sakusen)

Festival Accompanying Arc (Matsuribayashi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
22 1 MatsuriVol1jp.jpg December 22, 2008 (Japanese)

June 25, 2013 (English)

  1. Miyoko Tanashi (田無美代子 Tanashi Miyoko)
  2. Escape (脱走 Dassō)
  3. Thunder (雷鳴 Raimei)
  4. Bond ( Kizuna)
22 2 MatsuriVol2jp.jpg June 22, 2009 (Japanese)

June 25, 2013 (English)

  1. Don't Step on It! (踏まないで Fumanaide)
  2. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident (盧溝橋事件 Rokōkyō Jiken)
  3. Kyosuke Irie (入江京介 Irie Kyōsuke)
  4. The Curse (祟り Tatari)
  5. The Second Sacrificial Victim (生贄第二号 Ikenie Dainigō)
23 3 MatsuriVol3jp.jpg December 22, 2009 (Japanese)

October 29, 2013 (English)

  1. The Priestess of Oyashiro-sama (オヤシロさまの巫女 Oyashiro-sama no Miko)
  2. The Accident at Shirakawa Park (白川公園転落事故 Shirakawa Kōen Tenraku Jiko)
  3. The Queen's Mother (女王の母 Joō no Haha)
  4. The Murder of the Hojo's Aunt (北条叔母撲殺事件 Hōjō-oba Bokusatsu Jiken)
23 4 MatsuriVol4jp.jpg August 21, 2010 (Japanese)

October 29, 2013 (English)

  1. A New Wind (新しい風 Atarashii Kaze)
  2. Ones on the Dice (サイコロの1 Saikoro no Ichi)
  3. Invitation to the End (終末への誘い Shūmatsu e no Izanai)
  4. Declaration of War (宣戦布告 Sensen Fukoku)
  5. Hanyu Furude (古手羽入 Furude Hanyū)
24 5 MatsuriVol5jp.jpg August 21, 2010 (Japanese)

January 21, 2014 (English)

  1. Hopes and Schemes (希望と陰謀 Kibō to Inbō)
  2. The Strength of All (皆の力 Minna no Chikara)
  3. Reunion (再会 Saikai)
  4. Kuraudo Ooishi (大石蔵人 Ōishi Kuraudo)
  5. Operation 48 Hours (48時間作戦 48 Jikan Sakusen)
  6. Eve of the Final Battle (決戦前夜 Kessen Zenya)
24 6 MatsuriVol6jp.jpg December 22, 2010 (Japanese)

January 21, 2014 (English)

  1. The Battle Begins (開戦 Kaisen)
  2. Escape (脱出 Dasshutsu")
  3. Battle at the Sonozaki Estate (園崎家攻防戦 Sonozaki-ke Kōbōsen)
  4. I'm Here to Help You (君を助けに来た Kimi o Tasuke ni Kita)
25 7 MatsuriVol7jp.jpg April 22, 2011 (Japanese)

April 22, 2014 (English)

  1. Miyo and Miyoko (三四と美代子 Miyo to Miyoko)
  2. Battle on the Back Mountain (裏山の激闘 Urayama no Gekitō)
  3. Forcible Entry (強行潜入 Kyōkō Sennyū)
  4. Breaking the Barrier (封鎖線突破 Fūsasen Toppa)
25 8 MatsuriVol8jp.jpg August 22, 2011 (Japanese)

April 22, 2014 (English)

  1. Showdown, And Then... (決着、そして…。 Ketchaku, Soshite….)
  2. Gods and Men (神と人と Kami to Hito to)
  3. An Ideal World (理想の世界 Risō no Sekai)

Dice Killing Arc (Saikoroshi-hen)

Global Vol. (EN) Vol. (JP) Cover Release Date Chapters
26 - SaikoroshiMangaCoverJP.jpg December 22, 2011 (Japanese)

November 18, 2014 (English)

  1. The Worst Possible World (最悪の世界 Saiaku no Sekai)
  2. The Dots on the Divine Dice (神のサイコロの目 Kami no Saikoro no Me)
  3. All Alone (ひとりぼっち Hitoribocchi)
  4. Bernkastel (ベルンカステル Berunkasuteru)
  5. Mother and Child (母と子と Haha to Ko to)
  6. One World (一つの世界 Hitotsu no Sekai)


  • The chapters in the Curse Killing Arc are not given names beyond their chapter numbers in both the Japanese and English versions of the manga.

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