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Higurashi Umineko Card Battle Team (ひぐらしうみねこカードバトル 陣 Higurashi Umineko Kādo Batoru Jin) is a mobile game released for iOS and Android devices in 2014 by Sorayume. It is commonly referred to as HiguxUmi Jin by the fans.

The game was shut down on June 13, 2017 due to Sorayume going bankrupt.


The game features a multitude of characters from Higurashi When They Cry and Umineko When They Cry as collectible cards in varying artstyles, event themes, and poses. Gameplay revolves around forming a deck of 7 cards, each with varying stats:

Satellite: Shows how much territory a card can take.

ATK: The amount of damage a card does during battles.

DEF: Affects how much damage a card takes during battles.

Cost: The card cost. When forming a deck, the total costs must not exceed the player's level.

Attribute: The passive abilities a card has. (ex: Rena's "Cute Mode" reduces enemy attack) Event cards also had attributes that only activated when the related events were running.

Skill: The special abilities the player can activate at any time. (eg. increase player stats, debuff enemy stats)

During matches, the object of the game is to place cards on a grid and claim squares as territory. The player's territory is blue while the red territory is the opponent's. Setting a card that claims a square an opponent has already taken will make the square turn blank again.

Setting a card on an opponent's card will initiate a battle. If the attacking card's ATK is higher than the opponent's DEF, then the opponent's card disappears and the attacking card takes its place.

After 14 turns, whoever has the most territory is the winner.

Obtaining Characters

New characters are obtained by spending in-game currency, called kakera pieces. Characters can be upgraded to increase their levels and stats.