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This is a plot summary for the Higurashi Outsiders event and the associated Dark Awakening SSR stories.

Main Event[]

This story starts after the end of the main story part 1. Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao opt to stay behind in Hinamizawa and stop the tsukuyami army rather than travel through the ritual storehouse. They rejoin the other characters and bond with them, but Satoko is annoyed that she couldn't notice Rika was taken away to another world and replaced by a fake.

They get attacked by crazed villagers at the school, and the club decides to beat them all up. Suddenly, Irie arrives and runs over several villagers with his car to rescue everyone. Outside of town, Irie starts trembling since he's never killed anyone before, but the others are indifferent to it. Irie explains Hinamizawa Syndrome, confirms Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao must also be infected, and theorizes the outbreak is due to Rika disappearing rather than mind control. They go to the clinic to get medicine. Miyuki is worried about the infection spreading past the village, and Kazuho notices something is wrong.

Kazuho suddenly wakes up at school where there's no signs of fighting, and wonders if that was all a dream. She then meets Rika, who is speaking maturely, and can tell she's real. Rika however says she's just borrowing that appearance and tells Kazuho to not listen to Irie, and that the people of Hinamizawa are behind her. Kazuho wakes up again at the Irie Clinic.

The group gets injections against Hinamizawa Syndrome. Before Kazuho gets injected, Irie asks if she knows about kodoku, a practice where poisonous insects are put into a box such that only the strongest poison is left standing, and then talks about how Hinamizawa has no future, but he's intrigued by Kazuho being from the future. He believes Hinamizawa Syndrome has evolved after 10 years, and wants to see what happens when the old and new versions are mixed together; Irie thinks he's going to die soon, but wants to see the culminaton of his research.

Kazuho escapes and finds a deranged Keiichi, Satoko, Mion, and Shion attacking each other. Irie is excited since the booster shots have surpassed Takano's H173. The infected then react to their Role Cards and become stornger, gaining yellow eyes. Seeing a wounded Akasaka, who tried to stop the fighting, Kazuho tells him to take Miyuki and Nao and run away as she holds off the others. Kazuho blames herself for doing nothing even after getting the disaster warning, and then gains similar yellow eyes. She promised she would stop Keiichi if he went crazy again.