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Homecoming (帰郷 Kikyou) is the second chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni.


15 years later, in 1938, Souhei is returning to Hinamizawa by train. He remembers his grandfather's last words before he died, being to return to the village. Souhei overlooks the village and wonders if there's really an answer there. Souhei travels around the village and sees it's just like he remembered it, but he feels a tension in the air; likely a result of the recent depression and earthquake, and the upcoming war.

Souhei waits at his meeting spot and is met by the adult Seiji. They comment on each other's appearance, and the adult Ritsuka soon appears. Ritsuka and Souhei play around, and Seiji addresses her as Ritsuka-sama and reminds her the ritual dance is tonight. Souhei is confused by the formal usage of "-sama", and Seiji explains that she's the Furude priestess and has Oyashiro-sama's blood. Ritsuka says she doesn't like being called -sama however.

As the group walks, Souhei wonders why there are so little people around despite it being the day of the Watanagashi. Ritsuka says a lot of people left over the past ten years because they were tired of being treated like demons just because they were from Hinamizawa; it used to be called Onigafuchi after all. Souhei notices some villagers talking badly about Seiji being with Ritsuka and wonders.

The group heads to Furude Shrine, where Souhei and Oryou reunite. Souhei loves how beautiful Oryou's become, but she blushes since he said the same thing to Ritsuka. Oryou drops a charm and Souhei picks it up to return it, but he gets confused when he sees the name on it: for some reason, Oryou's name is written with the character for "demon" in it now. Oryou takes back the charm and happily says her grandmother made it for her.

Oni ch2 ritsuka dance

At the Watanagashi that night, Ritsuka puts on a wonderful dance. Afterwards, people start leaving instead of going to the river for the cotton drifting. They had to suspend it for now because of wartime supply shortages. The group laments how lonely the festival seems now, but Souhei is still glad to reunite with the games club. Just then, Okai and Kiichirou arrive. Souhei is excited to see Kiichirou and asks if he's mayor now, but he explains he's just an advisor to his grandpa and dad. Souhei tries to call Seiji over but he's gone. Kiichirou also leaves, as he's acting as the mayor's representative currently. Oryou leaves to talk with Okai.

Seiji comes out from hiding behind a tree, having stolen some sake from the shrine. Oryou, Souhei, Seiji, and Ritsuka drink privately and catch up. Souhei's gotten involved in a foreign trade company in Tokyo. Ritsuka is the Furude priestess, and Oryou is Okai's assistant. Seiji works in the Okinomiya town hall.

The group begins parting ways. Souhei says he's going to live at his parents' home on the edge of the forest and is going to get a job plowing the fields. Souhei asks the group to come to his place tomorrow so they can discuss some things, creating a heavy atmosphere. His friends agree.

At home, Souhei thinks about how different everyone is. Hinamizawa seems very lonely compared to before; Ritsuka was a tomboy but is now a priestess; Seiji is still caring despite something else; and Souhei especially wonders about Oryou. On that night 15 years ago where they snuck into the ritual storehouse, Souhei and her grandfather were chased out of the village, and Souhei needs to ask his friends what happened since then and learn everything.