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Higurashi Oni Chapter 13 (第13話 Dai Jyuusan Wa) is the thirteenth chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni.


Souhei asks Dr. Takano how long Nakamoto will be deployed at the base, and the doctor replies that it will be for a bit longer. He's in good health now and would normally be put in the stockades for striking a superior officer, but Takano had Nakamoto transferred to the research facility. However, he can't guarantee that he and Souhei aren't infected with the same endemic disease as the other Hinamizawa natives. Souhei gets nervous and says it could be some other disease, but Dr. Takano is sure that there's something going on. He believes that if the public learned about this disease originating from Hinamizawa, then they'd quarantine the village or even massacre everyone to sterilize it. Souhei is horrified to think it could happen, and Dr. Takano emphasizes that he wants to find a cure before it's too late. The only people who know currently are those under the Colonel's influence. Souhei says he wants to help in any way possible, and Takano says he had him transferred to this base because of his intimate Hinamizawa knowledge. The two men shake hands.

Takano gives Souhei a tour of the canning factory. When he sees the cans full of meat, Souhei wonders if it's human meat, but Takano assures him that it's just a rumor, and thinks it's just veterans letting off steam by scaring new recruits. Takano mentions that Souhei will be the manager of the factory, and wants him to keep an eye on the condition of Hinamizawa workers. The doctor says that there are currently five patients working here as part of their recovery process while the others are locals.

Takano calls all of the workers to stop and come over, and a Hinamizawa native says something in Chinese. The native angrily walks up to Souhei and accuses him and his grandfather of abandoning their duties as Origuchis and running away. Dr. Takano gets him to calm down by making him take deep breaths, and Souhei sees that that's the disease flaring up. Takano tells the workers that Souhei will be their superior officer and asks them to get along, and sends everyone back to work. Takano then asks Souhei to report to Zhao to learn how to use the medical equipment. After Souhei leaves, Takano asks the native what he meant by the Origuchis running away. He replies that it was something he heard from his grandfather long ago.

Meanwhile, Oryou is doing business and speaking to an old villager named Shigeru and asking him to ask another person named Kozato about something. Shigeru tells Oryou to stop calling him "-san" since she's the future head of the Sonozaki family and leaves. Later, Oryou meets with Okai and is told that by marrying Souhei, he'll become a member of the Sonozakis as well as its head. She reminds her that when they lost Yuuki, Oryou had to bear the demon by herself, and Okai believed leading the family all alone would've been painful. Many men came to ask for Oryou's hand in marriage but Okai turned them all down since they weren't good enough, and knew that she loved Souhei anyway.

Okay says it was Oyashiro-sama's guidance that brought the two together, and asks if Souhei ever told her what the Origuchis really are. In the past, their surname was Onikuchi, or "the mouth of the demon." When Onigafuchi became Hinamizawa after the Meiji Restoration, the Onikuchis changed their name to Origuchi. they used to live at the front of the road leading to Onigafuchi Swamp, and kept watch in case demons emerged; their ancestors additionally branched off from the Sonozakis. Thus, the Sonozakis and Origuchis were born from demons and dedicated to protecting the village from demons. Oryou realizes that this means Souhei already was a member of the Sonozakis. Okai says that once he returns to the village, they'll have a proper wedding and pass on the title of family head to him. Until then, Oryou will act as the head's wife and carry out duties on his behalf; Oryou accepts the role. Okai then goes off to the underground ritual storehouse with Ritsuka to pray for the Hinamizawa soldiers' good fortune, and asks Oryou not to set foot inside until the war is over.

At the canning factory, Souhei carries out his duty as manager. The native from earlier takes over from his other manager gruffly, and a glasses-wearing worker tells Souhei to be lenient with him since Yuuki always looked out for him. The native always blamed the Origuchis for failing to stop the demons from coming and getting Yuuki killed. He also says to watch out his the native's been having more tantrums recently.

Some commotion arises when the Chief strikes Nakamoto and tells him he's now on garbage duty. Souhei tries to intervene and says the manager is the one who assigns jobs, but Nakamoto tells him to stay out. The Chief grabs Souhei and states that Nakamoto hit him, and Souhei defending him means he's guilty of the same thing. He yells that there isn't a single good man among the people from Hinamizawa, and Zhao watches in shock as all of the Hinamizawa workers crowd around. The Chief tries telling them all to go back to work but they ignore him, and their pressure causes him to fall on his backside. Souhei tells the Chief to leave.