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Recollection (追憶 Tsuioku) is the first chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni.


Some soldiers warn the surgical officer Hifumi Takano that another incident has happened: someone started acting possessed and turned violent, firing wildly with a gun. Takano rushes to the scene, wondering how many times this has happened, and not wanting to accept that it could be demons or curses. He starts crying as he sees the soldier in question being restrained, with more dead soldiers lying on bloody beds. The soldier is noted to be a Hinamizawa native as Takano voices disbelief that Oyashiro-sama's curse is real.

In May of 1984, Mion and Shion get ready to clean up the Sonozaki underground torture chamber before the next Watanagashi Festival. Mion says Keiichi and the rest will help clean tomorrow, so they need to finish the chamber before then. As the twins enter the dusty storehouse, Shion says that Oryou told them to bring all their friends to Watanagashi that year. Mion says it's been a year full of first-times and feels good about it.

Mion and Shion banter, and Mion declares they'll have another Demon Fire-Fight at the Watanagashi when a bookcase suddenly spills its contents on her. Shion takes note of a notebook with ornate handwriting on it. The twins bring the notebok to Oryou, who looks at it with wide eyes. She says it must be fate that "that person's" notebook would reappear, and sits the twins down to listen to a story.

The scene transitions to the past, 1923. A young Oryou, Ryou Sonozaki prepares to go play with her friends. Her mom and grandma Okai Sonozaki tell her not to play near the ritual storehouse. Grandma is exasperated, having hoped things would go back to normal after Yuuki's return. Outside, Oryou runs into Chiyoko Kimiyoshi and her son Seiji Kimiyoshi. They all refer to her with the nickname "Oryou". Chiyoko gives Oryou some ohagi and asks her to play with everyone at her place sometime.

Oryou and Seiji go to meet their other friend, Ritsuka Furude. Ritsuka is excited to go to Seiji's house when they finish playing. The group heads up the steps to the Furude Shrine and talk about what game to play next. Another boy, Souhei Origuchi appears and declares that he'll claim victory as the Hinamizawa game club leader.

The group decides to play tag. Ritsuka says that in their version of tag, the demon is "it" and will slice open your stomach if he catches you. Souhei says his parents used to threaten him with demon stories when he was little, with Oryou being scared and saying she also heard those stories. Ritsuka says demon stories don't happen anymore because Oyashiro-sama is with them.

Oni manga ch1 tag

The four friends play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will be it, but a fifth hand joins in and wins. The group sees it belongs to Kiichirou Kimiyoshi. Souhei is excited that he's playing too, but Kiichirou says he just wanted to play RPS for fun and has to practice at Okai's place later. Kiichirou says he likes training under Yuuki better and asks Oryou if he can see him since he returned, but Oryou says he has a bad cold, and she couldn't even meet him. Yuuki is being kept in a detached room. The group wonders if Yuuki really needs their help since he's supposed to be the best swordsman in the village and is a child prodigy. Kiichirou leaves the friends alone and goes home. Seiji loses the next RPS game and becomes it. After a rousing game of tag, Souhei wins while Oryou becomes the first one caught. Souhei invokes club rule 7: you can't refuse a punishment.

Oryou is sent to go into the ritual storehouse at night. Oryou heads to the place alone and is frightened by someone appearing behind her, only to see that Seiji, Souhei and Ritsuka are there as well. Souhei knew Seiji would get worried about Oryou and help her, but he always wanted to enter the storehouse anyway. Ritsuka says entering the storehouse is forbidden, but will accompany them since she's a Furude family member. The group enters the storehouse and drag Oryou along, calling it a test of courage.

Oni chapter 1 demon descending

People aren't allow to enter the ritual storehouse since there are sacred tools and a statue of Oyashiro-sama inside. When they observe the farming tools inside, Ritsuka says they're used by demons to feast on bad humans, or so she heard. Souhei turns on a lantern and surprises everyone when the Oyashiro-sama statue is illuminated behind him. They look behind it to see a creepy picture scroll, which was always shown to the kids who misbehave. Upon closer inspection, they realize the scroll is something they've never seen before and pull it out for a closer look. They wonder what the scroll means by "demon-descending".




  • The tankobon version provides ages for the main characters in 1923:
    • Oryou is 10 years old.
    • Seiji is 13 years old.
    • Ritsuka is 12 years old.
    • Souhei is 10 years old. A nametag is also provided for him when he first appears.