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Much of the music and sound effects originally used in Higurashi When They Cry were royalty-free music tracks taken from various websites. As the series gained many console ports and rereleases, many of these tracks were remastered or replaced with completely new ones.


Most royalty-free music tracks came from AIDIA and Koji Kusanagi. Kusanagi's tracks have been remastered by him for the Higurashi Hou PC release.

MangaGamer's first English PC release of Higurashi replaced several music tracks with those by an unknown composer.[1] The second PC release by MangaGamer restored the original music, however they were replaced again in an April 1, 2019 update. This update added Kusanagi's new music and replaced several sound effects and AIDIA tracks with new ones; some of these tracks were taken from Higurashi Daybreak and Rei.

The 2019 Japanese PC demos of Onikakushi and Watanagashi released later had Kusanagi's tracks, the new MangaGamer tracks, and additional new tracks composed by xaki.

2019 Replaced Track List

Comiket Filename (.mp3) New Filename (.ogg) Original Track Name MangaGamer Replacement PC Demo Replacement
1 msys01
2 msys02 Same as MangaGamer
3 msys03 Same as MangaGamer
4 msys04 Same as MangaGamer
5 msys05
6 msys06
7 msys07
8 msys08
9 msys09
Tip lsys14


GIWAKU2 msys15
Mion msysmi
Rena msysre
Rika msysri Same as MangaGamer
Satoko msyssa