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Natsumi and Akira, Then Chisato (夏美と暁。ときどき千紗登 Natsumi to Akira. Tokidoki Chisato) is the fifth chapter of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna manga.


Chisato and Tamako are hanging out at school when Akira shows up and asks for his English dictionary back. Chisato gives it back but Akira points out that it's the wrong one. Chisato sees she gave him the one she borrowed from Natsumi, which has a lot of notes and markers in it. Akira smiles and mentions that Chisato likes to borrow Natsumi's stuff a lot. He's about to say something when Chisato says Natsumi's not here yet; she could tell what Akira was going to say since he was looking around for Natsumi when he entered the room. Chisato says Natsumi will be here after a visit to the hospital, and Akira asks what's wrong. Chisato and Tamako smirk, and they say Natsumi's just attending a checkup with her grandmother, much to Akira's displeasure. They say that Natsumi's really kind and look to Akira for affirmation.

Just then, Natsumi enters the classroom. Everyone is mesmerized at seeing her hair down, with Chisato latching onto her and asking to marry her. Tamako tells her to stop, and when Natsumi asks if her hair's weird, Tamako also says it looks cute. Natsumi asks the same thing to Akira. When he struggles to answer, Chisato leads him on and gets him to say her hair's beautiful. Other classmates arrive and compliment Natsumi's hair as well.

Chisato tells Akira to look at all the other boys. A battle for Natsumi's affections will begin soon, so he needs to make his move now. Chisato assures Akira that Natsumi likes him too, much to his confusion. Later, Akira goes to the art room alone and ponders. He definitely likes Natsumi, but for a deeper reason. A flashback occurs to when Chisato and Tamako introduced Natsumi to him. Natsumi looks at one of Akira's paintings and compliments it, then starts crying. Akira asks what's wrong and Natsumi says she's never been so moved by a painting before, and sees that it's the view of Kakiuchi from the window. Natsumi says she's glad to have moved here, and Akira asks if she'll look at another painting he'll make.

In the present, Natsumi enters the art room, having been told by Chisato that Akira wanted to speak to her. Akira confesses to her, and Natsumi reciprocates. On the school roof, Tamako and Chisato wonder if they did well. They knew Akira and Natsumi liked each other since the day they first met. Tamako asks Chisato if she's fine with this since she talked about her feelings for a long time. Chisato says she hopes Natsumi will get better after going out with Akira, and that it's much more important to her.

Chisato remembers that Natsumi was bullied at her old school and asks Tamako to remember when Natsumi said she liked them. A flashback occurs to a conversation where Natsumi gives her appreciation to Chisato and Tamako and affirms their friendship. Chisato says she'd do anything to make Natsumi happy, and Tamako agrees. A happy Natsumi then arrives on the roof, and her friends hug her.


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