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Parental Affection, Filial Ignorance (親心、子知らず Oyagokoro, Koshirazu) is the second chapter of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna manga.


Tomoe interrupts a group of delinquents who are harassing a girl. The boys begin to take interest in Tomoe instead, but she insults and rejects them. One of the boys gets mad and calls her a man, which prompts Tomoe to hit him. She says she absolutely hates it when people call her male, and beats up the other boys and sends them running.

The girl thanks Tomoe for saving her. Tomoe thinks the boys' bikes were stolen and begins writing things down in a notebook. The girl asks if she's a police officer, and Tomoe affirms it. She offers to send someone to escort her home in case the boys return, but the girl says she has to meet someone and starts to run off. Before she leaves, Tomoe introduces herself and promises to lend her help if she needs it. Tomoe thinks that the girl's reaction was weird and figures she was really late for work, and that her school doesn't allow part-time jobs. The girl might also be afraid of something.

Later, Tomoe takes a call from her friend Kuraudo Ooishi, who asks to meet up since he's in Nagoya. Tomoe accepts and meets him and Yamaoki at an Angel Mort, wanting to know both why Yamaoki is here and why they're meeting in a strange restaurant like this. Yamaoki says the food in Angel Mort is great as he's a regular customer, and directs Tomoe to look at the menu. Tomoe is enthralled by all the desserts, and when Yamaoki offers to pay for everything, she caves in and orders a bunch of parfaits.

Tomoe asks Ooishi why he's here. Next to Ooishi's home town, there's a village named Hinamizawa that holds a yearly Watanagashi Festival. A murder occurs then every year, which is known as Oyashiro-sama's curse. Tomoe asks who Oyashiro-sama is, and Ooishi explains that he's a god who allowed humans and demons to coexist in Hinamizawa long ago. Many human sacrifices had to be made to ensure their survival, and so anybody who doesn't respect the god is sacrificed by the demons. Rumors say that the victims of the curse are those who lack faith in Oyashiro-sama, but Ooishi believes a human is masterminding it. He especially believes the Sonozaki family and the Three Families are responsible since they're descended from demons, but he has no proof. The person who may have carried out last year's murder was sighted in Nagoya, but they lost track of him. Ooishi is convinced the curse will happen again this year and wants to catch the killer.

Ooishi apologizes for telling such a frightening story, but Tomoe is fine since she doesn't believe in supernatural things. Ooishi says she looks just like her father with the way she eats. Tomoe becomes lost in thought, wondering what her parents' killer might be doing now. Yamaoki asks if she still wants to catch them and get revenge for her parents, and says that she ought to move on since it's been twelve years. Tomoe says she can't move on until she catches them, but Yamaoki says she's just trying to convince herself of that.

Tomoe gets angry and says Yamaoki was the reason she became a police officer in the first place. Yamaoki stands up and seems like he's about to respond, but then says he needs to use the bathroom and that Tomoe's in the way. After he leaves, Tomoe sighs since Yamaoki was playing dumb once again. Tomoe feels like she's losing favor with him over time. Ooishi says he used to be a great detective and mentions that he's going to be her brother-in-law soon, prompting a shocked Tomoe to exclaim she never approved Madoka's marriage. Ooishi is confused since Madoka was happy, and is convinced Yamaoki will make her happy. Yamaoki finally returns from the bathroom, and Tomoe announces she's going home.

Yamaoki chides Ooishi for his handling of the marriage topic. Ooishi begins to ask about Tomoe, but Yamaoki says they've made little progress. He wonders if they did the right thing in making her a police officer, and Ooishi says Tomoe's hatred of the killer is keeping her going. They both want her to move on from the past, but it's not fair for a young woman to work so hard without getting something in return.

Tomoe walks home and thinks she's getting a cold. She figures it's the changing of the seasons.