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The special editions of each installment in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna contained several bonuses, most of which were extra arcs released in the form of drama CDs:


Murakuzushi-hen (村崩し編 Village-Collapsing Chapter) was released with Kizuna Volume II. It features Natsumi Kimiyoshi returning to Hinamizawa for the Watanagashi Festival and getting involved with the club's antics.


Sachitooshi-hen (幸遠し編 Distant Happiness Chapter) was released with Kizuna Volume III. It centers around a magic doll that can make any wish come true, with chaos ensuing as the cast fights over it.


Yumekawashi-hen (夢交し編 Dream-Crossing Chapter) was released with Kizuna Volume IV. Set after Matsuribayashi, it features the club heading to a hot spring that is supposed to make them smarter and better.

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