On February 22, 2021, Ryukishi07 hosted a livestream on NicoNico where he answered several questions about Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU. He notes that some of these answers may actually be lies. This contains spoilers up to Episode 20 of Gou.


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, possibly including the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.



  1. Ooishi's outbreak is natural (not caused by H173).[1] (Nekodamashi-hen Part 1)
  2. It was planned for Chie to become ill too.[1]
  3. There will be more scenes about Takano's change of mind.[1] (Nekodamashi-hen Part 4)
  4. Satoko's vomiting is an act.[1] (Tataridamashi-hen Part 2)
  5. Satoko's dull expression when Rika advised Keiichi to give the doll is intentional.[1] (Watadamashi-hen Part 1)
  6. The character from Episode 20 is someone who resembles Featherine, but the name's different (about whether she is her or not, no comment. Umineko knowledge is not required).[2]
  7. Satoko thinks that Rika is the one who outed her.[2] (Satokowashi-hen Part 3)
  8. The class that Shion was in at St. Lucia was for the rich so she didn't have to worry about her grades. Rika and Satoko are in a normal class.[3] (Meakashi)
  9. When voice actors heard about Gou's ending, they didn't believe in it.[4]
  10. It was planned from the start for Satoko's chest to grow.[4]

Other Notes

  • The missing syringe in Episode 17 was acknowledged and said to be intentional.
  • At first, there was going to be a scene where Chie locks Rika at the school building at night and breaks her fingers, but then Ryu decided that it's not good to do this to a guest character.[5]
  • Without something interfering, Takano would have executed her plans in Gou. It will be shown why it didn't happen.
  • Ryukishi is shown all the storyboards for approval before they get animated. The "jail" is called an "individual study room". When he was shown the storyboards for that scene they were black and white, and he assumed Satoko was wearing a jersey. When he saw the finished episode is the first time it was colored and he realized it was a prison suit. (Satokowashi-hen Part 3)
  • When he was writing the plot of Nekodamashi-hen, he thought that they would never show all that gore visually. Then, he saw the storyboards, and thought, "That's bad".[6]
  • Ryukishi was digging through some old Higurashi material before Gou started, and found that when designing Satoko he had specified she would "have big tatters" (トランジスターグラマー toranjisutāguramā) as a grown up. So they went with that.
  • The VA keep asking staff, "how does it end", and some time ago one of the Studio Passione staff straight up told them the ending of the show. No one believed him. Ryukishi wouldn't say whether it's a happy end or a tragic end, but he said it was a proper conclusive end. Metaphor: the golf ball will properly enter the hole.
  • St. Lucia has two "paths". One is the payment line, where rich people dump a lot of cash to have their daughters "sent away". He called it a "prison school". Those classes are less strict with schoolwork, and you don't need to work so hard. Then there are the "normal" classes which you get into by having extremely high grades, which keep up the academic pressure.
  • Keiichi should be getting a bit less dense as he grows up. So sooner or later the time to properly take someones hand will come.
  • When Ryu is asked to repeat the "not H173" thing in red, he refuses and says that "at the moment it's not clear" (今、わからない ima, wakaranai, lit. I don't know now ).[7]
  • When Rika dies and comes back she can always return to grab the piece of Onigari-no-ryuuou because it's always in the same place.[8] (Nekodamashi-hen Part 1)
  • There's a character who wants to crush Rika's soul completely.[9]
  • Teppei tends to neglect his health and needs medicine sometimes, which might turn out to be something else.[10]
  • Satoko could only know about the boxing glove trap if she had the same perspective as Rika and knew she was punched before.[11] (Nekodamashi-hen Part 4)



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