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Chapter 4: Takano's Ambition (第4話 鷹野の野望 Dai Yon Wa: Takano no Yabou) is the fourth chapter of the Higurashi Daybreak Portable manga.


At the school, Kuraudo Ooishi and Mamoru Akasaka investigate the crater left behind by the club. Meanwhile, the club run away to the Irie Clinic and think they've lost Chie. Keiichi worries about what trouble the crater will cause. Rena asks where Shion and Natsumi went, and Mion replies that they started fighting again and fell behind. Satoko thinks it's natural that ladies would act like that when talking about men, and Rika says she'll be like that in the future. Satoko says she's satisfied so long as she has Satoshi. Rena worries if they'll be okay, and Mion believes that Shion will do fine since she has the Sonozaki blood, and that Natsumi can pull through when the going gets tough. As the club walks off, Shion and Natsumi are shown hiding from Chie, who's still angry.

Kyousuke Irie sees an elderly patient out of the clinic and runs into the club. He notices Satoko has a scratch on her knee and rushes to help her, fearing that it'll get infected. Keiichi watches in confusion as Irie goes on about how Satoko's bandages will exude a deadly aura and carries her into the clinic. The club follows and run into Takano in her nurse outfit, and demand to know what she's doing. Takano says the clinic will soon be in uproar. Keiichi wonders if she's spreading pathogenic poison throughout the clinic as Rena asks what's happening with Hanyuu. Takano claims Oyashiro-sama isn't that benevolent and that she's bringing about her true will, and pulls back a curtain to reveal Hanyuu in a nurse-maid uniform. Rena instantly enters Kyute Mode at the sight of her, and Keiichi and Mion try to restrain her. Irie returns from treating Satoko, and when he sees Hanyuu, he realizes the value of nurse uniforms and decides to transform the clinic into a nurse and maid kingdom. Satoko enters the room and quickly leaves again after seeing Irie.

Rika sees that Hanyuu is having fun and tells her she can continue living with Takano if she wants. Rika declares she'll have a very spicy dinner that night, which makes Hanyuu cry and run away. Keiichi asks Rika if it's okay to let her go; Rika says it is, but she still wonders what's so fun about being with Takano and demeans herself. Hanyuu runs back to Takano's home and wonders why Rika's angry, as she was just helping Takano with her job. Hanyuu then looks at all of the stuffed animals Takano owns and thinks she really isn't that bad, and that Rika just doesn't understand her enough. Hanyuu hopes for all of the stuffed animals to show them a side of Takano that they don't know, causing a reaction in the red Magatama of Fuwarazu.

Takano calls Hanyuu and says she'll be home soon. She lets Hanyuu have some cream puffs in the fridge and reminds her to never open the front door, no matter who it is. Hanyuu goes to enjoy some cream puffs. Just then, someone starts knocking on the door and slamming on it, asking if anyone's there. Hanyuu becomes worried.