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The Library essentially functions as the character biography section for Higanbana no Saku Yoro Yi.

The Second Night's Library section will be unlocked after finishing the After School chapter.

Marie Moriya[]

When challenged to learn how to freely change her clothes with her own power, this was what she came up with. It is a mix of the uniform from the school she wanted to attend, and her innermost feelings of wanting to do whatever she wants.

She finds it embarrassing and rarely puts it on, but when she does, beware - it means that she's gone into serious mode. In accordance with the rules of the story of Mesomeso-san, she pulverizes her enemies with superhuman strength.

She has made it her mission in death to seek out poor children targeted by youkai and help them.

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The Vice Principal[]

The temporary appearance that the Black Tea Gentleman takes when he needs a human form. He's actually employed as the vice principal, and supports both the human and the youkai headmaster.

He's usually downright coldhearted when it comes to teachers doing their job, so whenever he's at work the staff room falls as silent as death. The only time he'll show an honest smile is when he's talking about his favorite hobby, tea.

Dealing with problems before they ever reach the Headmaster's ears is his greatest virtue.

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The Second Ranked School Youkai. The Reaper of the 13th step. He curses whoever steps on the 13th step to be chased for 49 days straight. If you're caught, it's over. You'll be locked away in an unearthly cage of a world, left to melt for all eternity.

He loves to breach his beliefs about enthusiasm as his prey runs from him. He decorates his living quarters with quotes from Shuzo Matsuoka.

He's been on bad terms with the Vice Principal (Black Tea Gentlemen) ever since he was scolded for running in the halls.

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The hot-blooded gym teacher that advises the track and field club. The temporary appearance that Izanami takes when he needs a human form.

"If you've got time to worry, then run!" he spouts off his motto while driving the students to keep running with his bamboo sword. Most of the student are frightened by him, but there are a good amount of girls that are enthusiastic fans of his.

He's had so much fun training the students that he's been forgetting to hunt.

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Azami the Vengeful[]

The Fourth Ranked School Youkai. There are magical thistles, only visible to those who are being bullied. If they eat one of those thistles they will become a bully themselves. Azami is the youkai who commands those magical thistles. She is also the elder sister of Sumire.

She uses her honeyed words to draw in prey. It's a terrifying hypocritical technique. Her ladylike manner of dressing draws in bullied children and makes them think she's some goddess who come to save them. Apparently there was once a time when she would take on a human guise and became an incredibly bad bully herself.

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Kyou of the Mirror[]

The Fifth Ranked School Youkai. He is the guardian of the mirrors that lead to other worlds. He also controls the different personalities that humans show.

He has a nihilistic and wild personality, and is particularly vicious to humans. Apparently this is because of a grudge against humans from when he was still an animal spirit.

Even if he tries to falsify how he's feeling with a poker face, his emotions still come out through his tail. This is a source of much dismay to him.

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Renoir of the Art Room[]

The Sixth Ranked School Youkai. He is a Tsukumogami, a youkai born from a very old inanimate object, that haunts paintings in the art room. He's usually fast asleep, but every once in a while he will wake up and pull a human into one of the paintings.

This is being an era when no one has any room in their heart for showing interest in paintings, he finds himself sleeping a lot.

He very rarely interferes with the other school youkai's hunts, so they tend to dote on him like a younger brother.

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Aya Souma[]

A girl who has lost the will to live, and remains living out of sheer force of habit. When she stepped on the 13th step, she was forced into a 49 day trial, searching for the meaning in life.

Having survived the trial, she underwent a major change, and even became a member of the track and field club. Her club adviser looks a lot like Izanami. He's still working her hard, even today.

Every day she counts the steps on each staircase she walks on in the hopes of meeting Izanami again.

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Yuuki Noda[]

Because of his soft personality, he's the type that the girls from senior classes like to dote on. But he wishes that he was treated in a more manly way.

Unfortunately, the moment he finally worked up the courage to refuse someone, he met the end of his life. Truly a sad story. Incidentally, his sense in art is very unique. If he had been born in a different era, he may have become a famous artist.

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Nafumi Shintani[]

Teacher and advisor of the art club. A bewitching sort of pheromone hangs about her and allures men of all ages. She finds pleasure in making young boys model for her and drawing pictures of them.

She had a lot of changes to make passes at men, but because her preferences are so specific she doesn't have a boyfriend. She's a prime example of a perverted teacher. Normally she's very kind, but behind closed doors she's rather violent.

Right now she's running a never-ending marathon through Escher's 'Ascending and Descending.' She's very happy when she's at her target body weight.

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Tomoko Okada[]

An occult-loving girl on par with Michiru. Her areas of expertise are ancient civilizations and super-science. Aliens are okay too. She likes to chat while drawing, and her art is pretty good.

She slipped and fell to a quick death. But even in death she's still itching for someone to talk.

Incidentally, she has a really good fashion sense. If she were to lose the glasses, she would be an exceedingly beautiful girl.

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Masaaki Yoshikawa[]

A boy of smallish stature from the same class as Yukari Sakaki. He caught the eye of several bigger and meaner bullies and spent his days being bullied by them.

Being a person that hates losing, he adamantly refused to accept that he was being bullied. Because of that, he ended up changing himself by the way of a magical thistle.

He hates Yukari for interfering. He's the kind of guy who ends up acting mean to the girl he likes.

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Shuuichi Arimori (Child)[]

A former student of the school. He is a very sensitive boy. Being as gentle as he is, the chaos within the school made him an easy target for bullying.

He has a strange power that allows him to visualize emotions, and he has made it his mission in life to draw pictures of the scenery he sees. The reason that he is able to converse with youkai is because he has a similar wavelength to them.

Even now, he is one of the very few humans that Higanbana respects.

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Shuuichi Arimori (Adult)[]

The blind master pianist. He utilized his great sensitivity, and transferred his representation of the world from his sketchbook to the piano.

As a graduate of the school, today he has been invited to give a speech to the children. It's a mammoth of a school, so it's not far-fetched for a few prominent figures to have graduated from it over the years.

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Higanbana's formal dress. She hasn't worn it lately because it tends to cause her shoulder to stiffen up. This dress looks much more similar looking to the one she wears as a doll than the one she normally wears.

Despite being the subject of a frightening ghost story, and being particularly notorious among the students, she's actually quite slobbish. Lying around on the infirmary bed and watching late night anime is part of her nightly routine.

Quite different from the unnerving image of a doll dancing the night away that the children know her for.

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