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The Library provides character biographies for characters in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni, similar to the TIPS in Umineko no Naku Koro ni. The Library is unlocked by finishing every chapter in The First Night.

Marie Moriya

School Youkai of the 8th Rank. Mesomeso-san. A youkai rumored to live in the former school building's bathroom. Even if one hears it talking through the door, they must not reply. Unimpeded in her youkai form, she became stronger than she was in life.

Instead of going on the occasional hunt, she sometimes sneaks into the cafeteria.

She also possesses a mysterious ability to find tea cakes from seemingly thin air.

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School Youkai of the Third Rank. The Dancing Higanbana. It is said that in the middle of the night a doll dances atop of the cabinets of the infirmary. Cursing and injuring others, she is the infirmary's master.

She is feared even by other youkai for her brutality. However, Marie sees through her demonic persona and the two somehow get along.

She spends her days in the infirmary usually eating steamed buns while watching anime late into the night.

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Yoshihito Kanamori

Marie's homeroom teacher in her past life. He was a lively and popular teacher among the girls. But he kept a wild animal inside himself, and Marie was its outlet.

A villain like him didn't have a pleasant demise. In the end, Marie who had become Mesomeso-san crushed his entire body into Dust.

Nonetheless, until the very end everyone but Marie thought he was a good teacher.

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Her tacky attire can almost be counted as one of the 7 mysteries. Her favorite saying is there are no encounters and there are no good men. She even grumbles this to the students.

She has a light supernatural sense, and on occasion it seems she can even sense Higanbana's presence. Taking care of Higanbana's doll, she is her guardian.

Immune like a spiritual ward, she is completely safe even in the middle of Higanbana's aura.

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Takeshi Nonomiya

A falsely-accused boy obsessed with uncovering the truth with photographs

He stalked Yoko Numata and continuously harassed her by taking secret photographs and sending them to her.

However, his ability to take photographs of others without them noticing is genius tier. His true calling might be as paparazzi or as a private eye who takes photos of extra-maritial affairs.

He loves pictures of wild birds, and his dream is to one day be a freelance wild bird photographer.

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School Youkai of the First Rank. The Headmaster. It is said that he slips out a photo of a principal from ages past in the principal's office and wanders around the campus grounds.

It is said that he spirits away students that he meets and erases any trace of their existence from reality itself. He shows a calm disposition but he hides a terrifying brutality. Now he's older, but once he was a youkai who could devour entire schools.

It seems he was a terrifying wife as well. So it seems he spends his time at school to avoid going home.

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Yoko Numata (Ghost)

Receiving the cruel jeers of her peers and terrifying photographs from her stalker, she committed suicide.

Once glimpsed by youkai that incites suicide, her road to self-destruction was accelerated.

Since the spirit of one that commits suicide is beloved by youkai, there was no peace after death for her. Made the plaything of the youkai, she endlessly wanders the bottom of a freezing hell.

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Midori Kusunoki

She once had a lot of respect and boasted the wealth of her household. But now she is neglected in class and treated exactly the opposite. In reality and on stage, she's the vain girl who wants to be a princess.

With the Black Tea Gentleman's power, today she is performing as a princess on a stage that exists only for her to see.

Incidentally she does have a lot of acting ability. If she can put up with her current misfortunes, she'll surely blossom.

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Black Tea Gentleman

Not ranked among the Eight School Youkai, but it is whispered that he is the shadow second rank in power. As the right hand of the headmaster, he is a powerful youkai known as the Vice Principal. He holds the power to amplify the dreams of children and let them escape reality. He can be seen as either overflowing with kindness or with cruelty. He is the natural enemy of youkai like Higanbana who hunt by inviting their victims to die.

His hobby is to read children's writings about their 'Dreams of the Future'.

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Michiru Sakurada

A girl with a self-proclaimed sixth sense. She really does have the gift to sense the supernatural. She is revered by a club of occult girls who believe in exorcisms and the power of charms. And although it healed a long time ago, she doesn't take off her eye patch. It's her evil eye.

She often dresses up in goth-loli outfits due to her parents hobbies. Her favorite brand name is Anti-Rosa.

Her spiritual powers rapidly accelerated after her meeting with Mesomeso-san.

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While not strictly a School Youkai, he is the leader of the animal spirits in the area.

He looks like a fox, but he claim he is really a lion. He has a calm disposition, but he is truly a coward. He says he can fight when it counts, but he won't listen to the ghost stories of curses in the night.

He loves pound fish cakes. The infirmary nurse gives them to him as offerings.

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Hikaru Nihei

A brilliant youth. He looks down upon his inept classmates. He started attending cram school from an early age and earns the best grades. He bagan to look down upon his peers more and more as time went on.

He was bullied because of that, and so he channeled his anger through attacking rabbits. He should have stopped at grinding his erasers into bits.

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He calls himself Hameln of the music room. He doesn't rank among the eight school youkai. It's said that if one hears the sound of his castanets they will be transformed into an animal. While he liked the pipe, he couldn't monologue while blowing one, so he changed instruments.

Since he has a moody disposition, he is well suited as a youkai. And clearly he gave Hikaru about the same treatment as a lamp.

He's a frightful man when he takes off his mask. Thankfully, he loves masks.

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Yoko Numata

She wants to be a simple 'mori girl'. She was a cute girl loved by everyone. It's unfortunate that her friends framed Nonomiya to protect her. Thanks to Higanbana's chance, she was able to rest in peace, and now she's attending school in paradise.

Sometimes, it seems she comes back as a ghost and mingles among her former classmates.

Nonomiya wouldn't admit it, but it's clear he really liked her.

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Yukari Sakaki

A pitiful girl made the target of bulling because of unfortunate circumstances at home. She tried to stay strong after her mother's death, but it was difficult for her at that age.

She has a complex because she's taller than most boys, and cute clothes don't suit her.

She hates bullying, and when boys go beyond playful pranks she often staps at them. Perhaps believing that kind of personality is cool, her popularity is rising among the girl.

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Sumire (Human)

Seventh Rank of the School Youkai. Sumire of the twilight. If someone plays in the school yard until late in the day, they'll discover a strange girl. It's whispered that this youkai leads those children away and sprits them away.

It seems she was once a child raised learning the ways of tea ceremony on a tatami. But the malicious modern day society changed her. She became a bullying youkai.

Since there's no TV in the tea room, she's envious that Higanbana has a TV.

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Sumire (Youkai)

Wearing a kimono of the color sumire (violet). She appears just like a doll that would fit in at a tea ceremony. She used to play among the other children wearing this, but she was bullied for it.

Because she became bullied she mass produced bullies as a spectacle. She is happy the more bullied she is, but now the pleasures she's taking interest in are terrifying.

She often butts heads with Higanbana over prey, and so they are rivals in hunting.

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