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Overview (Younger)

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Hifumi Takano (高野 一二三 Takano Hifumi) is a Japanese military doctor researching a disease endemic to Hinamizawa. He appears in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni.


Dr. Takano has short brown hair and wears rounded black glasses. He wears a military uniform, and sometimes wears a white lab coat over it.


Dr. Takano is described by his superior officer as being cowardly and earnest, and will do anything to fulfill the tasks given to him. He's dedicated to his research but understands that society won't appreciate it. Dr. Takano is also a kind person who doesn't care for formality and allows Souhei to address him normally when other soldiers aren't around.[1]


Dr. Takano is a doctor who joined the Japanese military and was stationed in a Manchurian clinic during wartime. He discovered that soldiers who came from Hinamizawa would sometimes engage in violent fits of rage and attack or kill other soldiers, and traced it to a disease endemic to Hinamizawa that was interlinked with the local Oyashiro-sama faith. Dr. Takano set out to research the disease and find a cure.


Role in the Story[]

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni[]

Dr. Takano is introduced having to deal with a Hinamizawan soldier who started acting possessed and killed a comrade with a gun, another in a long string of incidents.

Two years after the doctor is stationed in the Manchuria clinic, he meets with the Colonel and is told about the Marco Polo Incident occurring, with one of the soldiers in a unit there being a Hinamizawan. The Colonel directs Takano to not tell anyone of the incident and will begin sending Hinamizawan patients to him for research and "disposal."

Takano is dismissed and greets his newly-appointed subordinate Souhei and gives him a tour. When he learns that Souhei is from Hinamizawa, Dr. Takano brings up rumors of the curse and claims it doesn't exist but is actually an illness among the Hinamizawa natives; his apparent denial of Oyashiro-sama causes Souhei to panic and fall unconscious.

After Souhei is moved to a hospital bed and regains consciousness, Dr. Takano tends to him and asks questions about his health and medical history. Learning that Souhei passed out once before when he returned to Hinamizawa after a 15 year absence and recovered quickly, Takano seems to come to a realization. He soon leaves again due to it being late, but not before informing Souhei of his job in working in the factory next door.

Later, Dr. Takano shows Souhei some Hinamizawa patients that have come down with the endemic disease and outlines the treatments he's planned for them. He laments that there currently isn't a cure and the treatments he currently has will weaken the patients over time, until they die. Dr. Takano again brings up the fact that the curse may be just a disease but proposes that the curse and disease are the same thing, which Souhei can agree with. Hearing that Souhei married a Sonozaki and will become the future head of the family, Dr. Takano asks to be shown around Hinamizawa when the war ends.