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Heather Shinonome (ヘザー・東雲 Hezā Shinonome) is one of the main characters in Harem Royale ~When the Game Ends~.


Heather has long, mostly unkept blond hair that goes down her back. She is known for having the largest breasts in Class 1. Instead of wearing the typical blazer with her school uniform, she wears a yellow sweater-vest over a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. A red bow is worn around the collar.


Energetic, Heather seemingly thinks nothing of fulfilling Asunaro's desires as part of the game.


Role in the Story[]

Heather is seen running by Asunaro at school.

As Zepafur's game is underway, Heather approaches Asunaro having suddenly felt like seeing him and sets about placing his face in her bosom.