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The Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee is a committee staffed by LATO for the International Battle Standard Festival. It is part of the International Peace Mediation Association Military.


Attached to the International Peace Mediation Association Military
The Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee

They're a so-called police force in charge of observing and intervening in disputes around the world, as well as being the de-facto LATO military.
Though they acknowledge the existence of regional disputes, they set upper limits on the amount of arms that can be used and watch the situation closely. This policy is based on the idea that feuds resulting from a healthy military balance can calm the emotions of governments and people on both sides, resulting in a cooling-off period sufficiently long to allow them to talk it over rationally.

For this reason, only they are allowed to use weaponry with specs that are forbidden to all factions, for the sake of maintaining that healthy military balance. They are even allowed to use higher-level versions of Gauntlet technologies than other factions, meaning that the extreme strength of LATO Gauntlet Knights is probably an indisputable fact.
LATO uses rotte (two-person squads) instead of kette (three-person squads), and Valentina and Maricarmen are war buddies in the same rotte.



Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

The squad is formally introduced in Chapter 2 as referees for the International Battle Standard Festival. They later take the Public Bath Oath.

In Chapter 12, Valentina and Maricarmen stand as bodyguards during a meeting between a LATO executive and Mr. Gray, who attempts to pass him a Wisdom and informs him of the Three Kings' plans. However, Seshat invades the meeting and wipes the memories of everyone present.

In Chapters 19 and 20, Valentina and Maricarmen work as bodyguards again during a meeting to sign a simultaneous global truce, and they bear witness to most of the provisional directors getting killed in an explosion.



  • Unlike other squads, the HMBOC and its members were not shown in the first trailer of the series released on Nov 29, 2018.