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The Headmaster (校長先生 Kouchou Sensei) is the first ranked of the school youkai who debuts in The Spirit Camera. He has the ability to erase the memories of people from everyone else's mind and make them oblivious to that person's belongings, effectively erasing their existence.


School Youkai of the First Rank. The Headmaster. It is said that he slips out a photo of a principal from ages past in the principal's office and wanders around the campus grounds.

It is said that he spirits away students that he meets and erases any trace of their existence from reality itself. He shows a calm disposition but he hides a terrifying brutality. Now he's older, but once he was a youkai who could devour entire schools.

It seems he has a terrifying wife as well. So it seems he spends his time at school to avoid going home.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


The Headmaster has the appearance of an old British gentleman[2], having long yellow hair that goes behind his back and a beard, and wears a monocle and a red top hat and suit with a purple cape or coat hanging off his shoulders. His monocle eye is always open to reveal he has red eyes with yellow corneas; many similar eyes form the buttons on his clothes. The Headmaster additionally wears rings on his fingers, holds a wooden cane, and has a spiked tail.


Headmaster is a polite and compassionate individual, but he will act serious and fearsome when he needs to be.


The Headmaster is the highest-ranking youkai among the seven seats. Over time, he grew too old to hunt however he maintains his position as the first rank due to his power to erase memories. Other youkai will give him a portion of the souls of their human victims so he can erase them from existence, ensuring that students keep coming to school and providing them with sustenance.



First Night[]

The Spirit Camera[]

The Headmaster is introduced blocking Takeshi Nonomiya's path in an alleyway and always appearing in front of him no matter where he goes. The Headmaster makes some small talk with Nonomiya to assuage his fears and then demands to have his spirit camera, as it was never supposed to be found by humans. Nonomiya refuses to give the camera back and starts acting rude, and the Headmaster begins absorbing him into the darkness when Higanbana appears and challenges the old man. After a duel, Headmaster asks Nonomiya if he values truth or peace more. Nonomiya decides to have the truth, and Headmaster lets him go and disappears.

Higanbana reveals that the Headmaster was responsible for erasing people's memories of Marie after her death, and Nonomiya learns that his own memories of Yoko Numata, whose relentless bullying he caused, were also erased. Higanbana summons the deceased Yoko to kill Nonomiya but the two reconcile, and Headmaster arrives to erase Yoko's suffering at the expense of everyone forgetting her again. Nonomiya wants to keep his memories of her so he doesn't repeat his mistakes and Headmaster leaves him to it.

Second Night[]

The Lunar Festival[]

Headmaster attends the moon viewing party with the other ranked youkai.

Welcome to the Mirror World[]

Marie enters the mirror world and meets the opposite version of the Headmaster, whose entire appearance is mirrored. The Headmaster gleefully helps Marie clean the mirrors and starts crying while pleading to be given more work.

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed[]

Long before Higanbana became who she is, she became conflicted over her emotions and asked Headmaster what to make of them. Headmaster believes it's not wrong for youkai to have emotions since they are the shadows of humans, and that they must exist in the darkness when humans only stay in the light.

After School[]

Headmaster, Renoir, and Nurse hang out in this daydream world.