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This page details Hanyuu's other appearances and involvement in Higurashi-related media outside the original story.


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Higurashi When They Cry Kai (anime)[]

Hanyuu hosts the preview at the end of each episode barring the final one with Rika even before her debut in the story itself.


Hanyuu holds conversations with Rika throughout the arc without being perceivable by others. Despite being invisible to the audience, Hanyuu is credited with her name in the endings.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei[]


Rika is sent to a new Fragment after getting hit by a truck, and Hanyuu is unable to directly speak with her except through a spirit orb in the tool shed. They discover that in Rika's world, she is not the eighth generation but rather the ninth, and so that world's Hanyuu has likely already disappeared. Hanyuu tells Rika that her mom has a Fragment in her that would allow her to return home, however it would mean Rika has to kill her and then herself. As Rika ponders her circumstances, she determines she is really a witch and names that part of her Frederica Bernkastel.

Rika manages to return to her own world and meets Hanyuu in person again, who implies that it was a dream set up by her to teach Rika to appreciate her life. Hanyuu also says she made a new friend.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou[]


After the events of Outbreak, Rika and Hanyuu investigate the sudden outbreak of Hinamizawa Synrdome and the resulting lockdown of the village. They try to leave Hinamizawa but are stopped by Tamurahime no Mikoto, who knows Hanyuu from long ago and won't let them leave since she wants to deal with the Syndrome herself. They later meet Une, who is revealed to be a goddess much like Hanyuu and Tamura.

Une destroys humanity with her virus however Hanyuu uses her powers to send herself and Rika back in time to before the outbreak. Une and Tamura alongside Hanyuu are made to join the club, and the three goddesses lose a mahjong game and do a punishment game.

Higurashi Gou and Sotsu anime[]

Post-Matsuribayashi, Hanyuu has disappeared, with Kagurashi showing that she disappeared from the human world at some point after believing that a true miracle had occurred. In 1984, Irie discovers that Satoko's Hinamizawa Syndrome has been cured and that several similar cases have been reported across all the villagers. Rika says that a "certain someone" finally decided to trust humans again.

Satoko meets Eua and becomes a looper, being sent to an identical Matsuribayashi world. Hanyuu is among the club members here during Takano's defeat in 1983, and seemingly disappears afterwards like in the previous loop.

After a teenage Rika's death, Hanyuu meets her in the Sea of Fragments and regrettably informs her that she is to repeat June 1983. Hanyuu says she's just a lingering trace of herself, explaining why she is not able to tell the reason Rika ended up in the Sea of Fragments again. Rika swears to beat June 1983 again and reclaim her future.

Rika speaks to Hanyuu in the Sea of Fragments after her suicide in the Onidamashi/Oniakashi world. Hanyuu is unaware of what happened to Rika in that world since she's in a weakened state and can't even follow her, but she assures Rika she will definitely succeed and create another miracle.

Rika wakes up again in the Sea of Fragments after her death in the Watadamashi/Wataakashi world and speaks to Hanyuu. Hanyuu apologizes for not being able to do anything and is about to say who killed Rika, but she interrupts her and says she could remember if someone's power weren't lacking. Hanyuu tells her to calm down and focus on what she can remember, but Rika starts crying from frustration at having to watch everyone die again. Hanyuu comforts her.

After Rika dies at the hands of Ooishi in the Tataridamashi/Tatariakashi world and returns to the Sea of Fragments, Hanyuu reminisces on how happy she was to meet Rika long ago. Hanyuu destroys several Fragments to repair her cracked horn, granting Rika the ability to remember her deaths. Rika soon wakes up and realizes she remembers Ooishi killing her, and Hanyuu explains this fact to her. She also tells Rika that the Onigari-no-ryuuou sealed inside the ritual warehouse of the shrine has the ability to kill those who lives in loops. Hanyuu bids farewell to Rika and steps out into the void despite Rika's tearful protests.

Rika heads to the ritual storehouse and opens the statue only to find the sword is missing, and only a fragment of it is left. Rika cries over her farewell gift not even existing and wonders if the looper Hanyuu is talking about might be herself; Rika ponders killing herself with the sword fragment but opts not to.

Meanwhile, Hanyuu rematerializes and confronts Eua, declaring that she's finally found her. Eua refers to her as her "darling failure". Hanyuu is horrifed at seeing Rika's plight in the Fragments Eua shows her and tries to fight her after seeing that she's made Satoko into a looper, but Eua easily defeats her and restrains her. Eua believes it was Hanyuu's doing when she deflected Takano's bullet a long time ago and doesn't want her to try protecting her friends again, but Hanyuu says she doesn't understand.

Eua says that Hanyuu is still a part of her and forces her to watch the next Fragment, where Satoko tortures Rika alive by performing the watanagashi on her. Hanyuu tries to look away but Eua uses more restraints on her, cackling wildly as Hanyuu despairs. When Rika seemingly gives up and promises to Satoko that she'll stay in Hinamizawa in the next world, Hanyuu begs her to realize what's going on. Eua says that Hanyuu cannot hope for Rika to realize that her best friend is causing her tragedy, but Hanyuu says a miracle can. This prediction comes true in the next world when Rika recalls memories of Satoko shooting her in the Tataridamashi/Tatariakashiworld, and then confirms her suspicions when Satoko dodges a boxing glove trap that was used on her in the Onidamashi/Oniakashi world.

Hanyuu continues to watch in agony as Satoko and Rika beging fighting each other across worlds. Hanyuu tries to charge up power to break her restraints, but Eua stops her and promises that if Hanyuu can display a miracle, she'll do everything she says. Hanyuu pleads for Rika to give her one.

Sotsu ep14 hanyuu trap

After the superpowered Rika and Satoko finish fighting with Rika preparing to finish the other off, Hanyuu successfully breaks free and charges at Eua, but the woman freezes her in place with her staff pointed close to her face. Eua says Hanyuu ought to show her miracle or else she'll disappear.

Eua battles Hanyuu again, and Hanyuu says she can definitely make a miracle happen. Hanyuu summons the Onigari-no-ryuuou after Rika discards it and attacks Eua, leaving a crack in her horn and causing her to shrink. Eua admits defeat and disappears.

Hanyuu is last seen sitting atop the Furude Shrine gate and smiling.

Higurashi Gou and Meguri manga[]

Post-Matsuribayashi, Hanyuu is still living with Rika, however people have begun to forget the existence of Hanyuu Furude, and Rika went back to being the only person who could see her. Hanyuu and Rika have a discussion about Rika's newfound ability to do anything since she's escaped the loop, with Hanyuu worrying that Rika being trapped for so long has robbed her of any real desires. Hanyuu encourages Rika to make the most of her life and fades away in the middle of the night.

The teenage Rika and Satoko go to St. Lucia Academy, however a rift grows between them due to Rika succeeding academically and making new friends while Satoko falls behind. During a club reunion in 1988, Satoko meets Eua, a being similar to Hanyuu who frequently refers to the latter as "her failure", and becomes a looper. Satoko is sent to a world similar to the post-Matsuribayashi one, where she asks about Hanyuu and Rika is happy that she remembers her.

Satoko decides to trap herself and Rika in an eternal June 1983 loop and cause tragedies to ensure their happy days continue. Hanyuu no longer exists in these repeated loops but can still talk to Rika whenever she goes to the Sea of Fragments.(Satokowashi)

After Rika's first death in Onidamashi/Oniakashi, Hanyuu informs her that she must repeat the June 1983 scenario and explains that she went into a deep sleep so Rika could live a happy life.

Nekodamashi 3-3 hanyuu disappears

Hanyuu disappears

In Nekodamashi/Nekoakashi, Rika accidentally exposes Satoko as a looper when she mistakes a present box for a boxing glove trap used on her in the Onidamashi/Oniakashi world and dodges it. Satoko shoots and kills her afterwards. Rika returns to the Sea of Fragments with the knowledge of Satoko killing her, and Hanyuu explains that she used the rest of her power to let Rika remember her death just this once. Hanyuu then tells her about the Onigari-no-ryuuou's ability to kill loopers. Hanyuu is confident that Rika will get along fine without her and tearfully disappears.

Console-Exclusive Arcs[]


This arc features an adult version of Hanyuu coming to Onigafuchi hundreds of years ago and provides an explanation for her past.


Hanyuu appears before a drunk Tomoe Minai in 1982 and tells her that she is necessary for Rika's survival in Hinamizawa.


In this alternate world taking place after Minagoroshi, Hanyuu has mysteriously disappeared from Rika's side. As Rika works with her friends to solve the various tragedies that occur, Hanyuu is still around influencing her friends and getting them to remember things from previous Fragments.

After the Watanagashi Festival, Keiichi and Rika find an unconscious Hanyuu floating in the river and drag her out before bringing her to Rika's shack. Rika is confused since only she should be able to see Hanyuu, yet Keiichi was the first one to notice her. A flashback to Hanyuu's past is shown, where she massacres Onigafuchi villagers as punishment and is killed by her daughter Ouka.

Hanyuu mysteriously disappears after Rika and Keiichi tend to her.

Miotsukushi Omote[]

Other console ports feature an altered version of Miotsukushi-hen. Rika wakes up in another world where Hanyuu has mysteriously disappeared from her side.. Rika works together with her friends and tries to prevent various tragedies from occurring.

After the Watanagashi Festival, Rika looks at her reflection in the river and is seemingly confused by her appearance, soon falling inside. It is later revealed that Hanyuu was disguised as Rika in this world while the real Rika was sleeping inside of the ritual warehouse.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei[]

In this alternate world, Hanyuu joins the club and meets Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao.

This Hanyuu is revealed to be a tsukuyami clone of the original, and she fuses with a tsukuyami clone of Rika and fights the club when they're found out. Once the fused version is defeated, the real Hanyuu appears and explains that the real Rika has been taken away to another world by some powerful entity. She tells the club to escape this world since the tsukuyami have corrupted it and are about to destroy it.