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Hanyuu Furude (古手 羽入 Furude Hanyū) is Rika Furude's ancestor and the true form of Oyashiro-sama. With her powers, Rika is able to travel between Fragments every time she dies and experience different events in an attempt to escape fate. Hanyuu is first officially introduced in Minagoroshi.


A mysterious transfer student with horns growing from her head. She's supposed to be a relative of Rika, but the details are unclear. Although she is a little sick and a crybaby, she sometimes makes sharp remarks that can be reassuring. (Translated from the Entergram Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou website.)

Her favorite food is cream puffs and she doesn't like horns growing on her head. A normal god that seems to be everywhere. She was timid and easy to tease, and she was able to quickly get to know each other in the village and enjoy the long-awaited "school" life... For her, this event was a big event that she had never expected. Hinamizawa is wrapped in a tragedy again. (Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

A mysterious girl with two big horns on her head. Clad in traditional shrine maiden attire, she seems to know Rika somehow...

(From the Gou website.)


Hanyuu has long purple hair with a pair of purple horns sprouting from her head. One of her horns has a crack in it. She also wears a shrine maiden outfit all of the time. In her physical form she typically wears a pink dress.


Hanyuu gets nervous easily and mutters "au, au" a lot. She also dislikes it when people call Oyashiro-sama a cruel god and throws tantrums. Despite this, Hanyuu sometimes acts in her capacity as Oyashiro-sama and becomes much more dignified.


Hanyuu's past is unclear due to there being conflicting information in several ancient forbidden documents contained in the Furude Shrine that only the head of the Furude family could read. According to Rika, Hanyuu and her people came to Hinamizawa, then called Onigafuchi, long ago in search of a new home and wanted to live in the swamp, however there was a village of humans living nearby. Hanyuu's people wanted to coexist with the villagers however they were rejected, causing a disaster. Hanyuu took a human form and tried to mediate with the humans but was unable to hide her horns. The old head priest of the Furude Shrine refused to let Hanyuu's people coexist with them for fear that the villagers would become demons if their blood mixed, but he changed his mind after the heir to the shrine fell in love with Hanyuu and produced a child with her.

The humans' and demons' blood mixed, and the villagers became unable to to tell who was a demon and who wasn't, becoming suspicious and paranoid of one another. In order to resolve the disputes between the villagers, Hanyuu offered to take all of their sins upon herself and be sacrificed, pretending to be a demon living in the swamp that was sowing unrest in humans' hearts. Hanyuu was soon captured by the villagers, sacrificed by the head priest, and thrown back into the swamp; the very first Watanagashi Festival.

Hanyuu would become revered as Oyashiro-sama and became a ghost, waiting for a Furude family member to be the firstborn daughter of the eighth generation, "Oyashiro-sama's reincarnation." Rika wound up becoming that eighth generation, and so she was able to see and interact with Hanyuu.

The TIP in Matsuribayashi suggests that it was Hanyuu's own daughter Ouka who sacrificed her.


Hanyuu spends most of her time in incorporeal form and follows Rika all the time, sometimes going out to observe other people. Whenever Rika dies, Hanyuu sends her to a new Fragment where different events occur.

Hanyuu used to be able to send Rika several years into the past but as time went on, her powers diminished and so Rika can only go back a few weeks. Hanyuu can also use mind-control, at least in physical form.




The Club

Rika Furude

As Rika grew up Hanyuu acted as a secondary mother to her, teaching her cooking and other skills. Hanyuu is sometimes bullied by Rika through her eating spicy food, and because their senses are linked Hanyuu tastes the spiciness as well.



It is implied that Hanyuu went to check on Keiichi at one point and was sensed behind him.


When Rika fights Shion and gets injected, she starts calling out Hanyuu's name; this is the first time Hanyuu's real name is mentioned.


In the TIPS, Rika speaks to an unknown character, which is most likely Hanyuu.


Hanyuu makes her first proper appearance. She and Rika go through the world of Minagoroshi and try to make allies to prevent Rika's death. Rika allows Takano and Tomitake to visit the ritual tool shed, and when Takano starts talking about Oyashiro-sama's past Hanyuu gets angry at her and starts stomping around.

In the end, everyone in the club is killed by Takano. Hanyuu realizes that because she was a spectator instead of an active participant, they were unable to claim victory. Hanyuu decides to use the last of her power to create yet another new world and get involved this time.


In this final Fragment, Hanyuu has gained a physical form and lives with Rika. During the Connecting Fragments section, Keiichi's dad sees Hanyuu and Rika playing out in a field and is encouraged to build a house in Hinamizawa and move there. At some point Takano visits the shrine to give a mock donation and Hanyuu appears to her, and the two have a short conflict between their resolves.

Hanyuu joins the Hinamizawa school and is introduced as an exchange student and Rika's relative, and she is inducted into the club. The club later fights the Mountain Dogs on Satoko's trap mountain, and Hanyuu scares away some of the men using her Oyashiro-sama voice. They also fight the Mountain Dogs inside the Sonozaki torture chamber where Shion is captured by them, and Hanyuu taps into he powers some more to force the Dogs to let them go.

The club confronts Takano, who has a gun loaded with only one bullet and is threatening to shoot. Hanyuu offers to give her life if it means protecting the others, and when Takano fires Rika suddenly stops time and grabs the bullet, saving Hanyuu.

Takano is soon taken away and Hanyuu heads with the rest of the club to enjoy Watanagashi.

Other Appearances

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei

Saikoroshi-hen features Rika being sent to a new Fragment after getting hit by a truck, and Hanyuu is unable to directly speak with her except through a spirit orb in the tool shed. They discover that in Rika's world, she is not the eighth generation but rather the ninth, and so that world's Hanyuu has likely already disappeared. Hanyuu tells Rika that her mom has a Fragment in her that would allow her to return home, however it would mean Rika has to kill her and then herself.

Rika manages to return to her own world and meets Hanyuu in person again, who implies that it was a dream set up by her to teach Rika to appreciate her life.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou

Kamikashimashi-hen centers around Rika and Hanyuu investigating the sudden outbreak of Hinamizawa Synrdome and the resulting lockdown. They try to leave Hinamizawa but are stopped by Tamurahime no Mikoto, who knows Hanyuu from long ago and won't let them leave; Tamura wants to deal with the Syndrome herself. They later meet Une, who is revealed to be a goddess much like Hanyuu and Tamura.

Une destroys humanity however Hanyuu uses her powers to send herself and Rika back in time to before the outbreak. Une and Tamura alongside Hanyuu are made to join the club, and the three goddesses lose a mahjong game and do a punishment game.

Other Side Arcs

Kotohogushi-hen features an adult version of Hanyuu and shows her coming to Onigafuchi hundreds of years ago.


  • Hanyuu's punishment game outfit in Kamikashimashi-hen looks similar to Sakutarou from Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
  • According to an interview, Hanyuu's hair color was inspired by Oyashiro-tan, a fanmade anthropomorphic design for Oyashiro-sama that was popular on a message board.[2]


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