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Hameln (ハメルン Hamerun) is an unranked youkai who haunts the school's music room. According to his legend of "Hameln's Castanets", anyone who enters the music room alone at night will hear the sound of his castanets playing, and then will transform into an animal to be lured away to their doom.


He calls himself Hameln of the music room. He doesn't rank among the eight school youkai. It's said that if one hears the sound of his castanets they will be transformed into an animal. While he liked the pipe, he couldn't monologue while blowing one, so he changed instruments.

Since he has a moody disposition, he is well suited as a youkai. And clearly he gave Hikaru about the same treatment as a lamp.

He's a frightful man when he takes off his mask. Thankfully, he loves masks.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Hameln has silver hair with red an green streaks and wears a silver mask. His eyes are said to be red, and he wears a blue robe resembling a band uniform. Hameln's limbs seem to merge and blend with his uniform.


Hameln is ambitious and cocky. He sometimes speaks in English when he's excited.


Hameln is an unranked youkai who haunts the music room of the school. In an attempt to become one of the eighth ranked youkai, he partners with Hikaru Nihei in order to spread the legend of Hameln's Castanets.



First Night

Hameln's Castanets

Hameln greets Hikaru while he's torturing rabbits, having watched over him for a while, and convinces Hikaru to ally with him so he can spread the story of Hameln's Castanets. Hikaru uses Hameln's power to get revenge on his bullies by transforming them into rabbits and mutilating them.

After being reprimanded by the teacher Imata for throwing away another girl's notebook, Hikaru gets angry and demands Hameln turn the teacher into a rabbit, but the youkai says his powers only work if someone is in the music room. Hikaru comes up with a plan. That night, Hikaru and Hameln try to find Imata in the staff room only for Higanbana to appear. Hameln voices his desire to become a school mystery and battles Higanbana. After a short scuffle, Hameln transforms Higanbana into a rabbit, having planned with Hikaru to lure Imata and transform the staff room into the music room by switching the nameplates.

Hameln declares that he is the new third ranked youkai with Higanbana's defeat and tries to eat the transformed youkai, however Higanbana rips out his tongue and internal organs, making the wannabe mystery fade away. Higanbana turns back to normal and gains Hameln's castanets.

Second Night

After School

In this dream world, Hikaru summons Hameln to battle Michiru and Sakunoshin. Hameln bests the lion youkai by feeding him a nice meat cake.


  • Hameln is based off the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a story originating in the German town of Hamelin. Hameln's birthday of June 26[1] is the same date as Rat Catcher's Day, a holiday celebrated in Hamelin.