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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Hameln is an unranked youkai who haunts the school's music room, also known as "Hameln of the Music Room." According to his legend, anyone who enters the music room at night when no one else is around will hear the sound of his castanets playing, and then will turn into an animal to be lured away to their doom.

Personality & Background

Hameln is an ambitious youkai. Although he is not one of the eight ranked youkai of the school, he seeks to reach one of the eight ranks.

Hameln, with ambitions of overthrowing Marie Moriya for her eighth rank, partners with Hikaru Nihei in order to spread the rumor of Hameln's Castanets. This becomes a success after Hameln uses his powers to turn Hikaru's classmates into rabbits, which Hikaru then kills. As his power grows, so does his ambition, as Hameln later sets his eyes on Higanbana's third ranked seat instead. While trying to confront a teacher to turn them into a rabbit, Higanbana appears instead. He is successful in transforming her into a rabbit with his power, only for her to kill Hameln anyways. Higanbana then gained the power of Hameln's Castanets.



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