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Hai-Ryun Yeasomul Jedha (ハィ=リューン・イェアソムール・ジェダ), also known as Hanyuu, is a Ryuun warrior who comes to Onigafuchi in the distant past. She is the main protagonist of the console-exclusive arc Kotohogushi-hen.


One of the "Jedha" (Observers), whose mission is to watch over the settlement of the "Ryuun people" who have crossed the barrier of the fifth dimension to live in the present world, and to sanction those who commit violations such as harming the natives. As a high-ranking molecular life form, she is able to make her body intangible by manipulating molecular bonds.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


When she assumes a corporeal body, Yeasomul tries to resemble a human being as much as she can, but is unable to hide the dark purple horns which is characteristic of those from her clan. She has long flowing light purple hair with spiky bangs and dark purple eyes.

She is initially seen wearing what resembles a black and red hanfu, particularly because of the white and red collar holding her blouse closed in a jiaoling youren style. She wears a long black short sleeved blouse along with a black robe seeming like a cloak and a long red skirt. The sash securing her garments matches her collar—with jagged red and white stripes. Her arms and legs appear to be covered in a black form-fitting material—perhaps implying she is wearing a bodysuit of some sort underneath her clothing. It is later explained that her ensemble is actually made of specialized armored garments worn by those of her clan to aid in battle[1].

Later on after deciding to take permanent residence at the Furude Shrine, Yeasomul is soon seen wearing an unconventional miko outfit after having grown tired of Riku's annoyingly persistent attempts to have her wear one. At first glace, it seems to resemble traditional miko attire—with a red-lined pure white kosode and a bright red hakama. However, the sleeves are a lighter red and decorated with matching dark red strings. Most notably, the sleeves are separate from the kosode and merely hang around her upper arms, revealing her bare skin between the partition from the kosode. This modification along with the already breezy structure of the hakama fills Yeasomul with much indignation as showing skin is considered disgraceful to Ryuun women[2]. She also begins wearing a white hood to hide her horns from outsiders.



As a Ryuun, Yeasomul has a different anatomy than humans, giving her multiple vital organs. She can also extend her nails to very long lengths and slice through almost anything.


Yeasomul was born on Earth after the Ryuun immigrated to it. She was part of the Putus race due to being pureblooded and has been raised since birth to fulfill her duty as a Putus and Jedha by exterminating berserk Grifys. One day, Yeasomul battles Grifys who attack Onigafuchi Village and rescues a baby from the ruins, giving it to survivors who praise her as Oyashiro-sama and raise the baby as her reincarnation. This baby is adopted by the Furude family and named Riku, who Yeasomul encounters 20 years later.

Yeasomul's full name of Hai-Ryun Yeasomul Jedha means “the feathers of the bird wings in this land” in the Ryuun language. Individually, each part means something else: "Hai" is the self-appointed title by the Putus as warriors, "Yeasomul" is a hereditary title from her homeland, and "Jedha" is her occupation.

Yeasomul is given the nickname of Hanyuu (羽入) due to Riku having trouble hearing her full name and doing a play on words, as he could hear the "Hai" part and knew there was "wing" (羽) in her name. Hanyuu comes to accept this new name for herself.




Ryuun-Ohc is an artificial intelligence and transport system attached to the Lynos within Onigafuchi Swamp, created and programmed by Hanyuu. Ryuun-Ohc assists her in combat and gives advice, following almost every order she makes.

Riku Furude

Riku was the baby Hanyuu rescued in Onigafuchi 20 years ago and gave to survivors. They reunite however Hanyuu is at first unaware that Riku was the baby and develops an uneasy friendship with him, finding a strange attraction in him despite being constantly enraged by Riku's dimwittedness and perverted nature. Hanyuu eventually decides that she does love Riku and they exchange feelings for each other, getting married and having a child as a result.

Ouka Furude

Shino Kimiyoshi

Shino is Riku's childhood friend, called in to help teach Hanyuu how to do housework. Shino at first believes Hanyuu is just a foreigner. She accidentally discovers Hanyuu's horns but is completely undisturbed by it and keeps it a secret. Hanyuu and Shino become very good friends after that, bonding over dissing Riku's maid fetish.



20 years after saving Onigafuchi village from a Grifys attack, Yeasomul returns to Onigafuchi Swamp after another battle to rest and repair her sword. She laments that the Jedha and Putus are beginning to die out from their many battles as Ryuun-Ohc tells her that the attack 20 years ago was instigated by a Putus.

Yeasomul goes to take a bath in a nearby spring when she hears what sounds like a human and a bear nearby. Yeasomul sees Riku being attacked by a bear and wrestles with the beast, rolling into a river with it and killing it. Riku tries to rescue Yeasomul from the river but she emerges and then threatens him to keep what he saw a secret. Yeasomul then realizes she fought the bear completely naked and tries to hide back in the river. Riku unashamedly reveals he was watching her bathe earlier, and the woman throws him into the river.

Riku is dragged out of the river and Yeasomul considers erasing his memories, and then she sees she injured her foot earlier. Riku awakens and offers to take her back to the village to treat her injury despite Yeasomul's repeated threats. Yeasomul sees that Riku is not afraid of her horns at all and goes with him, beginning to develop feelings for him.

Riku explains his role as priest of the Furude Shrine and Yeasomul introduces herself by her full name, and Riku decides to name her "Hanyuu" since its easier to say. Hanyuu is confused but accepts it. Though Hanyuu is concerned about scaring the villagers with her horns, Riku takes her through a path to the shrine that avoids the village. Hanyuu proceeds to live with Riku for a month, long after her foot injury healed. As days and weeks pass, Hanyuu learns about Riku's miko outfit fetish and constantly fights off his attempts to make her wear one, often beating him up for it.

Three months pass in total, and Hanyuu is informed by Ryuun-Ohc of an impending Grifys attack in another location. Hanyuu explains to Riku that she must leave and may not come back after this. Later, Hanyuu meets with Priest Furude in private and learns that Riku was the baby she rescued that day. During the battle, Hanyuu comes to accept her new name, having a new purpose in life because of Riku. She temporarily uses her "claw-blades" to finish the job. A wounded Hanyuu wills herself to return to Onigafuchi to get a look at Riku's sleeping face and is met by him on the shrine stairs. Hanyuu is confident that she does love Riku.

Two years later, the two are still living together and bickering over miko outfits. One day, Riku asks what Hanyuu will do if she exterminates all the Grifys in the land and confesses that he loves her. Hanyuu thinks he's lying, as nobody would ever love her for her horns, and is especially conflicted now that Riku's confessing this after finally getting her to wear a miko outfit. Riku promises to reflect on that, and Hanyuu reciprocates.

A TIP shows that after the confession, Hanyuu goes to Priest Furude for his approval in hers and Riku's marriage. She worries about what would happen if it became known that the heir to the shrine married a demon and provides Priest Furude with instructions on how to kill Ryuun, wanting to become a sacrifice in the future to quell the villagers' anger. She also gives him instructions regarding the legend of demons passed down through Onigafuchi.

A month later, Riku and Hanyuu have gotten married, with Shino giving Hanyuu advice on how to do chores and becoming good friends with her. After beating up Riku again, Hanyuu and Shino bond and eat mochi when Hanyuu suddenly gets nauseous and throws up into a bush. Shino sees that this is morning sickness and congratulates Hanyuu on getting pregnant. Hanyuu is overjoyed since the Putus have a very low birthrate and thought she and Riku would be incompatible, but those happy thoughts turn to horror when she worries if her child will also grow horns and face similar injustices as her.

That night, during a thunderstorm, Hanyuu sits in the ritual warehouse and worries about what to do. She's tormented by the thought she'd have to kill her own child in the future if it turned out to be a Grifys and goes to Onigafuchi Swamp. Hanyuu tries to synchronize with Ryuun-Ohc, planning to abort her child, but the system won't allow her to. Ryuun-Ohc says that Hanyuu's fears are nothing more than assumptions. Riku appears and comforts her, thinking Hanyuu is trying to kill herself and her child; he learned the news from Shion earlier. Hanyuu confesses her fears and Riku assures her that things will be alright.


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