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As a tag-team game, the story mode follows multiple pairs of characters, each of which has their own story and ending that are considered to take place in an alternate continuity from the original Umineko When They Cry.

Each route has a total of 7 fights, 2 of which are fixed events that advance the plot of the route.

The various routes also spoil events from the original story, so caution is advised.

STORY 01: Battler and Ange[]


Battler appears behind Ange

Battler and Ange vow to return to their world. They find EVA and Chiester 410, and defeat them. After finding Beato and Lucifer, Battler bids them both goodbye. Beato doesn't let them, and tells the pair that Battler cannot come back to 1998, because the past cannot be changed. Ange declares that she'll take Battler back to her time, and Beato challenges her to try and take her title and Battler away from her.

Upon defeat, she gives her title of Golden Witch to Ange, but taunts that even with the title, she is powerless to change the future. Ange admits that, and tells Beatrice that the fight is one of her daydreams. She thanks Battler for spending time with her, and he promises that he'll return home eventually.

Back in the present day, Ange is at the top of the skyscraper, and says that she'll return to where her family is, and Battler appears behind her to stop her as the route ends.

STORY 02: Battler and Ronove[]

Battler, as the game master, is writing up a new scenario for a game. Ronove warns him that many people are willing to resort to force in order to secure a larger role.

Two of those people are Shannon and Kanon, and Battler suggests that he'll give them front and center roles if the girls are wearing swimsuits. Because of this, Kanon challenges them to a fight.

After losing, Battler jokes about letting them both join if they wear swimsuits, and offers to give Kanon a role if he wears one as well. Between fights, Battler comments that the demon often holds himself back while fighting.


Ronove undresses in front of Battler

Finally, the pair find Virgilia and Beatrice, the latter of which teases him and asks if he has a role set up for her. Battler replies that it involves her in a bikini, and Virgilia notes that being game master has sent all the power to his head. After defeating the two, Ronove notes that all petitions sent for the game have been rejected, leaving Battler almost out of characters to use in the story...except for himself and Ronove. Battler can't think of a plot involving the two of them, except for the perverted ones he proposed earlier to Shannon and Beatrice, which Ronove begins to act out.

STORY 03: Battler and Beatrice[]


Battler challenges Beatrice

A new witch appears by solving the epitaph, and gets to be the ruler of the game. Battler and Beatrice decide to try and take their gameboard back. After fighting Chiester 410 and Lucifer, they reveal that the culprit is somebody Battler knows well. After a couple more fights, they find EVA, who has solved the epitaph and become the new Golden Witch. Determined to take back their game, the two defeat her and Ronove. Beatrice then orders Ronove to prepare another gameboard. Since Beatrice got the board back, their alliance ends, with Battler declaring that he'll explain all her magic with human tricks, and Beatrice promising to take him head-on.

STORY 04: Battler and Lucifer[]


Battler summons Lucifer as his furniture and asks her to fight with him. Chiester 410 teases her, and after fighting, reveals that another witch solved the epitaph. Battler then announces that he will also solve the epitaph. After a couple of battles, they find Beatrice, who crowns EVA as the new Golden Witch. Battler interrupts the scene, declaring that he solved the epitaph; however, because EVA solved it first, that means that she is the new witch, not him. Lucifer complains that he should have been able to solve it first, since Beatrice made the game for him. After defeating the two witches, Battler declares that EVA can have the gold, but the epitaph riddle is his.

Afterwards, Beatrice asks him if he really solved the riddle. He replies that he did, and she decides to hear his theories. Finally, Battler meets with Lucifer and thanks her for her help. She replies that she only lent her power to him for Beatrice's sake, and cannot accept him as her master unless he defeats her in a fight. The route ends as the two square off against each other.

STORY 05: Battler and Shannon[]


Battler congratulates Shannon

Shannon asks Battler for help with something, and he accepts, not quite knowing what the request is for. After defeating some opponents, he asks Shannon to tend to their wounds. A bit later, they run into Virgilia and Beatrice, who mention something about Beato and her fighting, and Battler takes it to mean that he's Shannon's second. Beato thanks her for the fight afterwards, and Virgilia instructs Battler to keep supporting Shannon. Beato then tells him that it's a brother-sister battle, and that Shannon needs him to stay as a witness until the end.

They eventually find Kanon, who has Ronove as a witness. Ronove tells him to watch the fight to the end, without saying anything. Battler starts yelling, and asks why they have to fight as they begin the duel.

After Shannon wins, Battler asks her why she had to fight him. She replies that they needed to duel to earn the right to love. After an explanation from Beatrice and Kanon, he congratulates her on getting engaged.

STORY 06: Ange and Lucifer[]


Ange and Lucifer torment Battler

Ange summons Lucifer in order to replace Beato as game master, so that she can rewrite the game and let him come home to her. She finds Beato and declares herself as the new game master before challenging her. After defeating her and Beato, Virgilia warns that Battler likely wouldn't agree to leave Beato's game unfinished, so Ange decides to fight Battler.

She finds him and Ronove, but Battler insists on finishing Beato's fight first. Eventually, they end up arguing, and then fighting. Upon defeat, Battler complains that he can't believe he lost their first sibling fight. Ange assumes the role of game master, and decides to make a tale where Battler apologizes to her.

STORY 07: Ange and EVA[]


EVA refuses to tell Ange the truth

Ange asks EVA for the truth of Rokkenjima, but she refuses to tell her unless she follows her to 1986. EVA brings her to Ronove and Virgilia, and instructs the duo to tell Ange that there's no version of the truth that Ange will accept. Virgilia warns her to return to her world. After defeating them, Ange demands that she has a right to know the truth, EVA replies that she does have that right, but won't believe her.

They eventually find Beatrice and Battler. He promises to return to her, but EVA interjects and tells her that he'll never come home from fighting an endless battle with Beatrice. Battler yells that he'll come home, but Ange demands that she's already been waiting for 12 years. Once out of the gameboard, EVA tells her that is the truth, and while Ange refuses to believe it, she believes in Battler's promise to return home.

STORY 08: Virgilia and Ronove[]


Virgilia scolds Battler and Beatrice

After hearing that Beatrice and Battler would probably continue fighting for eternity, Virgilia and Ronove decide to step in. When they ask EVA and Chiester 410, they refuse to answer on account of it being easier to defeat the two after they have been weakened. After beating them, 410 reveals that they are in the rose garden.

The arrive to the two throwing petty insults at each other. Virgilia orders them to calm down and clear their heads, but they refuse. After beating them, they force the duo into having a tea break while mediating the argument.

STORY 09: Virgilia and Beatrice[]

Beatrice virgilia

Beatrice teases Ange

Beato runs to Virgilia in a tantrum because a new person has become game master and changed the scenario to one where she is being bullied; Virgilia promises to help. They find Kanon and Ronove, who have been ordered to attack her. After defeating them, Virgilia orders them to tell her who the game master is, but they refuse. After a couple more fights, they find Ange and Lucifer, who admits that it was easy to take her gameboard due to Beatrice and Battler constantly playing around. Beatrice refuses to give Ange the gameboard, and Virgilia tries to mediate the argument, but the two end up fighting.

After defeating Ange, Virgilia orders her to return the gameboard to Beato, and promises her that Battler might return if he wins the fight against her. However, Beatrice butts in and tells her that she'll never give him up. In response, Virgilia punishes her.

STORY 10: Virgilia and Chiester 410[]


Virgilia cooks 410 a dish she does not like

Virgilia agrees to help Chiester 410 find whoever has stolen her carrots. Kanon tells them that he heard Shannon would be cooking them with burdock for dinner. 410 immediately calls Shannon a thief, but Virgilia tries to argue that she just mistook the ingredients.

Offscreen, Shannon praises Ronove for the number of dishes he can make with carrots; he comments that he didn't remember ordering the specific type of carrots he is using. 410 and Virgilia then barge in and ask for the carrots back. After defeating them, Ronove says his carrots must have been swapped out for the Chiester Corps' carrots. Shannon wonders where her own carrots went, and 410 reveals that she ate them. Virgilia then confiscates them to make carrot and mackerel miso curry rice soup for both them and the humans, much to the distaste of 410.

STORY 11: Ronove and Beatrice[]


Beatrice and Ronove meet to discuss her next game, and she remarks to him that constantly winning is boring. Shannon and Kanon confront her as she begins the tragedy, and she challenges them to stop her serial murder of 13 people. Upon defeat, Shannon asks why the ceremony is necessary, and she replies that it's for her revival. Shannon doesn't understand why she needs to revive when she is already capable of talking and murder in her current state. Beatrice responds that if the ceremony is halted, they will be spared.

Battler and Ange challenge her to stop her ceremony. Battler hasn't fully worked out the specifics of how she's killing people, and Beatrice challenges him to think about why she's doing the ceremony in the first place. Battler doesn't care, and Beatrice comments that he'll disappoint her. Once he's defeated, he wonders how he can defeat Beatrice, and she tells him that he will need to solve her riddles. She completes the ceremony, but expresses disappointment that nobody managed to solve her puzzles.

STORY 12: Ronove and EVA[]


Ronove/EVA Ending

EVA solves the epitaph, and Ronove crowns her as the new Golden Witch. She finds Beatrice and Virgilia, and goes mad with power, until she finds Ange and Lucifer. Ange denies that what she is being shown is the truth of Rokkenjima, and challenges her to a fight.

Once she beats the two, EVA tells Ronove that she is now the only person who knows the truth of the island, so that if she never speaks a word of the truth, it can be whatever she wants it to be. She seals the island in a catbox, with her as the only key to it. When Ronove asks her why she named Ange as the new Golden Witch, she tells him that Ange will weave together her own truth. The demon warns her that she'll be despised until the end of her life, but she replies that her life ended when she lost George, and thanks Ronove for his service.

STORY 13: Beatrice and Lucifer[]


Beato/Lucifer Ending

Beatrice summons Lucifer in order to make her laugh. They find Battler and Kanon and taunt the incompetent redhead with closed room murders. Beatrice soon crushes all his theories, leaving him to despair.

At the last minute, Shannon and Ronove show up to stop Beatrice. She declares that her reliance on closed room murders makes her not a witch, and Beato then tells her that she will make Shannon a victim of one. By killing her, she creates a perfect closed room, and thanks the servant for her sacrifice. She tells Beatrice that it will all eventually be solved, someday, and that she will only be a witch for that short period of time.

At the end of the route, Lucifer wonders if she will only exist until Beatrice's puzzles are solved. She confirms that they are only living until the catbox is opened. Lucifer then wishes her eternal life.

STORY 14: Beatrice and EVA[]


EVA becomes the new Golden Witch, and teams up with Beato to complete her resurrection ceremony after being challenged her to test her strength. Beato summons Chiester 410 and Lucifer for her to fight; she compliments EVA after her sound defeat of the pair.

Battler and Virgilia find them, and Battler starts arguing about how gruesomely the new witch is killing people. Beato laughs at him for it, and the two argue some more before fighting. Once he loses, EVA promises to brutally murder him like she did George. Battler asks Beato if she's nothing more than a brutal monster, but she is unable to respond before EVA kills him. When EVA promises to be even more brutal, Beatrice tries to rein her in but she refuses, becoming the only person who gets to record the outcome of the island's tragedy.

STORY 15: Lucifer and Kanon[]


Lucifer approaches Kanon by order of Beatrice in order to help improve his fighting skills. The two bicker about which of them is the stronger one before beginning.

Their first event is with Ronove and Virgilia, where Kanon and Lucifer argue about who is training who, and Virgilia offers that the two pairs spar. Their second event is where they meet Chiester 410 and Beatrice. After a bit of prying, Beatrice reveals that she sent Lucifer to Kanon so they could both improve their skills. Lucifer requests a trial, in order to show that she is the stronger of the two.

The two defeat Chiester 410 and Beatrice easily due to their improved speed and agility, and then try to get Beatrice to decide on which of them is the better fighter. When she suggests that both are very powerful, Kanon and Lucifer demand that they fight again so Beatrice can finally decide. Beatrice shouts for someone to come help her.

STORY 16: Lucifer and Chiester 410[]


Chiester 410 suggests that herself and Lucifer band together to demand better treatment from Beatrice. While Lucifer is hesitant at first, she eventually decides to join with 410 after she suggests that her sisters will respect her more if she is more assertive.

After facing Ronove and Virgilia, they find Beatrice and EVA, who scoffs at them when they ask for snacks and naps, and begins to tease Lucifer for it. Lucifer then apologizes, but is interrupted by Chiester 410, who reminds her that her sisters are watching. Because of this, she nervously restates her original demands. After defeating the pair of witches, Chiester 410 warns Beatrice that Lucifer will quit if she doesn't accept her demands, and as Beatrice gets more and more angry, Lucifer begins to back down, but Chiester 410 identifies herself as Lucifer's representative and refuses to give up. However, Beatrice eventually accepts her demands, and gives the Seven Sisters three meals of carrots per day, causing the other stakes to make fun Lucifer for it.

STORY 17: Shannon and Kanon[]


Kanon/Shannon Ending

Kanon and Shannon decide to believe in the power of Beatrice's brooch and go through seven trials to become human. After the fourth trial, Ronove and Virgilia wish them luck.

The seventh and final trial is against Beatrice and Lucifer. However, once defeated, she tells them that two against one is not a fair trial, and tells them to take their true final trial.

The route ends with Kanon wondering what the true final trial is as they stand back-to-back in the rose garden, like in Dawn of the Golden Witch.

STORY 18: EVA and Chiester 410[]


EVA summons Chiester 410 in order to increase their rankings in the character popularity poll. She notes that they wouldn't be able to outright beat the high-ranking characters, so she decides to crush everybody more popular than her to be ranked first.

They find Battler and Ange, who rank second and third, respectively. EVA and 410 defeat them, and she says that people shouldn't vote for fragile characters who are easily beaten.

They then find Beatrice, who is ranked first, and EVA wonders how she got into the top spot. After defeating her and Lucifer, Beatrice tries to reason with EVA, saying that there isn't a point to having a poll if she isn't in it. Soon, EVA ranks first in the poll, having crushed everybody ranked higher than her. When she asks who is in the third spot, 410 replies that there isn't anybody, because they defeated all of them.

STORY 19: Jessica and George[]


After getting fed up with always playing the pieces who get killed, Jessica and George decide to fight against Beatrice. They find Battler and Ange, and insist on switching roles so that they will be the main characters, and tell him that they will search for the culprit themselves. After losing, Ange decides to take Battler back to the future, leaving Jessica and George to be the main characters.

They then find Beatrice and Lucifer, who Jessica declares to be the culprit. Beatrice tries to get them to figure out who is behind her, but they don't listen and are only focused on stopping her. After defeating her, Jessica attempts to reveal who she is, but George stops her, in the interest of stopping the crimes; if Beatrice is unmasked, she won't have any sway over the culprit, according to George. However, before parting, he asks for her motive. Beatrice refuses to tell him, but he suspects that he knows it.

As the route ends, Beatrice comments that she supposes this was one of the endings she had hoped for, and hands victory to George.

STORY 20: Shannon and George[]


Shannon accepts George's marriage proposal, and George vows to make her his. They then find Jessica and Kanon, who vow to overcome them. Shannon apologies to the pair when she defeats them, and George tells her that she isn't furniture anymore.

He then finds EVA and Beatrice, and declares that the former will accept his marriage. She refuses, and Shannon tells Beatrice that she will abandon everything to be with him. They defeat the witches, and Beatrice tells her to not forget that she gathered her love from three pairs of lovers. Beatrice summons demons for the wedding, and the scene ends as they declare that they'll be together forever.

STORY 21: Kanon and Jessica[]


Jessica and Kanon dressed as Marisa Kirisame and Reimu Hakurei from Touhou.

Jessica decides to try to help Kanon be more assertive. When he tells her that he's furniture, she insists that he find the power to become human.

After fighting Chiester 410 and Lucifer, they find Battler and Ronove, who are preparing the next game. Kanon tries to speak to Battler, but stammers and can't form a sentence. After fighting them, he finally manages to get the courage to ask to play music with Jessica. Battler accepts the scenario, and writes it into the game. Jessica congratulates him on becoming human.

STORY 22: Rosa and Battler[]


Rosa insists that one of the people on the island is responsible for the murders, but Battler refuses to believe her, so they begin to search for a 19th person. They approach Shannon and Kanon, and Rosa asks for their alibis. They both prove alibis for each other, but Rosa refuses to believe them due to the chance of a conspiracy by the servants. Battler tries to stop her, saying that if she doesn't trust anybody, they won't be able to prove anything; until the police come, Rosa refuses to trust anybody.

After talking to more people, Battler doesn't believe any of them were suspicious. Rosa agrees, and then turns on him, insisting that Battler is a wolf. Beatrice then appears in the metaworld to say that since no red truth exists to the pieces on the gameboard, there's no way to convince her otherwise. A second later, Black Battler appears to the three of them, and they fight him and Beato.

After defeating the two, Battler asks Rosa how he can prove his innocence. She tells him that she will believe him if he can explain the murders, and other things like the letter in the parlor. Battler, unable to do so, asks her how he knows she isn't the culprit. She tells him that if he trusts nobody, he'll never be betrayed. Then, she tells him that they'll make it up to each other in their next life.

A second later, the screen turns black as the sound of a gunshot rings out, and Rosa begins to scream for Beatrice to take her and Maria away from the island. After a second, she realizes that she's been betrayed again, and then begins to yell about how the only things you can trust are yourself and corpses, and that not trusting anybody paid off for her. The route ends as Rosa orders Maria to head for the ocean and try to swim away as she screams Beatrice's name.

STORY 23: Rosa and Beatrice[]


Beatrice promises Rosa that if she solves the epitaph, she will get 20 billion yen, and Rosa vows to solve it. The pair finds George and Battler trying to solve it, and after defeating them, they tell her their leads on it.

They eventually find EVA, who has solved the riddle, and Chiester 410, right after Rosa solves it. EVA refuses to split it as agreed upon, but Rosa refuses to give her portion up. EVA asks why she is so fixated on the gold, since paying off her debt won't bring Maria's father back. After defeating EVA, she agrees to give Rosa her share. Rosa comments that she's finally put an end to one of her regrets. With that money, she decides to take a vacation with Maria to a hot spring.

STORY 24: Battler and Kanon[]


This route follows the Forgery no.XXX. story where Battler is the culprit and Kanon is brought along as an unwilling accomplice. Kanon reports to Battler, and the latter decides this is the perfect time to eliminate everyone. The first event is against Jessica (aided by Ronove), where Battler reveals his evil nature to her; the two battle and Jessica is defeated and killed.

Their second event is against George (aided by Virgilia), who deduced that Battler was the culprit, but didn't want to accept it. George decides to take matters into his own hands, and they fight. In the end, George is defeated and killed, and the Story ends as Beatrice (off-screen) speaks with Kanon and Battler.

STORY 25: Jessica and Shannon[]


Jessica and Shannon ask Beatrice if there are any magical items that can grant love, and she tells them that demon flowers can do so, but very rarely bloom. In their search to find them, they run into Chiester 410 and Lucifer, who refuse to tell them where the roses are.

After being defeated, they tell them that they saw rose petals somewhere. Jessica then finds Ronove and Virgilia, and the demon butler tells Shannon that roses bloom from his blood. They then beat up Ronove in order to get the petals for the demon roses.

STORY 26: Ange and Virgilia[]


Ange and Virgilia are arguing about something, and decide to seek a second opinion. They find Beato and Chiester 410; Beatrice agrees with Ange, but Virgilia refuses to go along with them.

They then find Ronove and Battler, who are having tea. Battler lets the demon be in charge of it, and Ange takes this as evidence that her viewpoint is correct. After fighting the two, Virgilia finally concedes that her opinion is wrong, and that Ronove would be the dominant person if he and Battler got into a relationship. The route ends as Battler, confused, asks what the thin books (doujinshi) Ange has are.

STORY 27: Ronove and George[]


George demands that Ronove show him how to become a true man. When he asks Ange and Virgilia, they suggest that a man's heart is not wholly kind, and suggest becoming a sadist. George then promises to rebuild himself as Dark George.

He approaches Shannon and Lucifer, and promises to claim Shannon as his own. He orders Lucifer to get on all fours and lick his shoes, and Ronove wonders if the two are a match for George, an awakened glasses sadist. After defeating them both, he orders Lucifer again, and tells Shannon to kneel and swear her eternal love for him (while informing her that he will not take no for an answer). Ronove comments that he's become a true demon king, and is only one step away from becoming a true man, with the last step being buff.

STORY 28: George and Beatrice[]


Beatrice calls George over to test his love for Shannon. She summons EVA and Ronove, the former of which describes the original fiancee she picked out for him: pale skin, dark hair, with massive breasts. George is tempted by the offer, but he overcomes it and defeats the pair, declaring that he'll only love Shannon. Beato notes that he's weak against large breasts.

In response, she summons Chiester 410 and Lucifer to tempt him to cheat on Shannon by talking about their breasts in front of him. Beato tempts him again by promising all the Chiesters and Stakes to be his own personal harem if he accepts and breaks his engagement with Shannon. After defeating them, he tells Shannon that he loves her, but his hands have been too dirtied to touch her. He then recalls a dream where he was surrounded by a harem of Beato's furniture in bikinis, and begs Shannon to scold him.

STORY 29: Rosa and EVA[]


Rosa confronts EVA after she solves the epitaph, demanding to become a witch since she was also able to solve it (albeit a little later than EVA). When EVA teases her about it, she admits that she wants to be able to use magic in a cute outfit. EVA then decides to help her.

They come to Beatrice and Virgilia with their concerns. Virgilia warns her that training is difficult, but Rosa insists that she just wants to wear cute clothes and use magic, not necessarily become a witch. EVA points out that this would make her a magical girl, not a witch. After winning, Beato tells her that if she wins 3 more times, she will become a magical girl.

The final fight is against Erika and Dlanor. Erika makes jokes about her being a magical MILF instead, angering Rosa. She beats the pair, and Beato grants her wish, turning them both into magical girls.

STORY 30: Rosa and Chiester 410[]


Rosa summons Chiester 410 in order to get her to tidy up (ROSA defines it as crushing people's dreams as the Black Witch), and then defeats Ange and Kanon, erasing their dreams. She then goes after Beatrice and Shannon, who vows to protect Maria's dream. After defeating them, Rosa smashes one of Maria's block castles as she tidies up, and shoves Chiester 410 back into the toybox.

STORY 31: Erika and Ange[]


Erika and Ange talk about how Amakusa was out to kill Ange, who declares that she'll live until she reaches her personal truth. After finding EVA, she declares that she's the culprit, but Ange isn't entirely sure she's telling the truth. Erika points out that there is no evidence that contradicts it as EVA tells Ange to hate her. After the fight, Ange comments that the identity of the culprit is meaningless to her. Erika then asks what type of truth she's looking for.

Finally, the pair find Beatrice and Battler, the latter of whom promises to come back to her; Beatrice declares that he's unable to escape from her gameboard. Ange replies that she doesn't care about the game, and seeks a different truth.

After defeating the duo, Erika and Ange return to the boat, with both the Eva culprit theory and Beatrice denied. Despite all their investigations, they couldn't find any of Battler's remains, or any trace of him on Rokkenjima Prime, meaning that there isn't definite proof that he died in the incident; there's still a chance he's alive and will return to her. The two then decide to take the boat over the horizon, to the place they both seek.

STORY 32: Dlanor and Virgilia[]


Dlanor and Virgilia meet up for tea; Virgilia decides to read her one of Beatrice's books, but has to find it first.

They find EVA and Beatrice, who challenge Dlanor with a closed-room mystery. She manages to solve it, and Virgilia decides to find a more challenging book. They find Ronove, who shows her a more challenging book. She's confused, since the room only includes Battler and Ronove shut inside the room and sharing a bed.

Virgilia figures out that the book is actually a doujinshi and tries to confiscate it, while lecturing Beatrice to not mix them in with the mystery novels.

STORY 33: Black Battler and Shannon[]

Bbattler shannon

B.Battler kills Shannon

Shannon meets Black Battler at the shrine, who's surprised that she was still there. Shannon replied that she would be wherever he is. Black Battler asks Shannon if she was referring to him, not Battler, and then realizes that someone was there for him. Shannon asks now if he understands that they should be together. Black Battler agrees and they commit murders together, with Shannon retaking her true name to seperate herself from the girl she was.

They encounter George and Rosa soon after. Rosa asks for their alibis, to which Black Battler wholeheartedly admits to being the killer. They then defeat the two, and Sayo tells George that she is not the Shannon who loves him before murdering him.

After that, they have a face off against Kanon and Jessica, who were promptly killed after they were defeated. Now that Black Battler and Sayo are the only ones left, Sayo asks him to kill her. He complies and the story ends with him laughing after exclaiming that he is the murderer while holding Sayo's corpse close to him.

STORY 34: Erika and Dlanor[]


After proving that alibis of everybody but Natsuhi, Erika concludes that she is the culprit. Battler and Beato arrive to challenge this, but Erika refuses to listen unless they can demonstrate a trick that somebody other than Natsuhi could've used for the crime. However, neither of them can supply an alternate explanation.

They then find Shannon and Jessica, the latter using her alternate color palette resembling Natsuhi. Erika mistakes her for Natsuhi at first, and Jessica comments that she and her mom look the same now, making it possible to form a theory where the culprit was Jessica in disguise. After defeating them, Erika eliminates all the possible opposition to the Natsuhi Culprit Theory. However, Dlanor then receives information from the witch senate, signed by Lambdadelta and Bernkastel, proclaiming that they thought the Jessica Culprit Theory was funny and will concur with it. According to the witch senate, they received knowledge that Jessica and Natsuhi like to dress up as each other.

The route ends with Natsuhi, dressed up as Jessica, performing at the school festival.

STORY 35: Willard and Kanon[]


Kanon and Will train together after Kanon confesses that he desires strength. They run into Battler and Ronove, and Kanon feels inferior against them; Will tells him to defeat them and overcome that feeling. However, even after defeating them, Kanon still feels unhappy with himself.

They then find Erika and Dlanor. Erika suggests that the thing Battler and Ronove have that Kanon doesn't is height. Kanon then realizes that is the source of his complex, and Erika mocks him for it. After defeating them, Will gives him elevator boots to increase his height. When Kanon talks about how his pride cannot allow him to wear them, Will admits that he also wears them. Kanon tries them on and is ecstatic, but Dlanor whispers to Will that he doesn't wear elevator boots; he tells her to be quiet.

STORY 36: Willard and Dlanor[]


Willard and Dlanor get tasked by the Great Court to eliminate evil witches. They find EVA and Virgilia, who menacingly start to describe themselves as hiding among the shadows under the bed and in the hallway. Dlanor vows to destroy the evil witches, and EVA refutes that they're only playing pranks. Once the two are defeated, Dlanor comments that Will has changed from his former coldblooded self, who wouldn't have accepted a job such as the one they're currently tasked with.

A little later, Will comments that she's going a little too far.

They finally find Beatrice and Lucifer, who warn them that they'll transport them to the world of witches if the lights are turned off. After beating them, Shannon, the one who put in the request, appears and thanks the duo.

Later, Shannon is reading a bedtime story to Ange and Maria, and tells them how Dlanor and Will got rid of all the scary witches under the bed, in the closet, and around the island. Shannon reassures Ange that the witches won't give her nightmares anymore thanks to them.

STORY 37: Lambdadelta and Jessica[]


Because she was jealous of George and Shannon's trip to Okinawa, Jessica also wants to have a vacation. Since Natsuhi would never let her do it, she asks Lambdadelta for help.

They meet Ronove and Shannon, who freaks out when Jessica mentions wanting an overnight trip with Kanon; Ronove informs her that Kanon's schedule is full during the summer. Lambda tells her to use force to get her wish, and once they defeat them, Ronove promises to talk to Genji about giving Kanon a break during the summer.

They then meet Kanon and Battler; Jessica asks out Kanon, but he refuses on account of being furniture. She tells him that he isn't furniture, but they fight anyways.

Afterwards, Kanon begrudgingly accepts the offer, but is still concerned over a teenage boy and girl being alone together. Lambda promises that they won't be alone; the route ends with a cut to Lambda watching the two playing together in the water.

STORY 38: Bernkastel and Willard[]


Bern summons Will to take her on a walk, and orders him to attack Jessica and Rosa. Will refuses, but she threatens to not let him go home for eternity if he doesn't.

They then find Battler and George, and after defeating them, Bern is satisfied enough to let him return. He compares her to Diana, who shows up whenever she likes and stops when she gets bored. She tells him that people don't like uncute cats, but he tells her that if cats are living however they wish to, they aren't constantly pestering you. She then tells him that she'll have him walk with a cat again sometime.

When she arrives back, Erika asks where she has been, and she replies she was on a walk with a handsome man.

STORY 39: Bernkastel and Erika[]


As Erika finalizes her preparations to attack the Golden Land, Bern orders her to slowly destroy it and not let anybody escape. They run into George and Rosa, who swear to defend the Golden Land, but get killed by Erika. Bern comments that humans dying is like fireworks to her, and Erika in response decides to look for Battler and Beato, so that Bern sees their deaths. They eventually find the two and defeat them.

Erika reports to Bern that the Golden Land has disappeared into nothingness, and Bern comments that they may have messed up what they were supposed to do; if Beato had won the last fight, they may have been able to play with her gameboard more, and ponders how much time it will take before they find another interesting gameboard.

STORY 40: Lambdadelta and Chiester 410[]


There is some sort of tournament involving Lambdadelta and Chiester 410 that has a Love Maker Guided Warhead with the ability to make people fall in love as a grand prize. The duo manages to defend it against Shannon and Jessica, and as a result the warhead absorbs their romantic energy, making it more and more powerful.

Lambda originally wanted to use an arrow on Bern in order to make Bern fall in love with her. However, she changes her mind and decides not to use it after defeating her and Erika. It was then when Erika had the idea of stealing the arrow from Lambda and using it on Bern because she wanted her master to love her.

The two end up in a scuffle attempting to snatch the arrow from each other's tight grip. Lambda then accidentally releases the arrow from her hand and it gets stuck on Erika's chest. Because the arrow was meant to make whoever got struck with it fall in love with Lambda, Erika falls under its affects, and the route ends with Lambda fending off her advances.

STORY 41: Bernkastel and Lambdadelta[]


Lambda and Bern decide to play around since Beatrice's game is beginning to wind down. Eventually, they end up finding Beatrice and Battler, who are angry that they're mocking and playing with their game. Lambda and Bern both laugh-to them, Beatrice's game is only a fragment in an endless sea, and that playing with those fragments helps alleviate their boredom.

After defeating them, Lambda asks who the culprit is, but Beato tells her that she won't reach an answer unless she understands the heart. Lambda just wants to know the answer, and doesn't care enough to see through to the game's heart. When Beato still refuses to tell her because of this, Bern threatens to smash the gameboard.

Eventually, they end up facing Dlanor and Will, who have heard that they have been trampling on Beatrice's heart, and try to stop them. Bern and Lambda disregard them, and claim that defying them is an act of treason against the world. After beating them, the pair comes to a loss on what to do now that Beatrice's gameboard is gone, and the other existing boards are boring. Bern laments that the people in the Golden Land are having fun while they're stuck outside of it. Bored, she suggests that that they create their own gameboard. Lambda says that if they do, other witches will complain, so sticking strictly to being consumers is a better way to go. Bern tells her that because of that, all the other witches are consumers, and there's nothing left in the sea of fragments but boredom.


  • Battler and Kanon's route is an expansion of Forgery no.XXX, which was originally released alongside Golden Fantasia CROSS.