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This page describes the stages that appear in Golden Fantasia and their Meta-World versions.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden has marble arches and features Rosa and Maria sitting at the arbor.

Its Meta-World version changes the scene from daytime to a rainy night. Many red crosses adorn the garden. Lying in front of the arbor:are the corpses of several characters, which reference the original story:

Rosa and Maria disappear from the background if Rosa is in play. The same goes for Jessica and George.

The Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall's default version has no notable differences from how it is presented in the original story.

Its Meta-World version changes to a visceral environment, with bloodstains on the walls and many blood-spattered goat guests watching the battle. Several candles line the walls.

The portrait of Beatrice will have some blood splattered on it and receive a magic glow. Depending on the characters in play, the portrait will also change based on who declares Meta-World:

The Garden Shed

The Garden Shed appears to be located in the middle of a forest, with wildlife such as deer and squirrels spectating the match.

Meta-World will change the stage from day to night, with the trees developing grotesque faces. The wildlife will be replaced with owls perched on top of the shed and golden butterflies floating around. The shed itself will have the Seventh Magic Circle of the Sun painted on the shutter, with a puddle of blood visible inside.

Kinzo's Study

While Kinzo's study in the original is rather mundane, Golden Fantasia portrays it more like an alchemy lab. It has regular furnishings like a table with a chess board, stands of knight armor, and a bookcase behind a desk. All over the study are big jars filled with big fish, a mermaid and other strange objects. Inside the wall is a shelf filled with vials, plants and yet more jars, with a sun crest above it and a pair of curtains swept to the side. A tall window opens to the balcony on a sunny day.

Its Meta-World version changes to be much more occult. Runic messages fill the air, the jars shine with an orange glow, and the alchemy station is replaced with a plasma globe, with the sun crest crying blood. Some of the jars' contents escape or break their jars, with the mermaid especially notable. The scenery outside becomes a rainy night. The suits of armor receive giant scythes, with their empty helmets occasionally flashing a pair of red eyes. The chess table also receives two goats sitting at either end, seemingly engaged in a game themselves.

The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room has many pipes bellowing out steam with the boiler itself in the center of the background.

Its Meta-World version changes to look much more hot, with the entire stage glowing orange with heat. The pipes and machinery show signs of disrepair, with one pipe even broken. The boiler in the back is wide open with Kinzo's burnt corpse attempting to crawl out of it.

The Chapel

Inside the chapel, the pews are cordoned off. Sitting in the rows are the Ushiromiya adult couples: Rudolf and Kyrie; Krauss and Natsuhi; and Eva and Hideyoshi.

Its Meta-World version turns to night outside. Many pumpkin decorations and rumbling coffins line the walls. Candy and entrails run up to the altar where several corpses are seated at a table, referencing the first twilight of Turn of the Golden Witch

The Shrine

This stage is set during the day against a shrine and torii gate in front of it. In the background are other cliffs filled with trees.

Meta-World turns the environment to a dark and rainy night. The trees in the background become barren and leafless, with a purple swirling portal appearing in front of the shrine. The rocks around the shrine also rise up and become very jagged.


In Golden Fantasia, the stage takes place in front of the mansion. There are some gravestones with birds, butterflies and squirrels roaming about.

Its Meta-World version becomes a dark and gloomy environment. Many more gravestones appear with green wisps floating around them. Crows are perched on a tree and ghosts can be seen around the graves. Some of Kuwadorian's windows are also shattered.

The Ingot Room

There are some clothing stands with dresses and a pair of angel statues guarding the pile of gold. In its Meta-World version, everything changes to be a golden coloration. Much of the furniture, like the bed and background table, receive additional skeletal imagery. The angel statues change to golden grim reaper statues.

The Skyscraper Roof

The roof of the skyscraper that Ange Ushiromiya jumps off of in Banquet of the Golden Witch.

Its Meta-World version features Ferris wheels in the background and changes the moon to be blood-red and much closer to Earth.

The Aquarium

George and Shannon can be seen in front of the big fish tank in the center, however they disappear if either of them are in play.

Its Meta-World version transforms the fish tank into a galaxy. Many hanging fish decorations and floating fish skeletons appear all over the stage.

The School Festival

There are several food stalls to the left and right of the stage. The center features a sound stage where Jessica and her friends perform. In the crowd surrounding the stage, Kanon can be seen watching the performance from atop a crate. If Jessica and/or Kanon are in play, then they disappear from the stage, with Jessica replaced with another girl wearing her costume.

Its Meta-World version places massive piles of sweets and dessert over the food stalls, some containing severed arms and legs. The crowd changes to be goats. Jessica's band also changes: Jessica is replaced with MARIA, Chiester 00 is on guitar, Chiester 556 is on synth, and a big goat is on drums.

The Witch's Smoking Room

The windows show Fragments floating by. Characters spectating the match include Beatrice, Ronove, Chiester 00, Lambdadelta, EVA-Beatrice, MARIA, Bernkastel, Gaap, Virgilia, and BATTLER. If Rosa and Chiester 410 are in play, then MARIA and 00 will disappear, respectively. The same goes for other characters with playable versions.

When Meta-World is activated, the location changes to become very bright blue. Furniture starts floating in the air, and the walls disappear to reveal many more Fragments floating by. There is also a giant blue butterfly logo on the floor.

The Cathedral

Various characters are present in the background. Willard H. Wright and Eiserne Jungfrau appear on the left side while Virgilia, Gaap and Ronove appear on the right side. The Seven Stakes of Purgatory can be seen relaxing in the background.

Its Meta-World version features Fragments floating in the air. The background recreates the End of the Golden Witch ???, with the Seven Stakes surrounding Erika impaled with Virgilia's spear. Shannon and Kanon appear on the left side, with Kumasawa, Gohda and Genji on the right.

Depending on which characters are in play, the background characters change:

  • If Dlanor is in play then Eiserne Jungfrau is replaced with Zepar and Furfur.
  • Ronove is replaced with Clair.
  • If Lucifer is in play, then the Seven Stakes are replaced with the Chiester Sisters. The Seven Stakes in the Meta version are replaced with coffins.
  • Shannon, Kanon, Will, Virgilia and Erika will disappear if their respective characters are in play.

The Library Fleet

A pirate ship. Erika can be seen in the background wearing her pirate hat and hoisting a flag, however she disappears if Erika is in play. The door to the Golden Land can also be seen in the distance. Its Meta-World version changes to look more sinister: skulls are piled up to one side with a skeleton hanging from one of the ropes. There is also a pile of gold and treasure to the other side. The Golden Land door has a glow emanating from it.

The City of Books

The City of Books is shown as a labyrinthine collection of staircases and bookshelves, with many black cats roaming about. Activating Meta-World will result in the background becoming flooded, with schools of fish swimming around periodically.


  • The School Festival stage features Jessica and her friends cosplaying as Touhou characters:
    • Jessica: Marisa Kirisame
    • Synth: Reimu Hakurei
    • Guitar: Sakuya Izayoi
    • Drums: Alice Margatroid