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Golden Dragon Party-Esque Short Legends (金龍會的小故事 Kinryūkai-teki Shoukouji) is a Rose Guns Days booklet that was released at the third 07th Masquerade event on November 4, 2018. It features 3 short stories.


  1. "Rose Guns Nights" Newly-Written Script 1: The Black Dragon's Game (『ローガンナイト』書下ろし台本① 黒龍の遊戯 “RōGan Naito” Kakioroshi Daihon ① Kokuryū no Yūgi)
  2. "Rose Guns Nights" Newly-Written Script 2: The Blue Dragon's Letter (『ローガンナイト』書下ろし台本② 碧龍の手紙 “RōGan Naito” Kakioroshi Daihon ② Aoryū no Tegami)
  3. "Masquerade 3" Newly-Written Short: Xiaolan the Kitten (『マスカレード3』書下ろし短編 小猫的小蘭 “Masukarēdo 3” Kakioroshi Tanpen kKoneko-teki Shōran)

Plot Summary[]

The first 2 stories are presented as transcripts of live script readings, acted out by the same actors from the Rose Guns Days stage play.

Story 1: The Black Dragon’s Game[]

Cast and Credits:

Meijiu appears on stage and greets the audience, asking them to say “Ni hao” when his special guest arrives. Wang then arrives, and is greeted by the audience. He worries about his secret plan to meet Primavera being leaked, but Meijiu says he leaked it to give Wang a proper welcome. Meijiu says they’re going to perform a live script reading.

The two go to Club Primavera and meet Stella, with this being Wang’s first time meeting her. Wang says he also met Rose earlier but she was too serious, and recounts how a long time ago Meijiu was also super serious. Stella is interested in hearing about that time. Meijiu brings out the scripts, but Wang asks the audience if they want to hear the story. At their request, Wang begins talking about the past.

The scene flashes back to sometime before World War II ended, and when Wang and Meijiu had just come to Japan. Wang sees that Meijiu is working too hard and wants to go to a restaurant with him, however Meijiu wants to teach his countrymen Japanese, but all of his teachers are quitting and he doesn’t know why. Wang says he should learn restaurant manners and practices conversing with him, with Meijiu acting the guest and Wang the restaurant girl.

Meijiu introduces himself but Wang is taken aback at his cold manner of doing it, and suggests that the Japanese teachers keep quitting because of how unapproachable and scary Meijiu is. Wang says Meijiu should learn about gap moe and act scary, then surprise people by speaking in a falsetto voice. Meijiu glares at the audience and then introduces himself in a falsetto voice, but Wang also does so in response, and recommends that they practice doing manzai routines. People skilled in manzai can be beloved by anyone, no matter how scary they look.

Meijiu and Wang run offstage and run back up to start a manzai act. As part of their act, Wang has Meijiu introduce himself and then repeat it according to whatever topic Wang brings up. He makes Meijiu say phrases in a Kansai dialect, like a blonde-haired witch, like a trap-loving girl, like an Alfred Family member, and finally as a Japanese person’s idea of what a Chinese person sounds like. This last dialect is considered perfect.

Back in the present, Wang remarks that when Meijiu learned to be more approachable, suddenly he was being swarmed by girls at restaurants. Meijiu says they can still enjoy the party, and all of the actors leave offstage.

Story 2: The Blue Dragon’s Letter[]

Cast and Credits:

  • Supervisor: Ryukishi07
  • Script: Ikuro Ryouchi
  • Director Masami Ito
  • Wang Yuanhong: Takuya Tsukamoto
  • Lee Meijiu: Kento Murakami

Meijiu and Wang are toasting when time stops, and Meijiu begins telling the audience a story that happened between him and Wang a long time ago, when the old leader of the GDS Sun Zilong passed away.

At Zilong’s funeral, Wang offers to take Meijiu to a meeting with the council of elders and make him an executive candidate. He notes how the Young Lord is still too long, and that Meijiu would be a useful right hand man. Meijiu declines Wang’s offer, and in a monologue explains that he doesn’t want to get involved with the council of elders and expose a weakness. Meijiu’s excuse is that he wants to offer his respects to Zilong properly, and Wang orders him to think about it and give him a response later.

In another monologue, Meijiu explains how he doesn’t care about money or power in the GDS, but something that Wang can’t fulfill. Meijiu spreads a rumor claiming that Zilong’s death was caused by the GDS’s secret poison, given to him when he ate with the council of elders a week before his death. The rumor is effective, and when Wang returns a few days later for an answer, Meijiu claims that because of the rumor he won’t be a popular executive given that he served Zilong. Wang is disappointed and leaves. In a final monologue, Meijiu thinks that Wang saw through his ruse a little bit but can’t think of any other reason why Meijiu would refuse him. In order to allow his sister Meixue to study abroad in peace, Meijiu doesn’t want to become an executive so that his family will be ignored.

Alone, Wang reveals he knows all about Meixue and that Meijiu was trying to cover her up. He realizes that Meixue is his honored sister just like Meijiu is his honored brother, and swears to protect her. Wang still wants to guarantee the safety of City 23 and worries about protecting Meijiu should Primavera become full of mafia members, and wants to convey this to Meijiu and prove he’s serious.

Wang consults with the audience and is told to write a letter. After doing so, Wang asks a messenger to deliver it to Meijiu should Wang win the duel with him, but burn it if Wang loses since it would be embarrassing if other people read it. Wang throws a mooncake as payment, indicating the messenger is Xiaolan, and exits offstage.

Story 3: Xiaolan The Kitten[]

Xiaolan goes around the house and keeps finding mooncakes, leading her to the bathroom. Meixue suddenly locks her in the bathroom dressed in a tracksuit and ready to give her a bath. Xiaolan realizes she’d been tricked.

A few days ago, Meixue was shocked when Xiaolan drank mysterious medicine Meijiu left out and suddenly transformed into a catgirl, growing cat ears and a tail. Blaming Meijiu at first, he insists it was an accident and explains that the medicine is an ancient Chinese potion used by emperors to give to their consorts for cat-play and other purposes. Meijiu had planned to use this potion on a GHQ official who wouldn’t be moved by bribes, and try to win him over with cat toys. The frustrated Meixue wants to change Xiaolan back to normal, and Meijiu says he can make an antidote, but he needs to return to China for a mushroom that grows natively there and speak with potion makers.

Meiiju goes off to China while Meixue tasks herself with taking care of Xiaolan, not wanting the rowdy men of the GDS to do it. She prepares to feed her and finds a note Meijiu left saying to give Xiaolan mooncakes whenever she wants. Scoffing at the note, Meixue instead makes British-style fish and chips she learned while overseas and feeds it to Xiaolan. Xiaolan however refuses to eat. Meixue tries to reason with her and get her to act and eat like a human instead of a cat, but Xiaolan isn’t able to understand.

Xiaolan goes to the cupboard where all the mooncakes are and scratches at it, but Meixue refuses to give her any. Xiaolan then remembers she has human hands and opens the cupboard, steals some mooncakes, and eats them on the roof. Meixue gets angry.

Meixue lures Xiaolan to the bathroom by promising to give her mooncakes and then tries to make her undress so she can take a bath. As they fight, the narrator talks about how a regular sound novel would feature event CGs for this scene, and laments that Fragments depicting Meixue and Xiaolan fighting while wet don’t exist.

After this incident, Xiaolan registers Meixue as an enemy and begins harassing her by scratching up her clothes and belongings. In retaliation, Meixue locks the mooncake cupboard and exclaims that she won’t open it until Xiaolan apologizes. Xiaolan however is nowhere to be found, and so Meixue goes to sleep without feeding her.

Meixue sleeps with the key around her neck and hears someone moving around her room. She thinks Xiaolan is trying to steal the key while she’s sleeping, and so feigns sleep to capture her when she gets close. When Meixue wakes up, she finds that a thief has broken in. Meixue screams and the thief covers her mouth and pushes her onto the bed when Xiaolan arrives and attacks him. In the darkness, the thief assumes Xiaolan is a tiger and is chased away. The weight of what just happened gets to Meixue, and she breaks out crying. Xiaolan comforts her by licking her tears.

Meixue realizes that she kept trying to treat Xiaolan like a human instead of a cat, and so decides to treat her properly like a cat until Meijiu returns. Meixue gets ahold of cat toys, feeds Xiaolan mooncakes as a reward, and gets very attached to her as they play. Finally, Meijiu comes home with the antidote, and they feed it to Xiaolan. Meijiu consoles Meixue concerning the thief’s break-in and the house being sabotaged. Meijiu also asks if any cockroaches came out and explains that since his house is next to the food cart lane, he gets cockroaches sometime. Meijiu happily says they never saw any cockroaches at all. Meixue and Xiaolan look forward to sleeping together in their final night as a human and cat, as Meijiu mentions a rumor that cockroaches disappear when cats are around and wonders why.

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