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Golden Truth

The gold truth in the visual novel.

The Gold Truth (黄金の真実 Ougon no Shinjitsu) is a divine truth first used by Battler in End of the Golden Witch.

Unlike other forms of colored text, the meaning of the golden truth is not explicitly explained around the time of its first use. Instead, readers are left to gradually discern the nature of the gold truth themselves through various comments and uses of the gold truth throughout the story.


Gold Truth Manga EP5

The gold truth as represented in Yen Press' English localization of the manga

The Gold Truth is presented in the original visual novel with gold text. In the official English release of the manga, due to color printing limitations, the Gold Truth is represented with the use of a fanciful font.

Characterization and Meaning[]

The gold truth is said by Dlanor to be woven in a different fashion from the red truth. Because of this, while its strength is on par with the red truth, it may be inferior or superior to it depending on the situation.

Anyone who fully understands the rules of Beatrice's game will have the ability to use the gold truth[1], meaning that it can be used by both humans and fantasy characters alike. Its nature is fundamentally that of a human truth, allowing Battler to use it to bypass the restriction of Knox's 2nd on proving the identity of Kinzo's corpse.

In Twilight of the Golden Witch, the gold truth is revealed by Ange to be a truth constructed from belief, that is acknowledged and shared between people[2]. Because of this, it is able to protect individuals from the power of the red truth.

List of Gold Truths Used in the Series[]

End of the Golden Witch[]

  • I guarantee that this corpse is Ushiromiya Kinzo's corpse...!!

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

  • You used magic to create a golden flower petal inside an overturned cup. It was a splendid bit of magic.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

While the gold truth is not used in this portion of the story, Willard makes several references to it in his solutions to the mysteries of Beatrice's games. They are as follows:

  • Illusions to illusions. ...The gold truth locks the lock of illusions. (Second game, first twilight)
  • Illusions to illusions. ...Tales woven by the gold truth return to illusions. (Fourth game, first twilight and second twilight)

Twilight of the Golden Witch (Manga)[]

  • This is the final game that I am bestowing upon Ange...
  • Yes there is. Everyone will keep me safe.
  • It was lovely magic!


  1. Unnamed Post-EP6 Interview. Ryukishi07: The gold text is something that anyone can use if they understand the rules of the game, so ultimately, even 'pieces' in the game can use it.
  2. Twilight of the Golden Witch Chapter 17: Ange Makes a Choice. Bernkastel: "What kind of gold truth could defeat red truth...?!!!" Ange: "A believing heart. ...This is 'our' consensus. ...Your red truth can't pierce any part of the truth that we all acknowledge and share."