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This article is about a location in Umineko When They Cry.
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The Gold Room, also called the Ingot Room and the Underground VIP Room, is a hidden room in Rokkenjima that contains the legendary mountain of gold rewarded by solving the epitaph.

It is featured as a stage in Golden Fantasia.


The gold room is very lavish, containing a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a bed with a canopy, and a clock. The gold bars are piled off to the side and adorned with curtains. There is a staircase that leads to the room from somewhere aboveground.


Long ago, Kinzo Ushiromiya made a contract with the Golden Witch Beatrice and obtained his mountain of gold. He used this gold to build his fortune and to revive the Ushiromiya family, later constructing this underground room to store the gold in and creating the epitaph. The gold's existence was debated for years, and Kinzo's son Krauss was able to verify it after learning that Kinzo had personally shown off the gold room to a friend, the president of the company Marusoo, and allowed him to take a gold bar for himself.


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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko When They Cry, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Requiem of the Golden Witch reveals that the gold originated from an Italian submarine that came to Rokkenjima during World War II, back when it was used as a Japanese military base. Kinzo was stationed on the island during that time and was one of the few survivors when a skirmish erupted between Italian and Japanese soldiers. He used the gold, which had been printed with a flawed version of the Salo Republic's eagle symbol, and used them to build his fortune. He would reprint some gold bars with the Ushiromiya Family crest, adapted from the Salo symbol, to dissuade comparisons that people might make between the gold and the fallen republic.

The military base also had 900 tons of explosives set to blow up the island if they were set off, intended to be used during WWII to stop enemies from seizing the explosives. Instead of removing it, Kinzo rigged the clock inside the gold room to this device. Every so often Kinzo would come down to the gold room by himself whenever he needed to make a difficult decision and activate the clock. The explosives were designed to go off at 24:00 and destroy the island, killing Kinzo and his entire family if the switch were not deactivated until then. With this crazed method, Kinzo would be inspired to make his decisions.

Even if the bomb is activated, one can still escape the blast by traversing the two-kilometer-long underground tunnel connecting to the room, which ends up at the hidden mansion Kuwadorian. This is how Eva Ushiromiya was able to survive The Rokkenjima Mass Murders, as revealed by Requiem's Tea Party.

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