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This article is about characters in Umineko When They Cry.

The Goat Butlers (山羊の従者 Yagi no Jūsha), referred to collectively as All of the Goats (山羊の皆さん Yagi no Minna-san) or simply Goats, are low level Furniture that serve Beatrice. They first appear in Turn of the Golden Witch.


Low-level furniture in service to Beatrice. They are great in number, but silent and lacking personality. They obediently follow their master's orders.

Their senses are closer to those of animals than humans, and they're surprisingly dull-witted, which sometimes leads them to misunderstand their orders. They have by nature a massive build like a minotaur's and fearsome superhuman strength.

They may be low-level furniture, but the ability to summon an inexhaustible supply of them makes them extremely convenient.


The Goats in the original PC novel have an average build and wear suits with the One-Winged Eagle adorned on their lapels. Their heads resemble that of a regular goat. The anime adaptation shows that Goats have very sharp teeth when they open their mouths, with their eyes being solid red.

The console sprites show the Goats as being incredibly muscular.


Most Goats have no personality to speak of, as they are created simply to serve their master. Alliance of the Golden Witchshows that Goats are capable of independent thought, however they don't seem to be very bright.

Skills and Abilities

Goats are capable of conjuring purple swords as weapons. Even without those swords, Goats have superhuman strength, and a large number of them can easily tear apart humans.


Most Goats are created the same way as simple furniture summoned by witches. The Goat that fights Krauss in Alliance is shown to have a family and fiancee that they wanted to come home to and apparently suffered bullying from other Goats while training.



Turn of the Golden Witch

The Goats make their first appearance when Beatrice summons one to do battle with Kanon. Kanon ultimately defeats the goat, prompting Beatrice to summon Asmodeus and later Satan.

Once the epitaph murders come to a close and Beatrice is revived, many guests dressed as goats await the Golden Witch's return. During Beatrice's grand party, the Goats devour Kinzo alive, and once Battler fails to gain Beatrice's approval, they devour him as well. Many more pursue Rosa and Maria, where Rosa overpowers several of them. The Goats in the end prevail after Rosa breaks her ankle, although she still manages to take several of them out after Maria reloads her gun. It is shown that Rosa also managed to defeat several Goats with Maria's handbag, as it contains a heavy gold bar from the chapel.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Several Goats are posted as guards in Kuwadorian's prison, later being borrowed by Gaap. When Krauss and the other prisoners escape, Virgilia accompanies a Goat who had found a shortcut. The two block the prisoners' way out, and Krauss decides to duel the Goat in a boxing-style match.

Krauss and the Goat are initially mismatched, as Krauss had a power level of 6 while the Goat had a power level of 1000. Virgilia underestimates Krauss and places too much confidence in the Goat's abilities, causing him to falter and generate plenty of loser flags to amplify Krauss' power. Krauss comes out victorious, with the loser Goat falling onto Virgilia.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

During EVA-Beatrice's attack on Rokkenjima, she summons hordes of Goats that are the personifications of random opinions and theories in the future, who start erasing the island because all of them want the tale to be a tragedy. According to Erika, these Goats keep getting born from the sea of the internet, numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

The Goats themselves are not playable, however Virgilia summons them during many of her attacks. A Goat can also be unlocked as a system voice.

Last note of the Golden Witch


In the after-credits scene, a prototype Goat design is shown.


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