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A Wisdom that is a triakis icosahedron. It is used in Phase 1, Chapter 21 by Mario to commit suicide through vaporization.


A Wisdom that is a small stellated truncated dodecahedron weighing 403 grams and made of a silver-colored metal that can probably be divided into 381 parts by 99.999% of humanity throughout recorded history.[1]. Vier Dreissig wants it to examine "The Third Missing-Link".


A name used in Phase 1, Chapter 24 to describe the 4D-printed totems that fall from Earth's orbit and land in the oceans, contaminating drinking water worldwide.

4D printer

Often abbreviated as 4DP.

Technology that allows for advanced manufacturing of objects. Used in Dimension Containers.

4D printer satellite

Satellites in Earth's orbit with 4D printers installed. They were to be used for space development but that idea was abandoned. Only 5 are in existence. In Phase 1, Chapter 24 they are used to construct 19940305


Main article: 8MS

A series of nanomachines that are responsible for keeping the A3W world running.



A descriptor for the time period after World War II, possibly meaning "After 2nd War". What marks the divide between A2W and B3W is unclear.


A descriptor for the time period after World War III, possibly meaning "After 3rd War".


A model that represents a person when logged into a virtual room. More often than not people will use avatars that match their real-life appearance.



A descriptor for the time period before World War III, possibly meaning "Before 3rd War".



A name for humans who had traditional births as opposed to being factory-born.


Dimension Container

A device used by Gauntlet Knights that stores objects in hyperspace. Malfunctions can sometimes cause the Dimension Container to explode.

Disaster utopia

The concept that people at war will suddenly work together to regain peace when faced with another threat, then go back to fighting again later.


Earthquake lottery

Also called the Heart-Pounding Miracle Restoration Lottery.

Due to how common modern earthquakes are, a worldwide lottery was created where people can bet on areas that won't be affected and receive money based on the results.

Erbil L5

Main article: Erbil L5

A virus used in B3W to destroy crops.



A name for humans who were born and raised in incubator facilities, often in massive groups.

Free Material Workshop

A database where people can download data for use in virtual experiences.



Devices worn on people's left arms that grant them advanced weaponry and speed.

Gauntlet Knight

Main article: Gauntlet Knight

Young soldiers chosen to equip Gauntlets that represent the new face of military might.

"God's program"

A concept that there will always be a minority opinion to oppose the majority. There is a "fail-safe" where majority opinion holders will be converted into minorities should the latter's numbers fall.

Grand Master

A title reserved for the founders and leaders of chivalric orders.


Happiness score/index

The happiness score (幸福指数 kōfuku shisū), also called the happiness index (幸福度指数 kōfuku-do shisū) is a statistic representing the happiness and well-being of people living in a country. In B3W, many countries with high happiness scores were dictatorships and places that restricted internet, so the concept was not well understood.

Many countries that suffered sudden drops in happiness scores gave rise to ultra-right regimes, and a massive drop in happiness scores worldwide was seen as one of the causes for World War III. To prevent similar incidents from happening in A3W, the AOU took measures to keep the happiness score high like airing daily scheduled broadcasts.


A medicine that, when injected, numbs external sensations and places the brain into a sleep-like state. Was used for lethal injections in B3W.


The Madonna's Maximum (Minimum) Speed

Formerly known as the Holy Mother's Maximum Speed. The Madonna's Maximum Speed (聖母の最高速度 Seibo no Saikō Sokudo) is a numerical limit for an unknown Gauntlet Knight variable.

The Madonna's Minimum Speed (聖母の最低速度 Seibo no Saitei Sokudo) is conversely the lowest recommended limit.

Master key

A code that gives one control over a Gauntlet.

Mental tablet

A device paired with Selcoms that inputs brainwaves from users and lets them write and draw on screens without touching them.

Midair mine

Drones equipped with stealth technology that float in the air and cause huge explosions when triggered. Effective as anti-Gauntlet Knight weapons.

Midair tablet

A device paired with Selcoms that projects a keyboard in midair and allows users to type as if they were using a physical keyboard. Has fallen out of style due to the development of the mental tablet, but some people still use them for one reason or another.

Modern earthquake

An earthquake differing from traditional earthquakes in that they can happen anywhere and anytime without warning.


Secondary secretary

Also called military secretaries. They are mistresses hired by military officers and go with them to parties for the purposes of acting as arm candy. Many secondary secretaries are young women preyed upon and made to sign contracts in exchange for financial stability.

Siblings' Day

A designated holiday taking place on the last Sunday of every month in the AOU where factory-borns can get together with their siblings.

Solar warhead

A weapon launched at Japan during World War III that melted everything in a 100 kilometer radius and created the Glass Sea.


Main article: Spiritium

A resource that has led to a technological revolution.


Virtual experience

Something akin to an interactive movie that people can experience in a virtual space. Virtual experiences are often posted publicly and given likes.

Virtual room

A space hosted inside someone's head where people can log in with avatars and chat, play games or do other things. People can be logged in to several rooms at once.


Walls of Peace

A concept inspired by Kennedy's Powder Keg that says world peace must be maintained with a healthy military balance. If one side becomes more powerful than the other then peace will begin to fail.


Main article: Wisdom

Mysterious objects with different effects.

World Earthquake Response Fund

A company that was vital to restoration before modern earthquake-resistant structures were created. When modern earthquakes became a non-threat, their funds were used to facilitate a lottery.

World War Relic

Locations like the Glass Sea that are maintained as neutral territory and serve as reminders of how horrible war can be.


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