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George Ushiromiya (右代宮 譲治 Ushiromiya Jōji) is the son of Eva Ushiromiya and Hideyoshi Ushiromiya. He has a relationship with the servant Shannon and wishes to marry her.


Eva and Hideyoshi's son.

An affable young man liked by everyone in the family. He is currently studying as an assistant for his father's company, and it seems he dreams of making it on his own one day.

As the oldest of the four cousins, he acts as their leader and arbitrator.


George appears as a fairly young man and is described as a typical average man that is not too ugly nor too handsome. He has black curtained, short straight hair and black colored eyes (in later adaptations, his eye color is green). He has bad vision so he is always seen wearing glasses. He is of average height, standing at approximately 170 cm and has pale skin. In the original sound novels he was thicker, but in later adaptations, he was changed to being fairly slim.

George's formal attire consist of a black long sleeved buttoned shirt with a white tie. Over it is a brown vest with the Ushiromiya family crest and over it is a yellow suit. He also wears yellow trousers and black shoes. His casual attire in the sound novels and the anime consist of a black jacket, a green sleeveless shirt, and black pants. He also wears a dog tag neck cord. His casual attire in the PS3 version consist of a blue jacket, a buttoned long sleeved light blue shirt, and white trousers. Like in the original version, he also wears a dog tag neck cord.


George is polite and good at resolving a tense situation. He is the only cousin who had not made fun of Maria for believing in witches and magic. He is often praised by the other members of the Ushiromiya member to be mature and knowledgeable in many things such as tea.

In school, he had been bullied by other kids and runs away when he sees others being bullied unless the person is his friend. George also held negative feelings towards Jessica and Battler when he was younger, thinking that he was superior to them because they spoke in vulgar ways.


Having been personally trained since childhood by his mother, George is an absolute master in various forms of martial arts and, just like Eva, he demonstrates a preference in fighting exclusively with kicks. In the Meta-World he proves to be such a fast, agile and powerful adversary that he not only could easily eliminate goats and confront higher level demons like Gaap, but he even manages to overcome and kill EVA-Beatrice.

His axe kick is also powerful enough to smash a human skull (as shown in Alliance of the Golden Witch).


As a young man, George was forced by Eva to take classes on all sorts of subjects, including music and martial arts. In his visits to Rokkenjima during the family conference, he fell in love with Shannon and would eventually make her his fiancee.



Eva Ushiromiya[]

George is Eva's only son and the only person besides Hideyoshi that she deeply cares for. Due to Kinzo's rejection of her aspirations for the headship, Eva decided to raise George with the intention of grooming him to be the next successor of the Ushiromiya family, effectively pushing her dream onto him. As a result, she gave George a strict and intense upbringing, sparing no expense at signing him up for private tutoring, arts classes, and martial arts training. Eva's overbearing control of her son's life resulted in him having little free time for leisure and personal development. Although George was already an adult by 1986, she still attempted to exert control over his life, disapproving of his relationship with the servant Shannon and pressuring him into an arranged marriage with a reputable woman of her own choosing: Ayumi.

While George does not show it publicly, he feels a great deal of frustration over his mother's micromanagement of his life, and wants to break free of her control to become his own person. The two confront each other in Dawn of the Golden Witch, clashing over both his relationship with Shannon and Eva's control over his life in general. Despite their conflicts, George and Eva do love each other as family, and each is overcome with grief whenever the other is killed. In Legend of the Golden Witch and Banquet of the Golden Witch, Eva also expresses regret at her treatment of George, realizing that her overbearing control of his life was unjust and may have been the result of her trying to get back at Krauss.


He loves Shannon and has stated at times that he will do anything to be with her. According to Answer to the Golden Witch, were he to find out about Shannon's true self and body issues, he would be more than happy to modify his plans to the future with her. When he was younger, George initially displayed jealousy towards Battler for getting close to Shannon, but he has since overcome those feelings.

Role in the Story[]

Legend of the Golden Witch[]

He proposes to Shannon, giving her a ring and asking to put it on whichever hand she desires.

The next morning, George cries over knowing that Shannon was killed. He doesn't see her corpse and is more content with remembering her smile.

Later, his parents are killed on the second twilight, and George falls further into despair.

George becomes one of the last few survivors and is killed on the tenth twilight.


Even though everyone was getting along so well after being reunited in the Golden Land, all of the magic came to nothing because of a certain hardheaded fool.

Afterwards, the demons chewed him to the bone, and he went to hell.

Turn of the Golden Witch[]

Before 1986, George starts to build his relationship with Shannon, going on a date with her to an aquarium.

Later, George goes to Natsuhi's room with Gohda and Shannon to retrieve Natsuhi's spirit mirror, and he is eventually murdered by Beatrice.

Died in Natsuhi's room, with his his stomach pierced by a weapon shaped like a stake.

At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.

It was possible that they would've ended up as the second twilight.

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

Heads to the parlor with Beatrice to revive Shannon, but is soon killed by EVA-Beatrice.

His corpse was found in the mansion's parlor. The weapon used on him is assumed to be a gun or a spear-shaped object.

In exchange for his soul, the witch gave 8 numbers.


If you say it, a small Golden Land will be opened.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

As part of Kinzo's trial for choosing the next family head, George is called to the rose garden and examined by Gaap. George is asked which thing he would give up: his own life, Shannon's life, or everyone else's lives. George chooses the third answer, believing that if he were to marry Shannon then he must be prepared to fight the entire world. Gaap is impressed with his answer and wants George to kill the other captured humans inside of Kuwadorian but George starts attacking her instead; George declares that he is now the Ushiromiya family head and all of the family's assets are his property, and Gaap's accomplices must pay for the lives they've already taken.

George is caught off guard when Gaap starts rapidly opening portals under him and teleporting him into bad positions, kicking him while also demeaning his love for Shannon and how his parents died so easily in the first twilight. George answers that he's learned a lot from those three: martial arts from Eva, fortitude from Hideyoshi, and love from Shannon. George then taunts Gaap by launching kicks of his own, stopping just a hair's breadth away from her face as proof that he could really beat Gaap if he wanted. He asks Gaap to show him where the prisoners are being held but Gaap continues to attack.

Gaap summons the goats from Kuwadorian's prison to assist her and George declares that he really will hurt Gaap now, receiving a magical counterattacking shield and dispatching all of the goats soon after. After being caught in another pitfall, George prepares one last downward kick with the intent to finish off Gaap, but she feigns defeat and summons another portal, sending George into the path of Jessica and causing the two to kill each other; George gets a supersonic punch through his abdomen while half of Jessica's face is destroyed by his kick. Gaap brings George's corpse back to the rose garden then restores his corpse and jabs a hole into his head.

As Battler heads to his own test, he sees George's corpse and inspects it.

His corpse was found in the arbor of the rose garden. There was a single hole right in the center of his forehead. It's probably reasonable to assume hat he was shot with a gun or something similar.

It's a brand of humiliation, marking his defeat to Gaap.

End of the Golden Witch[]

Was killed in the first twilight.

His body was discovered in the cousins' room on the second floor of the guesthouse.

The direct cause of death is unknown, but his neck was slashed open by a sharp knife.The wound is very deep, so anyone can easily see that he definitely died.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

As part of the love trial, George targets his mother Eva. After approaching her, she transforms into EVA-Beatrice and they fight. After a lengthy battle, George emerges victorious.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

In the Tea Party, he is killed by Rudolf with one shot in his side and one shot in his head.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

In Bernkastel's game, he is killed by Rudolf, Kyrie, and Battler.

Other Appearances[]

  • Golden Fantasia features George is a playable character, specializing in close-ranged kick attacks. His special ability is "Patience", where he gains SP while blocking. He has story modes with Jessica, Shannon, Ronove, and Beatrice.


  • In the original sound novels, George's casual wear includes a set of dog tags and a T-shirt printed with the phrase "TOMITAKE FLASH". Both are a reference to Jirou Tomitake from Higurashi When They Cry. George being paired with Tomitake/"Tommy" in pairing polls was also common.[2]
  • His alternate palette in Golden Fantasia is based on Miles Edgeworth, a character from the Ace Attorney series.
  • Some fans theorize that in Requiem, George stole Battler's letter to Shannon. When asked about this theory, Ryukishi07 called it "interesting".[3]


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