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"To fly freely at the speed of sound, like a fighter jet! To fearlessly withstand all attacks, like a tank! To wield the weaponry of a fortress, a warship! I'm not talking about some comic book hero. What you're looking at is the next generation of soldiers who will defend world peace!"
— Gauntlet Knight propaganda video at the beginning of Phase 1
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Aerial Augmented Infantry (空挺機兵 Kūtei Kihei, lit. Airborne Machine Soldier), otherwise known as Gauntlet Knights (ガントレットナイト Gantoretto Naito), are soldiers recruited by militaries all over the world and chosen to wield Gauntlets, devices worn on their left arms that grant them various abilities. Gauntlet Knights are said to be fighter jets and aircraft carriers combined into one, having firepower and defense that far surpasses either of them.

While Knights are capable of feats such as flying and reflecting bullets, there are still risks to be had; improper use of Ricochet Flying can cause Knights to go blind. Test cases of Knights trying to use the Dimension Container and exploding are also common.

Due to the intense amount of training and the high P3 levels required, only kids and teenagers are capable of becoming Knights; there are only a select few adults who can use Gauntlets, if barely.

Abilities and Functions[]

Virtual Reality: As an extension of the Selcom's usability, Knights can enter virtual reality and perform combat simulations. Knights are also able to obtain and calculate precise information such as speed and trajectory within seconds.

Reaper's Eye: An extension of the Kizuna function which allows Knights to gain accurate lock-ons to enemies. Has integration with the AI Keropoyo, which talks to Knights and gives them information.

Ricochet Flying: Knights can fly through the air at sharp angles while maintaining speed, making them nearly untraceable by weapons such as guided missiles. 8MS implants are required to minimize damage taken to the body.

Dimension Container System: Uses the 4DP system to store a variety of weapons and ammunition in what appears to be hyperspace.

Rejection Shield: Knights can create barriers to reflect bullets and projectiles.

Knights can have other abilities by applying functions in different ways, such as Momotake's Dimensional Slice.