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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Gannet (ガネット Ganetto) is from ACR Ethiopia and a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Cairo Memorial Squad.


From ACR Ethiopia

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

A genius member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry who entered the ACR Ethiopian Aerial Knight Corps at the age of 9.

In addition to her extremely high P3 levels, she uses ultra-high-speed mental processing techniques that are subconscious even to her and defy analysis. These are thought to be some sort of supernatural power.

The ACR Royal Brainpower Research Center investigated her for years, but they gave up on their analysis and the team was disbanded.


Gannet has fluffy brown hair and wears a cat-ear accessory. She also wears white gloves, a black and white dress adorned with blue ribbons and white knee-high socks with black shoes. Her Gauntlet resembles a tank, painted with camouflage colors.


Gannet is very playful, showing a lot of respect and affection towards Noor while trying to evade Mariana's advances.


Special Abilities

A Girl Born In the Sky (SS)

She's a born genius, with an Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude so high that many suspect it came from a military research institution.

Just like how fish can swim in the sea without anyone telling them how, she succeeded in hovering at the age of three.

Multi-barrelled Machine Gun Aptitude (SS)

She's particularly talented at increasing the ammunition capacity of multi-barrelled machine guns. She looks truly innocent when firing those off like fireworks.

Terrifyingly, she achieved shooting simulator grades comparable to active duty Aerial Knights while still just five years old.

Mental Barriers of Adolescence (-A)

She was a kid genius, but when she entered adolescence, her thinking ability began to grow less focused, and a small drop in her P3 levels was noticed.

Opinions are divided as to whether this is a sign that her talent is fading or proof that this weapon girl is now finally growing as a human being.

Role in the story

Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Gannet is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside the rest of her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival. She soon accepts the Public Bath Oath.

In Chapter 10, Cairo Squad is instructed by Rethabile to go to a ceremony with her.

In Chapter 18, Gannet's squad, Squad 601, and other ACR Gauntlet Knights engage the ABN forces above the Mediterranean Sea.

In Chapter 23, they suppress the drone revolt and Noor tells Gannet to cease her complaints of the situation, because if someone overheard her she would be dismissed of duty and replaced.

In Chapter 25, Gannet attends Miyao's Christmas party.