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After discovering the truth in End of the Golden Witch, Battler has become the Game Master, able to spin the game board and weave the story as if he were a god. However, being Game Master isn’t easy since the story is limited to two days on an isolated island. Battler struggles to write a game board, hoping to give every character an important part. Lambda arrives to give some assistance, saying that if he gave everyone an important role, it would turn into a big mess. Lambda tells him to use his head, but Battler hits her on the head instead; she says Battler should already know the answer of what to do with all the characters and leaves before he can ask for more help.

Just then, Genji knocks on the door to Battler’s room, bringing along Kumasawa, Nanjo, and Gohda. The older servants have heard about Battler’s troubles and brought some sweets to help him relax a bit. They set the table and congratulate Battler for his promotion to Game Master, and Gohda asks how the writing for Episode 6 is going. Battler says he’s still stumped from wanting to give everyone a role, and then Genji asks if he’s seen the results of the recent popularity poll; Battler is flattered that he took first place, and the old servants lament that they were much lower. Gohda was 22nd, Genji was 41st, Nanjo was 48th, and Kumasawa was 53rd. Battler sees their sad faces, and then determines that he can boost their popularity by giving them screentime in the next episode. He realizes that the servants have come to appeal to him, as the younger characters tend to be more popular and leave the adults less time; the servants often getting killed on the first twilight doesn’t help either. Battler asks the servants what kind of roles they want, and they all give him suggestions, crying tears when the Game Master promises to take them to heart.

Sometime later, EVA-Beatrice arrives. Despite having little screen time since Episode 3, EVA has taken 8th place in the popularity poll. She also wishes to have a role in the next episode, wanting to play the part of the rival once again, but Battler says Erika’s already taken that spot; not only that, EVA is very dull compared to how annoying Erika can be. EVA thinks Battler is saying she’s not a good character, and the Game Master reminds her that Erika changed into a swimsuit and slapped tape on all the windows in the rain. EVA wants to do anything to ensure a part, and Battler suggests she lower the length of her skirt a bit; snapping his fingers, EVA’s skirt shrinks by ten centimeters. EVA tells him to take off ten more, and Battler says it’s about to reach her knees. Snapping his fingers some more, EVA’s skirt becomes so short that it barely covers her; Battler falls completely into the influence of his Game Master powers and EVA’s design completely changes into her wearing black knee-socks, a twintail hairstyle, and she’s even promised to wear other costumes such as a pair of cat ears and a sailor uniform. The witch thanks profusely and goes off.

Rudolf and Kyrie are the next people to appear, wanting parts since they’re Battler’s family. Rudolf wants to play the aloof action hero while Kyrie does detective work, and Battler agrees to it. Krauss, Natsuhi, and Jessica are next; Jessica wants to have another fight scene while the couple wants to be seen as an intimate family. Battler agrees, but only on the condition that Natsuhi wear a swimsuit and become a lap pillow for him. Jessica berates him for it but Battler says he isn’t trying to force anyone to do anything; even so, Natsuhi accepts this, much to his delight.

George’s family arrives carrying a box of cakes, also trying to secure parts in the next episode. Battler will give George a fight scene, but only if Eva wear a bunnygirl outfit and cook for him. Hideyoshi wants to leave his wife out of this, but Eva accepts the conditions if it means giving their son a role. Rosa wants to give Maria a role, but Battler wants her to wear a gym uniform and wash his back.

Virgilia and Ronove slide in, terrified that the power of Game Master has really gone to Battler’s head. Battler sees them and agrees to give them screentime in the next episode without any favors. Virgilia asks for him to stop toying with everyone’s feelings, but Battler ignores her and tells Ronove to hang up a notice for him. The note says that the Seven Sisters of Purgatory won’t be getting any screentime, and to talk to Battler if they have objections.

The Sisters are surprised that they’re not getting any screentime despite having been consistently popular, and they all blame it on Lucifer; she tormented Battler too much in Episode 3 and caused him to act this way. They all go to apologize to Battler, who sits upon a throne awaiting them. Everyone except Lucifer kneels before him, with the demon of pride refusing to kneel if it means never showing up again. Battler replies that the Sisters are a group of seven; someone being defiant means nobody gets a part. The rest of the Sisters insult Lucifer and force her to the ground, and they all plead for roles. Battler agrees, motioning for the Sisters to massage his shoulders; they do so, massaging his calves as well, and Battler relishes in his status as Game Master. However, he still wants to pay back Lucifer for all the times she gouged him in Episode 3, and the Sisters suggest he gouge into her instead. Leviathan remembers that Lucifer's weak spot is in her back, and Battler starts poking her around that area. After doing his business, Battler feels refreshed and promises to give parts to the Seven Sisters.

Virgilia reappears, having written down all of the demands Battler is responsible for. Battler looks through them, surprised that there are so many.

The list of demands is as follows:

Genji wants to make cocktails in the guesthouse lounge while a mid-boss character appears, saying something like “You should’ve died!” and showing how cool Genji was in the past.

Nanjo wants to perform a successful surgery using daily supplies and also have a fight scene involving using surgical tools as weapons.

Kumasawa wants to witness every major scene, using her long life experience to sense whenever things are out of place. She will then get killed by the culprit before she can do anything, requesting that it be a tearjerker and that dai make a new song.

Gohda wishes to cook lots of food, with his “dinner orchestra” being 50,000 characters long. Everyone will give his food a standing ovation, and even Natsuhi will give him a kiss on the cheek. He’ll also have a fight scene in the kitchen, starting out as a gun fight but turning into Gohda blowing the enemies away with his aikido techniques. His catchphrase will also be “I can’t lose in the kitchen!”

EVA-Beatrice will revive as a villain to surpass Erika, committing more murders and engaging in a fight with Battler that will need at least 100,000 characters of text. EVA will also have 5 new exclusive songs during her battle, and also wants to be the strongest character in the fighting game.

Krauss wants to have a battle against the Golden Witch in a fight over finances. Krauss will awaken as the Golden Sorcerer and exchange blows with business terminology, hoping that people will become business experts just by reading it. An imaginary scene of the servants acting as Krauss’ backup is shown, preparing for the Second World Financial Crisis.

Natsuhi wishes to have a calm romance story focused towards adults, receiving an engagement ring from a snowball Krauss throws at her.

Jessica doesn’t care about the mysteries and just wants an action chapter where she beats up villains with her brass knuckles; she’ll get cornered at the end but Kanon will gallantly save her, pointing towards an appendix for more details. She also wants Stephen Chow Sing-Chi to direct.

Hideyoshi wishes to make a biographical scene, detailing his return from the frontlines to find he has no home and no money. By building up goods by sneaking into warehouses and selling them on the black market, Hideyoshi’s success will begin rising. He points towards his book “Excitement! The Chronicles of an Exemplary Man’s One-man Struggles.~Stories of Success of a Restaurant Chain Owner~” for more details.

Eva wishes for a similar scene, detailing her attempts to revive the Ushiromiya family and be accepted as the next head. In the climax, Krauss and some hoodlums will attack Hideyoshi, but Eva will kick them away with her footwork. She wants Nobuko Miyamoto to be the lead actress if Eva herself can’t do it, and Juzo Itami to be the director.

George wants a peaceful depiction of how he and Shannon’s romance started since it still hasn’t been shown in the original work. On the day of the family conference many years ago, George’s hat blows away and flies along the beach. He and Shannon soon met and searched for the hat, chatting along the way. He heard Shannon longed to go to an aquarium and so George sets up with one of his curator friends for the two of them to visit when the aquarium’s closed. George would then apologize to her for two things: that she couldn’t see the crowds of people at the aquarium, and that he wasn’t actually wearing a hat.

Battler stops reading halfway through the list and Ronove reminds him that as the Game Master, he has to incorporate all of those into a single episode, and there isn't much time left. He has until Winter Comiket to finish it, and Virgilia tells him that this year’s winter will be quite cold, and it’s possible the factories in the mountains will shut down because of the snow and they won’t get the master disc in time. Ronove urges Battler to get writing, and then inserts a demand that he become a pirate captain and sail to the ends of the earth. Virgilia adds her own, wanting to host a 17-year-old and 1000-year-old commemoration concert. Battler inserts his own wish that everything turn out to be a dream, but is swiftly denied. Battler gets down and apologizes for his behavior, asking Virgilia and Ronove to help. They agree, but not without inserting more of their own demands; Virgilia suggests RudoBato and GohBato, and Ronove adds RonoBato to that list. Battler has no idea what they’re talking about and the two give devilish grins, ending with a letter from Battler asking for help writing Episode 6 and promising a prize.

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