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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Gabriel Kaburaya (ガブリエル・鏑谷 Gaburieru Kaburaya) is a U.S. army major who comes to Japan and assumes control of GHQ in his mission to eradicate crime. He first appears in Season 3.


The war between Primavera and the Golden Dragon Society got a little too flashy, and it resulted in GHQ taking notice of us.
That's when he was sent in. The special officer in charge of combating organized crime, a major. Captain Butler and his men turned pale in comparison to the fact that he's also inspecting corrupt officers with ties to the Mafia.
Although he is a Japanese American, he is a noble man with a prominent family on his mother's side that has produced wealthy men and senators.
This man with an angelic name and an angelic smile was going to change the fate of City 23....

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Gabriel has white hair and wears a military uniform.


Gabriel acts very haughty, looking down on people that he considers to be scum. He has no regard for innocent lives, sacrificing them for what he considers the greater good. Gabriel also likes classical music.


Gabriel was a Japanese-American raised in America and had a younger sister. When he was young, Gabriel was at summer school when his family got into a head-on collision with a car full of mafia men, who drove away from the scene; Gabriel's parents died while his sister survived, being taken to the hospital. Gabriel went to visit his sister every day as soon as he could, and one day he found her dead in her room, believing that she was killed by the same mafia men in disguise.

Ever since, Gabriel has held a deep hatred for criminals and anybody who would join the mafia. Even after hearing that the people who killed his family died in a shootout, Gabriel made it his mission to eradicate crime, joining the American army and rising through the ranks.


Role in the Story

Season 3

Gabriel is introduced in 1949, where he plans to stop crime in City 23 and takes control of the occupying forces headquarters after revealing that he has evidence of corruption among the higher-ranking officers, including Butler. He places Butler under house arrest at GHQ, having his phone calls and actions monitored at all times. Gabriel later meets with Primavera and the GDS after Rose forms the City 23 distribution association, getting the idea that Stella and Meixue are vital components to their respective groups. Butler later learns of Gabriel's past and writes a message to be delivered to Rose, however Gabriel intercepts it and forces Butler to eat the note.

Gabriel then masterminds "Operation: Great Justice." He sends American soldiers disguised as Japanese and Chinese people to attack Primavera and GDS members; Stella is killed, and Yuuji and Rose are gravely injured in the attack, along with many innocent people.

Last Season

Gabriel meets with Richard, who has assumed control of Primavera. He convinces Richard to ally with him as two people who both know the pain of losing their sisters, and he lies that his family was killed by a Chinese mafia. Gabriel then presents forged GDS letters implicating them in Stella's death, and Richard believes them to be true. Gabriel later orders the assassination of the man who forged the letters to ensure that nobody can figure out his involvement in it. He also learns that Butler's sister is getting engaged and uses it as more leverage to keep Butler submissive.

After hearing that Yuuji's condition has improved, Gabriel obtains some Chinese poison and arranges for Yuuji to die a horrible death by it; Richard completely becomes convinced that the GDS is responsible and allies with Gabriel.

In 1950, Gabriel meets with Meijiu, who has started to realize that Gabriel is the true mastermind between the Primavera-GDS feud and shares some painful words. He later meets with Richard again and learns of his plan to launch attacks on GDS bases on the anniversary of Stella's death. Gabriel promises to keep the American police out of the way so that Richard can claim his revenge.

After the final battle between Primavera and Jeanne's group, Richard escapes and goes to GHQ, confronting Gabriel about his involvement in Stella's death after hearing it from Butler. The two then have a shootout in Gabriel's office, where Richard is ultimately killed. Butler then arrives and uses Richard's gun to shoot Gabriel, making it seem like Richard still had some life left in him.

As Gabriel dies, Butler blames him for doing something to his sister; in the end, Gabriel's crimes are never brought to light.

Other Appearances

07th Theater

07th Theater 2 ends with 3 clones of Gabriel appearing to give Butler and Battler their punishment.