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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Furfur (フルフル Furufuru) is Zepar's twin, a demon with the power to cultivate love. They first appear in Dawn of the Golden Witch.


One of the 72 Great Demons. Controls love and tests others through trials.

Furfur bestows endless, inexhaustible offensive power upon the maker of the contract, giving them enough courage to fearlessly overcome any barriers to their love.

A "trainer" of love who teaches tame boys the taste of flesh.

Is of a different gender than Zepar.



Furfur has mid-length red hair and wears a bright yellow dress with yellow and white striped stockings and green shoes.


Furfur is very dramatic and over-zealous in every move made, talking with the airs of an actor on stage. Furfur seems to have a slightly more feminine attitude.


Furfur is capable of granting their summoner great offensive power and courage to obtain love. Zepar and Furfur are also shown to have possession of a great number of magical artifacts and grimoires.


Role in the Story

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Furfur and Zepar are first introduced, seen when Shannon and George challenge Kanon and Jessica for the gold butterfly brooch which can grant love to one of the two couples. Furfur and Zepar call for Beatrice, the original owner of the brooch, to supervise the challenge. Noticing that there are two Beatrices, the twins make jokes about it, and then allow "chick Beatrice" to take part at the challenge to win Battler's heart.

The first part of the love trial is solved with Beatrice's victory and the two demons let happily join Battler to the challenge by Beatrice's side. After the trial is over Zepar and Furfur give the brooch to the winning couple and bless their young love.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

Furfur and Zepar appear as two actors on the stage of the show presented by Clair Vaux Bernardus. They mainly comment on what Clair has shown and interview all the characters of the story one-by-one. As previously hinted in Dawn, it is confirmed by Will that Furfur and Zepar were added to the previous game and to Requiem to enlarge the mystery about Beatrice's gender, so in a way the two demons are also connected to Beatrice.

Other Appearances

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa

Zepar and Furfur appear in several stories. In Jessica's Mother's Day Present, Jessica summons the two of them to help find a gift for Natsuhi. They bestow her with a charm to take away Natsuhi's problems for a single day, but it backfires and Jessica is forced to experience Natsuhi's headaches and servant problems.

Later in Jessica and the Love Charm, Jessica summons the demons of love again to help her make up with her friend. Zepar and Furfur give her a grimoire full of magic spells, which Jessica uses not only to fix her relationship with her friend, but to try and win Kanon's love.

Golden Fantasia

Furfur and Zepar appear as options for system voices, being able to announce every match and guide the player through menus. Their sprites can be seen when their voices are unlocked, in the opening video and in the menu for multiplayer lobby matches.

07th Theater

Zepar and Furfur host 07th Theater 1 and 2, introducing the various characters and commentating during the competitions.


  • Furfur is based on the Great Earl of Hell who can cause love between a man and a woman.
  • Both Furfur and Zepar have a constellation that is "Solomon's seat".[1] Solomon was a Biblical king whose name is associated with the Lesser Key of Solomon, which contains the Ars Goetia and ranks Furfur as 34.