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Fukushuu wa Ougon no Kaori Vol. 2 is is the second and final volume of Fukushuu wa Ougon no Kaori.

Publisher's Summary

Snatch $10 million from the mafia! At last, the revenge drama featuring Rose and everyone's Primavera reaches its peak! It's a battle of wits as they plot against and outwit their opponents. What is the shocking ending that awaits the end of twist after twist? This is the prologue to "Rose Guns Days", the latest work by Ryukishi07, and the comic adaptation of the original work has finally reached its brilliant conclusion![1]


6 Bargaining (駆け引き)
7 Proof (証明)
8 Cast (配役)
9 Ghost Ship (幽霊船)
10 Teamwork (結束)
11 Time Limit (制限時間)
12 Elegant Ending (華麗なる結末)

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  1. Translated from official page on KODANSHA