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The Fukuin House (福音 lit. Gospel House), also called the Gospel Home in the official manga, is an orphanage and welfare institution for unfortunate children mentioned in Umineko When They Cry. Select orphans at the Fukuin House are trained as maids or servants. who end up employed with the Ushiromiya family, working on Rokkenjima, which is usually considered a privilege and a ticket to living better lives in society. Every known orphan's name ends with the character "音" for "on" or "ne", meaning sound. These names bestowed upon the residents by the orphanage are referred to as "blessed names", given to them after they are adopted, in addition to their real names.

In Twilight of the Golden Witch, the Magic ending shows the Fukuin House to have been taken over by Ange Ushiromiya, after having been shut down for decades with the interruption of support from the founder, Kinzo Ushiromiya. After stepping into her new life as Kotobuki Yukari, Ange had taken it upon herself to remodel the facility into an elegant establishment the children would appreciate. One of the halls in the facility had been refurbished to look like a replica of the Entrance Hall of the Ushiromiya Family Mansion, complete with a portrait of Beatrice. Ange invites Tohya Hachijo and Ikuko Hachijo here on Halloween, in order to allow Tohya to make peace with his memories as Battler Ushiromiya.

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