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Forgery of the Purple Logic Chapter 8 (第8話 Dai Hachi-wa) is the eighth chapter of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki: Forgery of the Purple Logic.


Location Summary
Meta-World The Chiester Sisters and Stakes of Purgatory fly around the room while talking about their theories. Battler tells them to go away as Beatrice says the game is nearing the epilogue, so all the other furniture is jumping at the chance to make an appearance. Battler still doesn't have an answer, but it's too soon for checkmate. He still needs to think more.
First Floor Guestroom At 9:45, Battler puts tape on the door to the room containing Rudolf and Kyrie's corpses. Battler asks that they go around and verify the seals to all the other rooms.
Guesthouse At 10:35, the group has finished their rounds and determined that the seals to the front door of the entrance hall and the guesthouse is still intact. There were no traces of Eva leaving the guesthouse. Battler knocks on the door to Eva's room and confirms that she is still there. Rosa is still relieved that Maria is safe, and if anyone were to target her daughter, she would definitely kill them.

Battler theorizes some more. He's definitely the most suspicious person because of how much he's following Erika, and even though they were together when Rudolf was murdered, there could still be accomplices.

Battler tells Nanjo that he will be unchaining Erika and bringing her to the guesthouse. Battler wants to go alone and leaves Nanjo to take care of Rosa and Maria.

Parlor Erika sees that Battler is all alone and jokes that he may be the culprit. Battler unlocks her handcuffs, saying that she is not the culprit and is now free. Erika is confused as to why Battler is setting her free, and he explains he wants to rely on her detective's authority.

Erika begins her deduction. Maria is unable to kill anyone, as she's a young girl, so anybody except her can be the murderer. Eva's locked herself in the guesthouse and won't leave, and all the doors and windows are sealed, which Erika will verify later. Battler says Rosa never left Maria, and both of them and Nanjo are in the guesthouse.

Erika verifies that everyone was together when Rudolf and Kyrie were killed, and she announces that she knows who the culprit is. However, she won't tell Battler, as he wouldn't be able to accept it. She has no idea what the motive might be and leaves it to someone else to figure it out. Erika claims once more that she will not be killed because she is the detective, and Battler has enough and leaves.

Main Hall Battler returns to the main hall and looks at the portrait of Beatrice, wishing that the witch was real so they didn't have to suspect anyone.

Suddenly, a stake pierces Battler's back from behind, with his last words being that he was killed.




Colored Text[]

Purple Statements[]

Sealing the room

  • Battler: I sealed the guestroom in which Dad and Kyrie died in.

Checking the mansion and guesthouse seals

  • Battler: All the seals at the murder scenes didn't have any evidence of being damaged and then repaired.
  • Battler: The seal at the front door of the entrance hall has always been intact. The guesthouse's seal is also intact.

Freeing Erika

  • Battler: The handcuff is removed. You are now free. Erika, you are the detective. You are not the culprit.
  • Erika: So I can now freely move around like this.

Deducing the culprit

  • Erika: First, Maria is unable to kill anyone. How can such a young kid be the culprit?
  • Erika: Apart from Maria, everyone else could be the murderer. Is that what you are trying to say?
  • Battler: Aunt Eva has locked herself up in a room in the guesthouse and doesn't have any intention to leave. The doors and the windows are all sealed, and are all still intact.
  • Battler: Aunt Rosa never left Maria. Both of them and Nanjo are all in the guesthouse.

Battler's death

  • Battler: I was killed.