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Forgery of the Purple Logic Chapter 6 (第6話 Dai Roku-wa) is the sixth chapter of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Murasaki: Forgery of the Purple Logic.


Location Summary
Meta-World Now that the game has reached the turning point, Beatrice wants to know if Battler's figured out the culprit. Battler goes over the deaths in the previous twilights as Bernkastel and Lambdadelta appear to observe. Bern calls the game simple, and Battler asks if she's found the culprit already; the Witch of Miracles replies that solvable games are no match for her. Beatrice slams down another chess piece, saying the game will finally show its true colors.
Guestroom On October 5 at 7:00, Kyrie and Rudolf begin unblocking the door to their room. Battler gets a bad feeling as they head towards the garden. They check the door to their room and see that the seal is intact.
Garden Warehouse At 7:15, Battler's family meets Nanjo, Rosa, Maria, and Eva at the garden storehouse. Battler unlocks the warehouse and opens it to discover Natsuhi and Jessica's corpses, which have stakes pierced in them. Eva shakes Natsuhi's body and demands to know why she's dead, and Rudolf tells her that Natsuhi was killed. Battler is unable to figure out how this happened, as he had the warehouse key with him at all times.

Eva comes to understand that the warehouse had been locked since before they arrived and starts going crazy thinking that Battler did it. Rudolf tries to calm Eva down and asks about the status of the victims. Nanjo says Natsuhi and Jessica are both dead, predicting that they died before dawn. The cause of death was likely strangulation, with the stakes being inserted afterwards.

The group leaves and Battler locks the warehouse, with Nanjo saying that the windows and door are also sealed to ensure that nobody enters or leaves.

Parlor At 8:00, the group returns to the parlor to talk to Erika and to confirm alibis. Kyrie and Rudolf say the seal was unbroken in their room until they left that morning, so they and Battler were unable to kill Natsuhi and Jessica. Eva was sleeping in the guesthouse and can't speak for the other three. Nanjo stayed in the guesthouse after accompanying Eva there, and Maria was always with Rosa in the guesthouse. Rosa says they should focus on the fact that until that morning, the garden warehouse was a locked room the entire time.

Battler says there's only one key to the warehouse besides the master keys, and Natsuhi and Jessica didn't commit suicide nor did they kill each other. Erika remembers that Eva didn't have an alibi when George was murdered and asks why he and Hideyoshi were in that room. Eva says it was obvious to stay in the safest place possible, yet George and Hideyoshi were killed there. Eva thinks Erika is suspicious, but she was handcuffed in the parlor the entire time and never left. Battler wonders why the culprit went for the two in the warehouse and not Erika, as she would be the easiest one to kill.




Colored Text[]

Red Truth[]

  • There is no magic in this game.
  • A game that is absolutely solvable is no match for me.

Purple Statements[]

Discovering the corpses

  • Eva: Natsuhi, why are you dead......!
  • Rudolf: Aneki, stop it!! Natsuhi has been killed.
  • Battler: How is this possible... Aunt Natsuhi has also been killed.
  • Battler: I had the key with me at all times! I didn't pass the key to anyone else!!
  • Eva: Are you saying that before our arrival here the warehouse has always been locked?! Then how are they dead!
  • Nanjo: Natsuhi and Jessica are both dead... I predict that they died before dawn...

Locking the warehouse

  • Battler: Just in case, I locked the door from the outside.
  • Nanjo: I have sealed all the windows and the door of the warehouse. It is impossible to enter or exit the warehouse as long as the seal is intact.

Confirming alibis

  • Kyrie: Until this morning when we left the room, the seal in our room was not broken.
  • Rudolf: Battler was sleeping very soundly, so we didn't leave our room until this morning.
  • Battler: In other words, Dad and I as well as Kyrie-san are all unable to kill Aunt Natsuhi and Jessica.
  • Eva: I was sleeping in the guesthouse. There is no way to verify the alibi of the other three.
  • Nanjo: After I accompanied Eva back to the guesthouse, I stayed there the whole time.
  • Maria: Mama was always with Maria in the guesthouse.
  • Rosa: Compared to whether or not we have an alibi, the problem we should focus on should be the fact that until this morning the warehouse was a locked room the whole time.
  • Battler: Strictly speaking, it's not a locked room. There is only one key to the warehouse apart from the master keys. But the culprit possesses a master key. Furthermore, the two of them didn't commit suicide, nor did they kill each other.
  • Erika: If that's the case... Eva-san, when George was murdered you didn't have an alibi right? When the second incident happened, why were George-san and Hideyoshi-san in that room?
  • Eva: Since the first incident happened, isn't it obvious to stay in the safest place possible?
  • Erika: Even though they were killed in the supposedly safest place possible.
  • Erika: I didn't even move one step from this room. The handcuff has also never been released at all.